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   Chapter 119 No.119

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Aski's eyes flashed. 'You cannot fight anyone in your state.'

'I would rather die trying!'

Aski punched him then. Lilith's hand went to her mouth in shock as Jaspin stumbled back, holding his nose.

Jaspin lowered his hand, glaring at Aski, blood running down his face.

He started forwards.

'Jaspin no!'

But Jaspin ignored her, shoving past her as she made to try and stop him, he lunged for Aski.

'JASPIN!' Lilith screeched.

The two angels tore at each other, cutting and burning one another's flesh as magic sparked all around them. Aski brought forth his wings, increasing his power as he did so.

They tore up the ground as they fought.

'REUBEN!' Lilith cried, running over to him and shaking him. 'Reuben stop them please!'

Reuben snapped out of his trance, breaking his attention from the grave before him and turning towards Lilith, eyes still red and teary.

'Stop them!' Lilith shook him desperately. 'PLEASE!'

Reuben stared a little longer, as if struggling to understand what she was saying to him.

And then he acted.

Reuben moved forwards swiftly, forcing himself between the two, and using his magic to push them apart.

When the two were broken free, Reuben held onto Aski, arms wrapped around him in a tight embrace, holding him back as Lilith ran to stand before Jaspin, stopping him from attacking again.

'Please' Lilith begged him, pushing him back with both hands splayed on his chest. 'Please…no more…'

Jaspin's legs trembled violently, and he fell to a knee, gasping heavily, blood running from his temple.

Lilith glanced back towards Reuben, who still held onto Aski.

Aski's shoulder rose and fell sharply as he breathed. He gritted his teeth then, and his shining silver wings receded into his back.

Reuben released him, stepping away.

Jaspin rose to his feet, the remains of his skeletal wings still hanging behind him. He could not withdraw them, until they had healed. Lilith watched him closely, staring at his wings. He had cut them as they had fought. Blood dripped to the leafy ground from several places, running alone the bone and down his back.

'Enough of this' Reuben spoke in a deadpan voice, head bowed. 'We are brothers. We should not fight each other….we are…' his body trembled as he began to cry again, '…the only ones left…'

Aski hugged him then, holding him in comfort.

Jaspin rose to his feet, looking on in silence.

'I…' Reuben began, turning away from Aski and gathering himself. 'I know where we might go.'

'Where?' Lilith mumbled unhappily.

'There is a place near here' Reuben droned, 'a place that

I know of. There is……a family…I know them…I spent many years under their roof. It's…just them' he finished. 'They live far away from anywhere else.' He turned his head away then, shuddering. 'Please…' he whispered. 'Let's just go. I want to get away from here. I have to….I can't…'

Lilith moved away from Jaspin and towards Reuben, holding him either side of his face.

'Alright' Lilith whispered to him, turning his face towards hers. 'We'll go there. Let's go now.'

There were four of them left now, and they walked in complete silence, doing so for several days before they reached their destination.

It was a collection of small buildings, with a slightly larger building in the centre, set against the rocky cliff of the mountain behind, and around, were little paddocks of sheep and goats and pigs, several vegetable patches and a pond.

'Is this the place?' Lilith asked Reuben.

Reuben looked to her, before looking back towards the buildings.

'Yes' he said quietly. 'After I left the orphanage…I lived here for many years…before moving on.'

The front door to the larger building in the centre opened then, and an older woman came out.


'Ana' Reuben responded, lifting his head.

She ran to him, running into his arms.

'It's been years!' the woman said, she was middle aged, slender and looking a little frail. 'I thought that I might never see you again.'

Behind her, several other figures trailed out of the house, her husband, her mother, and her three children, two young boys and a mature young woman.

'Reuben' the woman said, leaning back so that she could look into his face. 'How have you been?'

Behind Reuben, Aski, Jaspin and Lilith watched silently.

'We need a place to stay' Reuben grumbled. 'Can you help us?'


3 months later

Chapter Thirty Four

The Call

It was a glorious summer day, the sky was clear and the sun shone bright and warm. Birds sang, sheep bleated, and the breeze whistle in the long grasses that grew beyond the farm.

Jaspin unfurled his wings, one jet black like the darkest pits of hell, one such a pure and holy white, it glowed in the sunlight so bright, you could not look at it for more than a few seconds.

He beat his wings, fully feathered and pristine. The last three months of rest had allowed him to heal, and he felt stronger now that he had in a long time.

Jaspin held onto the gnarled root that twisted up from the earth, beating his wings harder and harder to create a strong wind, before shooting off into the air with all speed, putting even the fastest creature that flew to shame.

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