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   Chapter 111 No.111

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5183

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The scene that met her caused Lilith's heart to drop to her feet.

Within the clearing in the square, Lilith saw a pyre, and around, crowds of people.

To think that people would actually want to want a cruel spectacle…….oh god…we're going to die here…

'It's alright' Aski said casually from beside her. 'I'm not afraid. Not now that I know my fate, because I know there is another place.'

'How' Lilith sobbed. 'How can you be so sure?'

'Because' Aski answered simply, 'I have faith.'

He stepped forwards boldly then, guided by a watchman and flanked either side by two more, he walked towards the pyre.

'It will be your turn next.'

Lilith listened to Freya's words as she stood nearby, but she didn't register her presence. All of her attention was fixed only on Aski.

This will be the last time I ever see him.

Lilith tilted her head back, breathing deeply, experiencing ever sensation around her, just one last time before the end.

The damp air, and the heavy clouds above them that threatened to fall upon the earth life giving rain, without which nothing could survive. And the sun, though she could feel none of its warmth, it was still beautiful.

Its feels good Lilith thought. It feels good…

Now, even her body didn't hurt anymore. She didn't feel the cold chill that had crept into her bones as she slept on the stone floor in her cell, and she didn't fell the old pains from Ena's body, or the new pains passed onto her from Jaspin.

I almost wish he were dead, just so that I may see him again, in the place I am going now.

Her heart no longer hurt with every beat, her back and chest didn't hurt, nothing hurt.

Not anymore.

I was hoping at least to die in my own body, but if Aski says there's an afterlife……then perhaps……

She watched as Aski ascended the steps to the platform, some of the guards remained at the base of the steps, some of them continued to walk with him.

Throughout the square, was hushed silence.

No one uttered a word.

Lilith was grasped by a sudden urge to rush up to him, to take him in her arms and to hold him, just one last time.

She watched as Aski was tied to the pyre with heavy ropes. The watchmen stepped back and moved away.

Aski was elevated above the others, seeing over the heads of the crowd. His whole body was bound, hands tied behind his back.

He caught Lilith's eye then.

He suddenly smiled.

Lilith's breath caught in her throat. She watched as another watchman from the ground approached the base of the pyre with a burning torch.

Her hands began to tremble as

she clasped them over her heart, beginning to weep as the torch was lowered, setting the hay and twig between the larger pieces of wood on fire, the flames catching fast and climbing ever higher toward Aski.

'You're too cruel' Lilith sobbed.

Near her, Freya turned, knowing she had been addressed. She looked away again silently, watching the pyre burn.

Aski hunched forward, head bowed. He began to cough violently as the smoke began to billow.

Suddenly he straightened, and the fire began to roar, swiftly turning into a blazing inferno.

Freya straightened, unfolding her arms and tensing. Lilith noticed something was wrong too.

They all saw Aski standing in the fire, the flames licking his body, burning his clothes away, along with the rope that held him. But he did not scream, he did not utter a sound, and as Lilith looked more closely, she saw a look of peace on his face as he tilted his head back, eyes closed.

'Someone get a crossbow!' Freya hollered, casting an arm out to the watchmen around her. 'Kill him!'

Aski fell forwards on the pyre, standing completely naked. Free from his binds he cast out his steely silver wings, unfurling them from his body. They were beautiful. He tore forwards towards Lilith and Freya suddenly, moving as fast as a streak of lightning; he was upon them in no time.

The watchmen pulled Freya back sharply, dragging her behind them to protect her and drawing their weapons.

Lilith drew a slow gasp as Aski, ignoring all of the others, even Freya, descended upon her. Lilith leant back as he loomed over her. Everything seemed to move so slowly. He bent low then, arms wrapping around her waist and lifting her over his shoulder, beating his wings and lifting into the air.

Aski flew, soaring over the town, below them in the square they left chaos behind them as people ran around shouting and watchmen barked orders to one another.

Lilith clutched onto Aski tightly as they flew, clawing in fear at his the skin on his back as she held him, feeling so out of her depth and so dependent on him.

Please hold me tightly.

She had no wings, not in this body. Her hair and clothes whipped violently as they travelled at such speeds. Tears ran down Lilith's cheeks, left over from the fear of seeing Aski die, the shock of having escaped her own death, and the fear of falling to her death.

It was all too much for her.

And then they began to descend.

'Aski what are you doing we have to get away!'

'Wait!' Aski called back to her. 'I've seen something…I sense something….the others are here!'

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