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'What a vast world this is in which we live in' he spoke to the clouds. 'I could fly forever, and never see the other side.'

He stood facing into the wind, his wings unfurled, one pure black, the other pure white, glowing in the hazy sun that fought through the clouds.

Jaspin closed his eyes, tilting his head back and opening his arms, his wings stretched out wide as the wind whipped his clothes, feathers and hair.

'How good it feels to be myself again' he said.

He opened his eyes, looking down now.

'I only wish Lilith was able to share this experience with me…'


He leapt off the cliff, soaring through the air and descending, as he drew closer to the ground.

The clouds swallowed him, enveloping him in a white world for the longest time, until he dropped low enough to be free from them, drawing closer to the earth below.

Reuben had managed to lose the interest of the young boys long enough to get away. No doubt they would come back to bother him again, as they did with all the angels, who never seemed to lose their fascination for them. He wandered between the smaller buildings around the main house, looking for something to do. No doubt there was a job waiting for him, there always was, and so he went looking, in order to keep him occupied, and to help Ana, who had been so kind to all of them in giving them a safe place to stay. A home. For as long as they needed it.

But something caused him to stop suddenly.

Reuben looked to the building beside him, a small barn built of brick and painted white.

He reached towards it, touching the wall and the gruesome substance upon it, black in colour, and sticky like tar.

It clung to his fingers as he drew his hand back, and he looked down at it closely.

'………what is this…?'

Lilith had left the home to be outside. She had spoken with Argus for quite some time, brushing up on her old language, the tongue she had thought she had forgotten. For a time, she thought that it would never come back to her, but it had. Lilith smiled.

She lay back on the grass outside now, feeling the warm touch of the sun upon her face, the cool and pleasant breeze around her.

'It feels good' Lilith sighed. 'It feels like home.'

A shadow fell across her then, and she opened her eyes, giving a slight gasp of surprise.

Jaspin leant over her, smiling.

'Jaspin' she breathed. 'You gave me a start.'

'I didn't mean to.'

He knelt beside her, leaning over her and resting his forehead against hers. He

caressed her face tenderly, as Lilith did the same in return.

'I want to see you happy' Jaspin said to her. 'I only want…to see you smile.'

'I am happy' Lilith responded.

'I know you say that' Jaspin told her, 'but…'

He smiled again, leaning away from her.

'Come' he said, picking her up in his arms. 'Come fly with me.'

His wings unfurled from his back in a flurry, the strong wind swirling around them, whipping at their clothes.

'Jaspin what are you…?'

'I want to show you' Jaspin said to her, holding her close, doing ever so tenderly. 'The view from the top of the mountain…is beautiful…'

He leapt into the air, holding Lilith tightly. Lilith gasped as the ground dropped from below them, looking up suddenly as they headed towards the clouds.

And then she laughed, tilting her head back, holding Jaspin around the neck.

'It feels so good!' she called to him over the wind, and Jaspin smiled.

'It gets better!' he hollered. 'Watch!'

They soared over the farm, seeing the vast expanse of land before them, before heading to the mountains.

Lilith tensed slightly as they drew close to one of the cliffs; the rocky surface was so near to them, that it clipped Jaspin's flight feathers as they went by.

They glided around the outside of the mountain, before Jaspin tilted his wings, changing direction, and heading into its very heart.

As they went, Lilith saw little mountain goats below them, a wild breed that lived here, a miniature animal with shaggy coats and white horns. She watched them as they flew overhead, seeing the modest group with several babies.

'I never knew they lived here!' Lilith said. 'I've never seen them before!'

'They don't come down from the mountains!' Jaspin said. 'They're shy.'

As they explored the mountains, they saw many wonderful things. A basin cut out of the rock, within which was a shallow pool, crystal clear and still like glass, with a single rotten tree on one end.

And further on, a pack of wolves, their grey coats blending with the rock.

At last, they climbed higher, and Jaspin bent his wings, slowing as they descended.

Lilith's feet touched down gently on the cliff edge, and he let go of her.

She turned to the drop before her, as Jaspin curled his wings around. The wind was strong here, whipping back her green hair, tied neatly in a bun behind her head where it was out of the way.

'You're right' she said to him, gazing at the setting sun in awe. 'The world is beautiful from up here.'

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