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   Chapter 121 No.121

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'Yes Ana.'

Reuben untied his apron, pulling the cloth that covered his hair. He drifted outside, the children trailing after him.

'Hurry up' Tom demanded. 'Let us see them.'

'You've seen them many times before' Reuben said turning to them, standing with a hand on his hip. 'Why are you so eager?'

'It will never be boring to see them' Simon grinned. 'Now hurry.'

Reuben sighed; shoulders slumped, giving into their demands. He could never deny Ana's children.

He straightened then, and released his wings. The boys draw a deep breath, both in awe of his magnificence.

'Wow' Tom sighed, eyes shimmering. 'Incredible.'

'Can I touch them?'

'Of course Simon' Reuben answered.

He curled his wings around the boys, and they were surrounded, wrapped on either side by the golden feathers, the three of them in their own world now.

Simon reached forwards, fingers splayed as he ran his hand along his wing, stroking the fight feathers.

He grasped suddenly, pulling out a handful of feathers from his wing. Reuben flinched in pain, feeling a flicker of anger within him.

'You mustn't do that' Reuben spoke patiently to the boy. 'You're hurting me.'

'I'm sorry' Simon uttered, taking a step away. 'You're feathers are so beautiful…I just want some for myself. I know you won't stay here with us forever like I want, so I want something to remind me that you were here.'

'In that case keep them then' Reuben smiled, kneeling before the boys. 'Keep them, treasure them, for the four of us…' he sighed. 'We are some of the last of our kind left in this worlds…'

Aski brushed Sylvia's cheek tenderly, leaning back against the rock as she sat on his lap. They were deep within the mountain now, hidden from the rest of the world. It would be near enough impossible for them to be found by any other soul.

'Aski' Vera breathed. 'I love you.'

Aski lifted his light blue eyes to her, drawing a slow breath as she ran her fingers through his long black hair.

'Vera. I'm so glad I found you. For the longest time…I thought that I would never find love again.'

She smiled, leaning forward. Aski tiled head as he kissed her. Her lips were so tender, her touch so gentle.

He raised his hands that had been resting beside him, reaching up to hold her by the waist.

He looked into her face then as she leant back from him.

She was so beautiful, so young and pretty, with corn coloured hair, bri

ght and shining eyes, with skin so perfect.

'I love you' Aski said to her. 'I love you.'

Her hands moved down his body, unbuttoning his shirt.

'Wait' Aski said to her, putting his hand upon hers gently. 'I just…want to look at your face a little longer.'

'What is wrong?' she asked him.

'I fear…' he breathed. 'I fear. I know this good life has to change. I know the earth maiden will summon all of us, will command me to leave your side. There is a task that must be done, and I…I must be the one to do it, myself and the others.'

'Why?' Vera asked him, expression dampening. 'Why do you have to go?'

'I'm sorry Vera. But it must be this way. You know. I told you this, very early on, as soon as it became important.'

'I do know' she sighed. 'But it will not make losing you any easier.'

'I know.' He smiled to her sadly. 'I will never forget you. You are always on my mind, even now.' Aski blinked slowly at her. 'I may die here today' he said, 'or tomorrow, or the day after that. It is a dangerous path I walk with my sibling angels, but it's a task that must be done.'

'Then let us make the most of this brief moment we have together' she whispered, leaning towards him again, lips hovering over his. 'Let us never forget each other…no matter what happens.'

She reached down to him, running her hand to his belt and unbuckling.

Aski sighed, leaning his head back, allowing his body to relax.

His breathing was slow as he experienced everything.

Vera lifted her body up, before lowering it again, doing so slowly.

Aski moaned, holding onto Vera as she began to move.

Vera held him around the neck, kissing him again as Aski tightened his embrace around her.

He dug his nails into her back then, contorting his body. His steely silver wings erupted from his back then, unfurling outwards and around them.

Vera arched her back, leaning back from Aski, still holding onto him and moaning. She slumped forwards then, her breathing fast now. Aski lifted his head up at her, brushing her cheek with the back of his hand, before kissing her again.

'I wish' Vera whispered in his ear as they held each other, 'I wish…you didn't have to leave. I wish things were different…'

Jaspin stood upon the highest peak of the mountain, looking down at the world all around him, his heart overflowing with joy at experiencing the freedom at last after having been robbed of it, for so long.

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