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   Chapter 114 No.114

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'Put me down!' she screeched. 'Jaspin…he jumped!'

Aski immediately descended, wings tilted he drew closer to the ground.

When he touched down, Lilith instantly pulled away from him, running away and towards the river that ran beside them.

The trees were thick, the roots twisted. She tripped in her haste as she went, the thorns of the bushes tearing as her delicate skin, causing her to bleed.

But she didn't care. She only cared about Jaspin.

Oh please god let him be alright.

She came to the river bank, skidding to a stop and glancing up and down the river.

The sand at her feet was soft and warm in the sun; the trees in the forest behind grew tall, and despite the water running fast before her, roaring as it went, hitting the rocks within, everything seemed quiet.

Aski caught up to her, coming up from behind. He stopped, watching her a few steps back.

'I can't see him' Lilith mumbled desperately. 'I can't….'

She trailed off, falling to her knees suddenly and bowing her head with hands together. She began to pray.

Aski watched her in silence as she did so. He turned to look towards the right then, sensing it the same time as Lilith did.

Lilith gasped as she stared wide-eyed up river, towards the waterfall. She rose to her feet and made her way forwards, finding Jaspin as he crawled out of the water.

'Jaspin!' she cried, falling before him and grasping his shoulders. 'Thank god! Are you alright?'

He lifted his head up to her, resting on his hands and knees now. His face contorted in grief.

'I'm…' he began. 'I am well.'

'Oh Jaspin…' Lilith began to cry.

'Lilith' Jaspin said then, grabbing her hand as she rested it on his shoulder. 'I'm so sorry!'

Her heart tightened in her chest then as she saw tears beginning to stream down Jaspin's cheeks.

'I'm sorry…' Jaspin said again. 'I'm sorry that I hurt you…I'm sorry I didn't come back when I had the chance…and I'm sorry…you had to see me this way….'

He sat back on his heels, head bowed in grief.

His wings, now soaking wet hung before him, looking thinner than they had before.

'I am nothing…if I cannot fly.'

'You are the black and white angel' Lilith spoke firmly to him. 'You are the most important one left of us, the most powerful…'

'And I still could not defeat her' Jaspin breathed, 'the false one…Ena would be


'No' Lilith shook her head. 'She would understand. I feel it in my heart.'

Jaspin raised his head to her.

'You fought her' Aski offered. 'Didn't you?'

'I…' Jaspin faltered. 'Yes.'

'Then you weakened her.' Aski unfolded his arms. 'Ena would be please.' He straightened. 'But we cannot linger here. We've bought some time at least, but they will still pursue us.'

Jaspin hunched forwards, dragging his feet beneath him and hauling himself up. There were cuts and bruises over his body, but nothing was broken, and despite everything, he looked well enough, he looked like he would manage.

'Alright' Jaspin breathed as Lilith clung to his arm. 'Let's go…'

A few hours later, and the three angels were deep within the woods, and Reuben still had not come back yet.

'Where is he?' Lilith worried. 'Why hasn't he returned yet?'

'He's probably lost us' Aski grumbled back as they walked. 'Don't worry. He'll find us eventually.'

'I just hope he hasn't been hurt' Lilith uttered, holding her hands over her heart.

Jaspin glanced to her, but said nothing.

'What happened?' Lilith said to him looking up. 'How did you find him?'

Jaspin slowed to a stop, the others did too.

'I didn't' Jaspin replied. 'I didn't find him. He came to me.'

'What happened?' Lilith asked again.

'We should rest' Jaspin suggested. 'Just for a moment. We've walked far enough now.'

They sat where they were on the forest floor, and Jaspin began.

'There was this girl' Jaspin began.


Ena's attention then fell on Reuben, whose breath was shallow, and skin paling.

'I've not much magic left' Ena breathed. She addressed Reuben now. 'I could save you. But I have not the magic for both of you.' She looked over Aski again. 'Do you want me to save him? I cannot if too much time has passed…but Aski has only just left this life. If I am quick…'

'Save him' Reuben whispered; his voice barely audible now. 'Please……save him.'

Reuben woke some unknown time later. He didn't know how long the passage of time was that had been; he only knew the agony when he came to.

Reuben cried out, curling up and holding himself.

His breath was shallow, and his body began to tremble.

He lay there, head resting against the cold stone floor, blinking several times to clear his foggy vision.

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