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   Chapter 113 No.113

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'A scout has found you' Reuben told them. 'They are on their way.'

Even as darkness fell, the town's watchmen did not give up the hunt, and Jaspin and Lilith were chased throughout the night.

It tormented them. Both were exhausted, but regular reports from Reuben and Aski told that despite their efforts, the gap was closing.

As Lilith listened to this, a tear ran down her cheek. She did not even notice it at first, so tired was she; she couldn't even remember the last time she slept.

I'm so glad Jaspin is alive. But after all this time, I haven't even been able to really talk to him.

It was early the next morning that Jaspin's horse ran into a rabbit hole, breaking its leg. Jaspin ended its life humanely, and shortly after Lilith chose to abandon her horse as the poor beast was so exhausted by now that it could barely stand. And so, Jaspin and Lilith travelled on foot.

'I'm sorry' Lilith sobbed after a time. 'I'm sorry things had to be this way.'

'Lilith' Jaspin spoke firmly, holding her by the shoulders. 'You must be strong. You mustn't give into despair.'

His wings still hung behind him, stripped of all their flight feathers, they looked so scrawny and weak in comparison to Reuben and Aski's.

Lilith turned back to the cliff before them. A sheer drop.

'What are we going to do?'

They waited for as long as they could for Aski and Reuben to return to them. Aski had flown one way, while Reuben the other, searching for a way off the cliff and to somewhere that might offer them some safety and shelter.

'There is a path this way' Aski said when he returned to them. His body trembled and his skin was beaded with sweat. Reuben had been the same. The two of them had been flying none stop for hours and hours. Reuben had not come back yet.

'Will we make it in time?' Jaspin asked him.

Aski turned back behind them, glaring at the dark shapes on the horizon that were drawing steadily closer.

'Perhaps not' he answered solemnly. 'But we must try all the same.'

Jaspin and Lilith ran. But they could not get far. It was less than an hour later when Lilith collapsed.

'I can't' she sobbed, resting on her knees with her palms against the earth. 'This body is too weak' she said wheezing. 'I cannot go any further.'

They had reached a waterfall now, and as Jaspin knelt before her, Aski looked over the both of them. By now, he could see clearly the faces of the men hunting them. There were nearly thirty, and they we

re closing the net around the angels.

'We will be dead if we do not move' Aski mumbled, his voice barely audible.

'Aski' Jaspin said turning to him. 'Take Lilith and go.'

Aski glanced down at him.

'No!' Lilith cried. 'I can't lose you. There's already been too much I've lost in my life, too much in my life that I regret. Please don't let it be you too!'

'There is no other way' Jaspin said not looking at her. Instead his attention was fixed upon the horses that rode their way.

'They are nearly upon us' Aski said quietly, standing by them with his arms folded. 'We must make a choice.'

'Take her' Jaspin repeated.

'You are more important than me!' Lilith begged. 'Oh please, please don't let yourself be killed.'

'Aski cannot carry me' Jaspin spoke to Lilith calmly, as if soothing a worried child. 'But you are small. He can carry you to the bottom of this cliff.'

'But what about you?'

Jaspin glanced back to the wall of men approaching fast. In a few short seconds they would be upon them, and many were drawing the strings of the bows they carried, arrows ready to fire.

'They're too close' Aski spoke panicking now. 'I'm sorry…'

He unfurled his wings and grabbed Lilith swiftly. She screamed as she was lifted, the arrows shot through the air after them, aimed for Aski. But at this angle, they didn't have much of a chance to hit the vein in his wing, the vein that if cut could not be mended.

Lilith screamed for Jaspin as he was left behind, watching her with a relaxed demeanour, as if he had already accepted the inevitable, as if he was ready and willing to die.

Lilith screamed at the top of her lungs, trying to reach for him, and pawing at Aski's back as he carried her over his shoulder.


Her heart stopped in her chest as she saw Jaspin step forward and over the edge of the waterfall, plummeting down to the river below.

The last thing she saw of him before he hit the water, were what was left of his wings, trailing after of him as he fell.

The world froze for her. Aski's wings seemed to beat so slowly, and the watchmen on the cliff slowed to a stop, horses moving back and forth on the edge and tossing their heads. The watchmen called and pointed, but they could not get to them, not now. The cliff was sheer and it would take a long time for them to reach the bottom, by which time, the angels would be long gone.

Lilith turned back to Aski, calling to him.

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