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   Chapter 120 No.120

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On the ground, Lilith watched with a smile, hand shielding her eyes from the blaring sun.

'It's good to see Jaspin himself again' she said. 'Isn't it.'

'Yeah' Reuben said beside her. 'It is.'

Lilith bowed her head, lowering her hand and feeling a stir of envy within her. She had not flown in so long, still trapped in Ena's frail body. The bruises had long since gone, but the old aches had remained. The painful heart, the aching bones. But she had kept silent about it, not wanting to worry the others, especially since they could not help her. It's just the way she was, the way Ena was.

'Where is Aski?' Lilith voice.

'Do you have to ask?' Reuben smirked pointing. 'He's over there.'

As they looked, the two of them saw Aski a distance away. He was with the eldest daughter, lying back on the tall grass with her on top of him. As they kissed, he pushed her back, resting on top of her now. They broke apart then, walking hand in hand away and to somewhere more private.

The two of them headed towards the mountain on the doorstep of their home, heading towards the maze of rocks and disappearing from view.

Lilith smirked at this.

'I'm happy for him' she said. 'At least some good has come from this.'

'They can't keep their hands off one another' Reuben shook his head in amusement. 'Like young lovers. He is as doey eyed as her.'

'I think it's sweet.'

'Have you ever been in love?' Reuben asked turning to her.

'Once…twice…' Lilith mumbled. 'A very long time ago.'

Reuben watched her closely; he seemed to be considering whether or not to question her further, but in the end decided against it. Closing his mouth, he looked away.

And then a voice from the home called out their names.

Lilith and Reuben looked around.

It was Ana, the head of the house and the one who made all the rules. She was the oil in the machine that made the cogs run smoothly. She would give orders, care for the farm and her family and her home.

There were six members that lived within the household. There was Ana, her mother, Sylvia, her husband, Argus, and her three children. The eldest, her daughter Vera, and her two young boys, Tom and Simon.

Ana was leaning out of the front door of the home, waving at them to come.

'What is it?' Reuben asked Ana, as he and Lilith approached her.

'Come inside' Ana said, gleaming at them happily. 'I need your help.'

Moments later, Reuben and Lilith were helping out in the kit


There was always work to be done, and there was hardly a moment's rest within the day.

'I need your help making cherry cakes' Ana had said. 'Do you think you could be of assistance to me?'

And so Reuben and Lilith bustled about the kitchen, obeying Ana's every beck and call.

'Careful' Ana warned as they cooked. 'You don't want them to burn.'

When the cakes were baked, they were shared out within the kitchen amongst the members of Ana's family that were there. There was Sylvia, Angus and the two naughty children, Tom and Simon, who had drifted downstairs to the kitchen from their room, drawn by the sweet scent of fresh cakes.

'Careful' Ana said to her boys as they leant forwards with hungry eye, staring at the tray she held in her gloved hands. 'They're very hot.'

Afterwards Lilith sat with Angus at the kitchen table, speaking to him in a foreign language, one she had learnt when she was a child, and one that Angus thought he had almost completely forgotten.

They each spoke of their pasts, and the amazing things they had seen and encountered in their lives. Lilith was pleased she was still able to remember the old language, and Angus found her very interesting.

Reuben couldn't understand a single thing either of them said, and heard them only as background noise, as he went about tidying the kitchen. He still wore the white apron and cloth to cover his hair he had worn when cooking the cherry cakes. He washed the dished mechanically now, putting them away tidily where they belonged.

It wasn't long before the young boys began to bother him.

'Hey Reuben! Hey Reuben! Hey Reuben! Hey Reuben!'

The muscle around Reuben's eye twitched in annoyance and he gritted his teeth, turning and glancing down to the boys with a forced smile.

'What do you want?' he asked slowly and patiently.

'We want to see your wings' the boys spoke in unison.

'Yeah' Tom gleamed. 'They are so pretty, gold like the sun.'

'I wish I had wings to fly' Simon said forlorn. 'Mine would be blue and black. That would be incredible.'

'It sure would' Reuben sighed. 'But…being an angel is not necessarily a good thing.'

'Why not?'

Reuben smiled. 'You wouldn't…' he sighed. 'Would you like to see my wings?' he offered.

'Oh yeah!'

'Yes please!'

'Reuben' Ana spoke sternly, straightening up and giving him a stern expression. 'You will do that outside. There's not enough room to release your wings inside.'

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