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'You have not fared well' Jaspin had said to her at one point.

'I'm still doing better than you' Lilith had smiled weakly, indicating Jaspin's broken wings that trailed after him as they went.

Jaspin had smiled in return.

Now, Lilith was dropping behind the others as they traversed the thick undergrowth. None of them had eaten or slept longer than they could clearly remember, and it was beginning to show, even more so for Lilith.

She stumbled, tripping over a gnarled root that twisted up from the earth and cutting her knee.

Lilith grimaced in pain as the new injury stung her, already feeling yet another bruise forming.

Jaspin came back for her.

'Are you alright?'

'I'm…' she shuddered, looking away and fighting back tears. 'I don't want to cause you any trouble.'

'Don't be foolish.' He turned around then, kneeling with his back to her. 'Hold onto my back. 'I'll carry you.'

'I can't' Lilith said to him. 'I don't want to be a burden.

'You are more of a burden making me worry for you' Jaspin said back to her. 'Now come on. We'll move faster this way.'

Lilith reluctantly crawled forwards, holding him from behind and hanging onto his shoulders.

Jaspin rose.

'There' he said. 'You weigh almost nothing; now give me your legs.'

He held her with his arms hooked behind the knees as he made his way forwards, towards Aski who had been waiting for them.

Lilith held onto him, feeling Jaspin's scrawny wings either side of her as they made their way onwards and further into the wilderness.

She let out a slow breath, resting with her cheek against his back.

She closed her eyes.

Chapter Thirty Three

A Painful Reminder of Things to Come

Lilith didn't realise she had fallen asleep until she felt a touch to her forehead.

She opened her eyes to see Jaspin kneeling over her. He was smiling as she gazed back at him, brushing her hair back.

'Hey' he spoke warmly to her. 'Did you rest well?'

She stared back at him, lying back against the trunk of a tree. They had not left the woods yet. Near them she could hear the gentle song of a river that ran by. She blinked in the sun, as the leaves in the canopy above waved gently back and forth in the light breeze, blinking the light in her eyes.

'Jaspin…' Lilith rasped. Her stomach grumbled, and her throat felt as if it were filled with sand. 'I'm thirsty.'

Jaspin's smile widened as he caressed her cheek. He leant forward, kissing her tenderly on the

forehead. Lilith closed her eyes as he did so, drawing back again, she looked at him again.

'Reuben said the watchmen have given up' Jaspin said quietly. 'They've lost us. We're safe.'

'Reuben?' Lilith's mind worked slowly. It took her several seconds to understand what Jaspin had said to her. 'Reuben is safe?'

'He's here' Jaspin indicated behind him. 'And he's brought us food.'

Lilith's attention slid past Jaspin, and to the small group behind him.

In the clearing, there they were. Aski was sitting on the ground with his legs crossed, eating and watching Reuben with a young girl who must have been Klesa. Reuben and Klesa sat facing each other. They seemed to be playing some kind of game, a memory game, where one person had to touch the other persons fingers in a pattern, then have it done back to them, with the pattern extended. The person who failed to remember the pattern correctly would lose, and the game would begin over.

The three of them looked up as Lilith rose to her feet, walking over to them.

'Lilith.' Reuben's expression broke into a wide grin. 'You're alright. I'm so glad.'

She knelt before him, wrapping her arms around him in a firm embrace.

'Thank god' she whispered into his ear. 'Thank god you're safe……I was so worried.'

She let go of him then, turning around to see the young girl.

'This is Klesa' Reuben introduced as the young girl smiled at her. 'She is the one who found me after…' he trailed off.

'I know' Lilith said. 'Jaspin told Aski and I what happened to you.' Her expression contorted in grief then. 'I'm sorry we left you.'

'You had no choice' Reuben shook his head. 'It doesn't matter anyway. We are all together, and Ena is safe…wherever she is.'

Lilith bowed her head to acknowledge this, turning then to Klesa.

'Hello' she said to the young girl. 'It's nice to meet you. My name is Lilith.'

'I'm Klesa' the blonde girl beamed back to her. 'And this is my friend' she said stroking the palomino stallion that lay down right behind her. 'His name is Prince.'

She loves her horse Lilith smiled kindly, heart warming in her chest. Just like Ena.

'He's a beautiful horse' Lilith said to her. 'Tell me more about him.'

'Actually' Klesa began shyly. 'I'd like to hear more about you. Aski had already told me his story. I'd like to hear yours. That's not your own body, is it?'

'This is so much fun!' Klesa sang happily as she swung on the tree branch. 'It's like a holiday.'

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