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   Chapter 115 No.115

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His body began to shake more violently, as if he were trapped in the freezing cold. He lifted his hand to his face, covering his eyes when his vision failed to clear.

He drew his hand away again, when he heard movement near him.

The bodies of the holy men still lay around him where they had fallen. But there was another figure that was here that had not been so before. A young girl.

Reuben's eyes were wide as he turned his head slowly towards her.

She approached, standing over him.

'Are you alright?'

Reuben only stared.

The girl knelt beside him, and Reuben got a better look at her.

She was perhaps only twelve in age, with light skin and blonde hair, plated and hanging before her as she leant forward towards him. She dressed in plain and practical clothes, the kind of which a traveller would wear.

'Can you stand?' she asked him. 'You're the only one left alive here.'

Reuben sobbed, hand going to his face again.

'Are the others…' he wheezed, 'are the others alive?'

'I saw the group you came here with. All of them left. I think they were all alive. One of them had to be carried…'

'How….did you survive?' Reuben whispered. 'The spell…'

'I've been living in the bell tower' the girl explained. 'Whatever magic happened here, it didn't reach me.'

Reuben's eyes slipped out of focus then, as he stared at the ground by him, not speaking again.

'Come on' the girl said rising again. 'Can you stand?'

She grabbed his wrist before waiting for an answer and began to pull him up. She was surprisingly strong for her age. Reuben at first did not respond, and then, after a few seconds, he grasped her arm, holding tightly, pulling against her and rising to his feet again.

He stumbled forwards, falling to a knee and crying out in pain as his body burned him from the inside.

She let go of him as he held himself. Reuben grimaced, baring his teeth in determination, before getting his feet beneath him and slowly rising again, straightening, he stood tall.

'There' the girl smiled. 'That's better.'

Reuben grimaced again, squeezing his eyes tight shut as the last sliver of pain left his body.

He sighed then, relaxing, shoulders slumped. He turned to the girl then, acknowledging her properly for the first time.

'Who are you?'

'My name is Klesa' she smiled, placing a hand on her heart. 'What is your name?'



'So you're an angel?'

'Yes.' He bowed his head. 'Where…where are your parents?'

'They're…' Klesa looked away then, avoiding his gaze and biting her lip hard. 'They're dead' she spoke quietly.

'I'm sorry' Reuben spoke tentatively. 'When…did that happen?'


Reuben lowered his eyes. 'I'm sorry…I didn't mean to pry.'

'Where did your friends go?' she asked him. 'Why did they leave you?'

'I don't know.'

'Why don't we find them together?' Klesa suggested.

'Together?' Reuben hesitated. 'Don't you have a home to go to? What about your family?'

'Everyone I could have called a family are gone now' Klesa mumbled in reply, looking to her feet and holding her hands behind her back. 'It's…just me now.'

'Was it….the sickness?'

'Yes' she said. 'It's just me now. Me and my horse.'

'We can travel together' Reuben said. 'If that's what you want.'

'It is' Klesa spoke eagerly, meeting his eyes again and brightening suddenly. 'It doesn't matter where you're going. As long as I can survive.'

'Very well. Then let us go outside.'

They left the temple. Klesa did not seem fazed by the bodies scattered around her, the holy men that Ena had killed with her magic, and for some reason, this bothered Reuben.

'So which direction are we going?' Klesa asked happily.

'I don't know.' They slowed to a stop. 'I can't feel her' Reuben said, gazing all about and slowly turning on the spot as he took in the vast world around them. 'She must not want to be found. Perhaps she is hiding. But I can feel…' he looked the other way. 'Jaspin' he finished. 'Your signal is strongest.'

'Why is that?' Klesa spoke in a sing song voice, filled with a curious interest.

'He is the strongest of our kind' Reuben mumbled in answer. 'His beacon burns the strongest……he is near.'

'Is that where we're going?' Klesa asked. 'Are we going to find them?'

'Yes' Reuben answered.

'I have a horse' Klesa said to him.

They went to the stables.

'His name is Prince' Klesa said, rubbing the horse's forehead. A palomino stallion, he was a beautiful and muscular horse. 'My family have had him since before I was born. He is all I have left of my old life now.'

They travelled together with Reuben leading the way, his golden wings shining in the sunlight, he watched over Klesa as she rode across the open plains on her stallion Prince.

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