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   Chapter 110 No.110

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Jaspin rested now, at last given some reprieve. The others had left him, and for this he was grateful, but it still had not eased his pain entirely.

His knees hurt, kneeling on the hard ground for so long, and he was afraid of what he could not see, the blindfold they had put on him when they begun had been left. And his wings, which he could not at this time withdraw, had been pulled of all of their flight feathers.

He could not withdraw his wings because they were damaged. Only when they were whole again, would he be able to do so.

'Lilith…' he wheezed, as a single tear ran down his cheek. 'I'm sorry…'

He tensed then, hearing movement near him. Groaning he tried to move, but it only hurt him more.

'Who's there?' his voice trembled as he spoke.

Jaspin's breath caught in his throat as he turned his head from side to side, trying hard to listen to those footsteps, trying to identify where they were.

A hand reached forwards, pulling the blindfold from him.

Jaspin blinked, lifting his head to the hooded figure before him.

He gasped in shock when he recognised the person.

Aski screamed. The red hot iron that had been used to burn him was drawn away.

'I'm begging you' Lilith shouted at the men around her. 'Please stop.'

'This was your idea' Freya said casually, standing by the wall as she watched the ordeal take place. 'I will get this information out of you, or you will die.'

'Then hurt me' Lilith pleaded. 'Aski…he…he can take no more.'

Nearby, Aski was on his knees, hands chained behind his back. Besides from Lilith, Aski and Freya, there were nearly twenty others in the room. The town's watchmen. As cold as ice and completely unmoved by the suffering of the angels. No doubt they saw many unfortunate souls pass through these prisons, and their hearts had grown hard.

'I am hurting you' Freya said to Lilith. 'Are you not suffering now by seeing this?' she turned to Aski again, who knelt with his head hung. His shirt was discarded beside him, and his body scorched and flesh raw where he had been branded over and over.

He tensed suddenly, throwing his head back and hissing through bared teeth as the brand was pressed to him, his skin sizzling.

'Please….' Lilith sobbed. 'Please….'

Later, each was taken to their cells. Separate, but within sight of each other. The guard who stood watch had dozed off, leaning back against the wall with his arms folded and head hung. He drifted in a half sleep, but from time to time would shift from one foot to the other, before falling still again.


lith cast a frightful gaze towards him, eyeing the staff that leant against the wall beside him.

She looked back at Aski.


She spoke in a whisper, doing so as quietly as she could.

If the guard heard, then he chose not to react, for he moved not an inch. Aski however, on hearing his name being called, slowly raised his head.

He had been resting on his knees, arms limp beside him and facing away from her.

He turned to her now, meeting her gaze.

'Are you alright?' Lilith whispered.

Aski stared at her a moment, and then he smiled.

'It's alright Lilith' he said to her calmly. 'Very soon it will all be over.'

'What do you mean?'

'You're hair's a mess by the way' Aski said, moving gingerly across his cell and closer to her. 'Look. It's all come loose. I spent ages plating it too.'


Lilith reached beyond her bars, fingers outstretched towards him, as Aski did the same.

But before their hands could touch, the guard in lightning quick reactions grabbed his staff, whipping it forwards and smacking both of their hands before they could reach each other.

Lilith withdrew sharply, her hand stinging, as Aski in the cell opposite, drew away and back into the shadows.

The guard propped the staff back against the wall beside him, leaning back, closing his eyes and growing still.

Lilith stared miserably across to the cell where Aski was kept, but she could barely see him now.

She retreated into her own cell, leaning back against the wall and holding herself.

I wonder what will happen to us she thought. If we die, the others will never know.

She rested her chin on her knees, listening to the rain from outside dripping into the prisons, feeling the moisture around her, pooled on the floor, against her skin.

……I wonder where the others are now……

It was early the next morning that the two of them were taken from their cells and escorted outside.

By this time, word of their presence had spread, and as they were marched forwards side by side, they saw whole hosts of people gathered in the streets to watch them.

'Something's not right' Lilith muttered to Aski as they were moved along. 'What are they going to do with us?'

Beside her Aski didn't answer. His jaw was set, and a vein pulsed in his temple. He was frightened, Lilith could tell.

Her worst fears were realised when they came to the town square.

The watchmen who had been walking around them in a square formation parted then, splitting in the middle so that Aski and Lilith could see what was before then.

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