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'Lilith' Jaspin spoke to her, his tone serious. 'I know you feel incomplete without your wings, I know you try to keep it from your mind, to keep a brave face…but I see that you suffer.'

She turned to him, arms hanging by her side.

'As long as I am with you' she told him, 'I will never be incomplete, and in any case…' she bowed her head then, hands placed over her heart. 'Ena will not forget about me. Of this I am sure. She must want her own body matter how broken it is.'

'Does it still pain you?' Jaspin asked tentatively.

'Yes' Lilith said straightening. 'But they are old pains. I am getting use to them now…they are not so bad.'

At that exact moment, both Lilith and Jaspin experienced it.

They tensed, staring at each other in shock.

Jaspin turned, looking over his shoulder in the direction from which he sensed it.

'…It's her' he hissed. 'She is calling us.'

At the base of the mountain, hidden deep within the maze of rocks, Aski sat bolt upright. He had been lying on his side beside Vera, holding her to him, when he sensed it.

'…She is summoning us…'

He shook Vera awake, speaking to her. Vera listened to him silently, before bursting into tears and hugging him.

He rose and left her then, leaving the mountains and the farm behind, never to see her again.

Reuben stood in the entranceway of the home, his expression dampened.

He spoke to Ana, who bowed her head in understanding.

'Please be safe' she said to him. 'Please take care of yourself. Don't die.'

They embraced each other, before Reuben made a swift departure, soaring through the open sky in the direction where she was, in answer to the call. He followed behind Jaspin who carried Lilith, and Aski who had flown before him.

The four headed as fast as they could in the same direction, towards the battlefield, and to war.

Chapter Thirty Five

The Beginning of the End

They came to land in a strange place indeed. Jaspin put Lilith down, and she immediately began to feel afraid.

All around them were soldiers, armed and burly men, giving them both frightening glares.

'It's alright' Jaspin whispered to her, placing his hand upon her shoulder. 'They won't harm us.'

'How do you know?'

'Because these are Ena's men, the men she spent the time away from us gathering. The army. That is what she was doing all this time.' He gave her a gentle smile. 'They won't hurt us' he spoke with surety to her, 'and if they did…I would kill them all.'

She s

miled at him in return. 'That is very kind of you.'

'Come' Jaspin said abruptly to her. 'She is waiting.'

He took her by the hand, marching through the throng of people. Despite the fact that Jaspin had amongst the angels been the first to leave to answer the call, he was the last to arrive, having slowed with the effort of carrying Lilith. Reuben and Aski had gotten here before them, but they were nowhere to be seen at this time.

'There must be thousands' Lilith uttered, gazing about her in awe at the grubby faces around her. Travellers and mercenaries and veterans, many bearing black marks upon their faces, crosses that looked as if they had been painted on.

They saw a large red tent up ahead, but before they drew close to it, there emerged a figure from within, followed by a blue winged angel.

On sight of her, Lilith instantly felt a wave of love and affection towards her, and she knew Jaspin was feeling the same.


'Lilith!' Ena cried, striding towards her with her arms open, in her body, in Lilith's body. 'How wonderful it is to see you again!'

She giggled, and embraced Lilith tightly, as Gael came up behind her.

Ena continued to hold Lilith, as Jaspin and Gael acknowledged one another.

'It's good to see you alive' Gael smiled.

'As it is you' Jaspin bowed his head.

Ena let go of Lilith, stepping back.

Lilith had switched places. She now stood before Gael, not Jaspin, and she realised as she looked at her hands and touched her white hair, that she was herself again.

'I'm in my own body?!'

'A promise is a promise' Ena said to her. 'What's yours is yours.' She tilted her head, hand going to the bun and pulling the band free so that her long pale green hair fell freely down her back. 'Oh' she breathed. 'It is good to be myself again' she sighed.

Lilith looked to Jaspin then, eyes wide. Her wings unfurled from her back quickly, Gael stepping away as this happened.

'Jaspin' Lilith said to him eagerly. 'Please, let us fly together, like we used to!'

He bowed his head to her, grinning as he revealed his black and white wings.

'Yes' he replied. 'Let us do that.'

The pair took flight, soaring over the heads of the army below them, travelling fast until they left them altogether, gliding over the open plains and the world beyond.

Lilith cried out in joy as she went. It felt so good, so liberating to be free after all this time being grounded, after feeling the pain of losing her wings for so long.

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