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   Chapter 125 No.125

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'It all seems so strange' Lilith said in a distant voice.

'Here' Ena said reaching for her. 'Let me show you.'

Ena touched Lilith's forehead, and Lilith was transported to another place.

She saw glowing specs of light all around her in the blanket of darkness. She saw fabulous suns, the most spectacular colours before her, miasmas of purples and greens and oranges. She saw colossal worlds made up of only water, and other worlds made up of great mountains, beneath a magnificent deep blue sky, were great winged reptiles flew over the land. Another world she saw held a purple sea and sky, upon the surface of the water beneath the purple clouds, were reflected the two moons, one small; the other colossal. She saw worlds with other people, within which she saw many things she could not comprehend, and beyond were planets with rings of dust and rocks.

And within this vast existence, she felt emptiness.

'No god…' Jaspin mumbled as Ena drew away from Lilith again. 'Then that means…'

'Yes' Ena nodded speaking to him as Lilith hung her head; shoulders slumped as she sat back. 'We are as alone as we can be.'

'If all you say is true' Reuben said, 'then how did you learn these things?'

'A figure wearing a plague mask told me all I need to know' Ena replied.

'If there is no god' Jaspin finished, 'then were did we come from? We are fallen angels cast down to earth for our sins, Reuben and I remember coming from the celestial plains.'

'The celestial plains are not the heavens you think they are' Ena said to him, 'but another world, and gods are simply ideas created by men, or creatures born naturally that chose to give themselves that name…like the eight…But what makes a true god? I don't suppose anyone would really know.'

Reuben sighed, leaning forward and resting his chin on his hand. 'It all takes faith' he mumbled to himself.

Beside them, one of the soldiers was violently sick. He was pale and skin flaking away. He had thrown up black sludge, and began to tremble as if he were suddenly freezing cold.

Another man came up to him, putting his arm around his shoulders and walking away with him.

'The sickness' Ena breathed, watching the man being led away, '…it will only get worse.'

Later, Lilith wandered alone.

Upon the great plains, the thousands of men were gathered, readying their armour and sharpening the

ir weapons.

Lilith passed through this crowd, heading to the mountains, at the foot of which was a small church, tiny in fact. When Lilith entered it, she found that it was barely one room, either side of the main body of the church, were two smaller rooms, small enough to touch the walls on either side, and all the rooms were empty.

Lilith sat upon the alter in silence for many minutes, holding her hand over the flame of the tall candle that burned beside her. She held her hand there, feeling the fire licking her fingers, but feeling no pain.

'We angels cannot burn' Aski spoke up as he entered through the open double doors, sauntering across the tiny hall and towards her. 'If Freya was the true earth maiden she would have known this.'

'That is why you did not die when you were tied to the stake' Lilith replied, as Aski approached her. 'Then why did you burn when we were branded?'

Aski stopped beside her, gazing at her with a bored expression.

'We can willingly withdraw the magic if we need to. If I didn't burn, if I didn't scar, they would have known.'

'Did it really hurt you?'


'I'm sorry…' she whispered.

'It's not your fault' Aski grumbled. 'It's just the way it is.'

He paused then.

'What did you see?' he asked Lilith suddenly, when Ena touched your forehead.

'The truth' Lilith spoke in a distant voice. I saw the universe and the stars and the many different worlds that exist, and I know now that we are alone. There is no god, not the kind we would expect at least, and not in this world.'

Upon the tip of the mountain behind the small church, Reuben and Jaspin stood.

On the other side of the mountain, kept secret and hidden, were the women and children, working hard to care for each other, to care for the sick, to produce food and clothes and care for the animals that would be slaughtered later to feed them.

'They are safe' Jaspin spoke, gazing down at them as the strong wind whipped his clothes and ruffled his feathers, wings folded behind him.

Reuben stretched his wings, curling them around his body, his gold feathers shining in the sunlight.

'I wonder what will happen to them' Reuben said.

Later that evening, a celebration was held.

'We must make the most of these merry moments while we can' Ena told the angels when they asked what was going on, 'for they won't last'

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