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   Chapter 124 No.124

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5168

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She flipped over, turning in the air and flying on her back, reaching her arms up to Jaspin who flew above her, picking up speed to match hers and reaching down to take her hands.

They flew, gliding along, together their magic leaving white glistening trails in the air, mixed with a black trail from Jaspin's wing.

They flew higher, reaching the clouds that concealed them from the rest of the world, and being swallowed by the mists, invisible to all.

They returned hours later, back to where the army was gathering, to find the other angels waiting for them.

Lilith touched the ground once again, wings receding into her back as she straightened, grinning widely. It had been a long time since she smiled this way, it had been a long time since she felt true happiness, and the sight of the angels before her, all gathered together, brought her more happiness still.

'You're here' she beamed at them. 'Safe…'

She stepped forward, embracing Reuben, then Gael, then Aski.

'…I'm so glad you're all alright' she sighed into Aski's ear as she held him. 'I'm so glad we are all together again.'

Behind her, Jaspin smiled, and behind Aski, Ena smiled too.

Later, the six of them sat together, the five angels, and the flower maiden sitting between them.

'What are all these people doing here?' Reuben asked Ena.

'This is my army' Ena smiled to him. 'These are my people. I will use them to defeat the other one who wishes to stop me. She is gathering her own men, as I am.' She looked to the angels then, looking into their faces, one after the other. 'I know the five of you sought me out to find a cure for the sickness…but there is no cure.'

'No cure?'

The angels tensed at this, all except Gael.

'If there is no cure' Aski voiced, 'then how can we help the people?'

Ena tilted her head back, looking to the sky above them.

'The reason I did what I did to my family' she began, 'was to save them. They will be reborn in another life…and I will see them again another time, in another place.' She smiled. 'I did not want them to suffer from this sickness, and so I eased their passing…before they fell victim.'

'So you're saying the same will happen to these people?' Lilith asked her indicating the men around them. 'That they will be reborn in another life?'

'Yes' Ena bowed her head smiling. 'The ones who follow me anyway.'

'And the ones who do not?' Lilith asked.

'They will die' Ena mumbled, 'and will not come back. They will return to nothing…there is no place they will go after they cease to be.'

'So you're sayin

g there is another world we will go to after all this is over?' Lilith asked.

'Yes' Ena said again. 'When all this is over.'

'How do you know?'

'I know it to be true.'


'Because I feel it to be true' Ena answered simply.

Lilith sat back, falling silent.

'So Freya is leading her people into nothingness' Jaspin said in a level tone.

'She is' Ena nodded.

'But she claims to follow the same religion as you do' Reuben said. 'How can that be so?'

'We are two sides of the same coin' Ena told him. 'I am the head.'

'What are we going to do?' Aski sighed. 'This task….how could we possibly succeed?'

'Do not give into despair' Ena said turning to him. 'As long as you follow me and do as I command…everything will be alright.'

'You say you know this' Lilith said to Ena, 'but why should others believe you?'

'Are you doubting me?' Ena asked turning to her with a smile.

'I said I would follow you' Lilith said, 'and I will…but……'

'I know it to be true' Ena breathed, 'because I have seen it with my own eyes…'

She held her knee, leaning back and staring at the stars. It was evening, and the twinkling lights in the sky were beginning to glow, as the day slowly died.

'I know of the future' Ena spoke quietly, 'and of the universe.'

'Universe?' Reuben echoed. 'I've never heard the word before.' The other angels around them looked confused also, all except for Gael.

'The universe…' Ena breathed, 'is a place beyond this world that we know, a place this world exists in, a place made of stars and planets and galaxies.' She fell silent for a moment, before speaking. 'I know things…' she continued, 'I know more than any of you could possibly imagine, and I know we did not come from any god.'

'No god?' Jaspin raised his head. 'How can that be?'

'We came from dust' Ena said, 'in the beginning…' she smiled to the clouds, the light breeze lifting her long pale hair that pooled in the ground beside her. 'Gods always behave like the people who create them. One day in the future, people will be able to look beyond this world, and other worlds, and they will find stars and galaxies, and we will know that in this clockwork existence, everything is governed by the laws of nature, not a god. This planet is microscopic, compared to the rest of the galaxy, which had hundreds of billions of stars, and billions of other planets, many of which are able to support life. This incomprehensibly vast and indifferent universe is exactly what we would expect to see if left to its own devices, ungoverned by any gods.'

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