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   Chapter 118 No.118

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The group walked at a gentle pace now, their brisk march had now become a lazy wander as they trailed through the woods. As they went, Klesa and Reuben played together. Lilith tilted her head back to the branches above her, smiling as the leaves rained down upon their heads. She watched as Klesa crawled above them, jumping from one branch to the next. Either side of Lilith, Jaspin and Aski watched also, smiling as she did.

Reuben climbed further up the tree, grasping the branches around him and hauling himself up.

'I'm coming to get you' he sang to Klesa, who panicked and tried to get away.

She squealed in delight as he drew closer to her, grabbing her as she made her escape and tickling her until she couldn't breathe.

'It's so wonderful to know things are better again' Lilith sighed as she watched them. 'I feel…happy. It almost feels like we're a family…with Klesa around. She is such a sweet young girl.'

'She is' Jaspin nodded beside her.

He reached for her, wrapping am arm around her shoulders and pulling her close.

'Lilith' he breathed. 'I hope I never have to leave your side.'

Lilith glanced up at him. She smiled a genuine smile then. For the first time in years she felt truly happy, after living through the storm, they had all come out together and alive in the end.

'I hope these days last forever' she sighed to him. 'I hope things never change.'

Aski watched them both with joy, before glancing back to Reuben and Klesa in the tree above them.

'We have better make the most of today then' Aski mumbled to himself, 'for who knows when things will change.'

It was the very next morning, when events took a turn for the worst.

Lilith was woken by the sound of sobbing. She opened her eyes wide, heart jolting in her chest as she recognised the sound.

She sat bolt upright, whipping around towards the source, her heart sinking further in her chest at what she saw.

A short distance from her, was Reuben. He was kneeling with his back to her, cradling Klesa in his arms and rocking back and forth, sitting back on his heels.

His head was bowed, and as he held Klesa, Lilith saw that her body was limp.

Lilith instinctively knew that she was dead.


He lifted his head, glancing back to her.

Lilith saw the fear in his bloodshot eyes, the sadness; the despair.

He shook his head at Lilith. He opened his mouth and tried to speak, but no words came out.

Reuben turned away from her, gazing back down to Klesa he held. He he

ld her head tenderly, putting his lips to her cheek, shoulders wracked with sobs.

'It isn't fair' he whimpered. 'It isn't fair…'

The others were beginning to wake now.

Aski sat up, staring at Reuben in shock, and beside him, Jaspin's face was set in stone.

Lilith came around Reuben, coming to kneel before him; she got a better look at Klesa's face.

Her face was sickly pale, her skin flaking away and black veins thick and gruesome, clearly visible on her neck, spreading beneath her cracked skin as far as her cheeks.

Lilith opened her mouth. 'The sickness' she breathed. 'It has come.'

Reuben raised his head, looking away. Lilith followed his gaze a short distance away, staring in disbelief.

Klesa's beloved horse Prince was dead.

'It kills the creatures too?' Lilith whispered. 'But…but how…?'

The angels buried Klesa as soon as they could, kneeling on the forest floor and digging with their hands. Lilith helped too, it was arduous work, and took a long time. When they were finished, the graves were left unmarked. Klesa was buried, her horse Prince alongside.

It was what she would have wanted.

'What happens now?' Lilith mumbled unhappily as the three that remained, stood before the graves. 'Where do we go?'

'We go back' Jaspin grumbled, 'and find the false one…and kill her…'

Lilith's head snapped towards him. 'After what happened?' she unfolded her arms, straightening. 'How could you say such a thing?'

'She needs to be killed' Jaspin said rounding on her. 'I've weakened her. But with every passing day her powers grow. We must attack and kill her before she gets too strong again. If we all go…'

'It's too dangerous' Lilith shook her head. 'You'll die.'

Jaspin grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her roughly. For a moment Lilith was frightened. He had never handled her in such a way.

'Don't you understand?!' she shouted at her. 'We are all going to die! At least make you're sacrifice mean something.'

He was shoved back suddenly, by Aski who came to her aid.

'Don't touch her' he barked.

'Is that where you stand?' Jaspin asked him, backing off. 'You don't think we should go after the false one? With all of us we could kill her. Now is the time to do it before she gains the strength.'

'We've lost too much' Aski told him flatly, casting a glance towards Reuben who ignored all of them, standing with his back to them, still facing the graves and in a world of his own. 'I say we return to Ena.'

'Then you are a fool.'

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