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'It's alright' Lilith sighed, lifting her arms up to hug him. 'You tried.'

Feeling so lost and alone, fearing this might be the end, Aski held her tightly back; as if she were the last thing in the world he might see.

'Stay down fallen angel!' hollered a voice.

Lilith didn't look around, but buried her face in Aski's chest as he rounded towards the figure that had spoken, a royal guard and watchmen, dressed in a heavy black trench coat and wearing a tricorn hat. Around him were other similar figures, and on other rooftops also, and on the ground. All were armed with crossbows.

'Curse them' Aski hissed desperately, gripping Lilith harden. 'Curse them…curse all of them! It was an ambush…we should have left sooner.'

'You could not have known' Lilith comforted. She flinched at his hard grip on her, already feeling bruises forming there, though she didn't complain.

'I'm sorry Lilith…I'm sorry I failed you…failed Ena…'

'Put her down!' one of the watchmen ordered Aski, stepping nearer with crossbow raised.

Aski growled at him.

The watchman reached for Lilith, grabbing her by the upper arm and pulling her towards him.

Aski's eyes flashed. He rounded on the man, swinging his fist as he did and hitting him hard on the side of the head.

The watchman stumbled back, cursing the angel.

'You son of a bitch!'

He started forward to strike Aski.

'No one touch her!' a female voice called out.

The watchman froze suddenly, sword raised high in the air about to strike.

Aski hunched his shoulders, baring his teeth.

Lilith in his arms looked around, searching for the speaker, her heart sinking in her chest as it slowly dawned on her that she recognised the voice.

The owner of the voice made herself known.

Freya lifted up into the air, coming into view. Her purple skirt clung to her as she ascended from the street below, lifting as her magic lowered her downwards. Her tiptoes touched the tiles of the roof lightly, as she landed carefully on the surface below her. The chains running from her neck to wrists jangled, her short blonde hair hung like a curtain around her head, and at her throat, the necklace of two snakes intertwined shone in the evening light, with their tails forming into a spear point.

'I won't let you escape' Freya spoke boldly to the angels. 'You are all going to die.'

'Are you going to kill us?' Aski whispered to her, though there was no fear in his voice, only anger.

'Put her down' Freya turned to him, and Aski did


Lilith's feet touched the tiles, and she sunk to her knees.

Freya approached her, going down on a knee before her as she fixated, eyes boring into Lilith's.

Freya rose then, drawing away from Lilith who remained sitting.

'You are not who you appear to be. Tell me.' Freya cocked her head, standing with her feet together and arms folded. 'Where is the one you call Ena?'

'We don't know.'

'Then who are you?'

Lilith hesitated, bowing her head in grief.

'Lilith' she answered reluctantly, seeing no other way.

'Oh' Freya replied flatly. 'So it's you. Tell me where Ena is.'

'We don't know' Aski said. 'And even if we did we would not tell you.'

Freya turned back to the watchmen behind her.

'Put them in the cells.'

'Wait!' Lilith shrieked as one of the men grabbed her. 'Where is Jaspin?!'

Freya didn't answer, she only watched resignedly as Aski fought the guards, trying to keep them away from Lilith, trying to protect her, and himself. But he was outnumbered and out muscled.

One of them grabbed him by the throat, throwing him down and kicking him as he fell.

'Stop it!' Lilith screamed, watching helplessly as the guards attacked him, beating him and kicking him. 'Please please stop you'll kill him!'

'That is the plan' Freya mumbled in return. 'You have made your choice. There is no going back now.'

'If you kill him' Lilith replied, speaking levelly now, 'you will never know where Ena is.'

Freya raised a hand casually to the watchmen, signalling them to stop, which they did, immediately.

'We know where she is' she lied. 'We know.'

'Lilith what are you doing?' Aski groaned, grasping the foot of the man as he pressed his weight upon his throat. 'Don't…we don't know…it's a lie!'

'If you know' Freya said, 'then I will get it out of you.' She waved to the watchmen. 'Take them away.'

Aski was hauled to his feet, as Lilith was lifted by two of the watchmen.

'Be careful with that one' Freya told then as they did this. 'Her body is fragile. It could easily break.'

They were taken away, and locked in separate cells, though thankfully within sight of each other.

With her lie, it went as she had planned. Lilith had bought the both of them some time.

But at what cost?'

Jaspin remained where he was, arms held above him and chained to the ceiling.

The hall he was trapped in was underground and dark, only a small square of light shone upon him from a tiny hole set in the wall high above. And all was silent.

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