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They came to land in a small courtyard on the edge of the town. They had nearly escaped, where so close to the plains beyond.

'Why have we stopped?' Lilith asked him as he put her down. 'They are still after us!'

'Don't you feel it?' Aski replied. His tone was harsh, was angry, and for a moment Lilith felt uncertain. 'Don't you feel it?' Aski replied again. 'Listen!'

Lilith hesitated. She froze for a moment, and suddenly sensed something.

She whipped around, eyes wide as she faced the dark interior of the stables beside them.

'Could it be…?' she uttered, tears of shock brimming in her eyes as she stared into the shadows through the open stable door. 'Is it really them?'

Two figures stepped out then, moving away from the darkness, and into the light.

'Reuben!' Lilith cried, seeing the first figure clearly as the other hung back in the doorway, looming in the shadows.

He smiled at her as he approached. Reuben was just as she had remembered him, and despite his brush with death, he looked strong, and despite everything that had happened, he seemed to stand taller than he did before.

Lilith rushed up to him, falling into his embrace and holding him tightly.

'Thank god you're alright! I feared the worst…I thought that I would never see you again.'

Reuben held her back, arms wrapped around her, his hold was firm yet gentle.

'It's not over' he spoke softly to her, resting his cheek upon her head as she buried her face in his chest.

'Where's Jaspin?' Lilith uttered. 'I sensed him.'

Reuben stepped back, turning around.

Lilith looked to the figure that had stayed back. He approached now, and Lilith saw Jaspin standing before her.

'Jaspin…' her face fell then as she saw him clearly. 'Oh my god…your wings…'

'It doesn't matter' Jaspin replied solemnly to her. 'I am glad to see you too, but we must leave now. We haven't much time.'

As he spoke Reuben had moved over to Aski, taking off his robe and offering it to him. Aski took it, using it to cover himself.

'The watchmen won't be far behind us' Aski said. 'We have to get away from here.'

Reuben took two horses from the stables beside them. They wore bridles, but no saddles.

'You will need these' he said, giving one of the horses to Lilith. 'They are fast. Use them to travel as fast as you can, as far away as you can. Direction does not matter. Just go, go and don't look back.'

The other horse he gave to Jaspin.

'What about you?' Lilith asked, as Jaspin mounted the dappled mare.

'They cannot catch us' Re

uben said, as Aski joined his side. 'We are too fast for them, too free.' He cast his gold wings out, standing beside Aski's silver ones; the two of them looked magnificent.

'Please stay safe' Lilith begged of them.

'We will do what we can' Aski grinned. 'We will watch over you. Do not worry about us…worry about yourselves.'

And with that, Aski took to the air, followed shortly by Reuben. And before Lilith knew it, the both of them were gone.

So soon after I found you alive Lilith thought for Reuben, and so soon after I thought I would have to endure the sight of your death she thought for Aski. Why are we always splitting up?

'Hurry' Jaspin said to her, as his horse pranced on the spot, agitated by their presence and becoming a little spooked. 'We have to go.'

Lilith looked up at him as his horses walked by her. His wings, which he could not retract at this time because they were so damaged, hung behind him like skeletal remains. So far had he fallen from grace, once so beautiful and majestic, now……

Lilith turned her head away sharply, trying not to think of it, trying not to imagine the pain he must be going through. Being unable to fly was a terrible thing for an angel. For most of her life Lilith had not flown, but to have learnt how to fly, and to have it taken away from her, existing in a body that was not her own…it was one of the worst things she could imagine.

Lilith mounted her horse quickly, setting off after Jaspin. He waited until she was ready, before kicking his horse into a canter.

Side by side, Jaspin and Lilith tore across the plains, heading as far away from this terrible town as they could.

This was after all, Freya's territory.

Chapter Thirty Two

Into the Wilderness

Reuben and Aski did what they could, but it wasn't long before they returned to Jaspin and Lilith, bringing with news they did not want to hear.

'They are on their way' Aski said. 'There are so many, and their horses are faster than the ones you've got, better and stronger. It won't be long before they find you.'

'We could escape' Lilith said hopefully. 'We could hide. Couldn't we?'

The others looked uncomfortable and avoided her eyes.

'It's…a long way from anywhere' Reuben answered reluctantly. 'They've sent out scouts. It's only a matter of time before they find us.'

Jaspin and Lilith travelled without pause, and their horses were getting exhausted. But it was that very night, as Reuben and Aski flew back and forth over their heads surveying the land, that the inevitable happened.

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