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   Chapter 108 No.108

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'What about Jaspin?' Lilith pleaded, as if Aski could have done something to help.

'I'm sorry' Aski said, turning to face her. 'He…may be dead already. He……should have been back by now….one could only assume the worst.'

Lilith stifled a sob then, hand going to her mouth as her body began to tremble, shaking like a leaf.

'Oh god no……I can't do this…first Reuben….then….' Lilith buried her face in her hands. She raised her head, freezing then. 'What are we going to do?' she whined.

'It's cloudy outside' Aski replied in a flat tone. 'It's going to be a dark night tonight. If we're going to get away, tonight is our best hope.'

'I wonder how Ena and Gael are doing' Lilith mumbled to her knees, folding her hands on her lap before her. 'I hope they're alright. I hope they're safe and…' she drew a shuddering breath. 'I want to see them both again, more than anything.'

'I know' Aski said quietly, reaching forwards and continuing to brush her hair. 'We'll leave tonight. I promise.'

Lilith didn't answer. She sat there, silent and still as Aski brushed and dried her long hair. He plated it, and tied it in a neat bun behind her head, held in place by a simple hair stick.

'There' he said stepping back. 'Is that comfortable.'

Lilith's hand went back to pat her hair. She turned in the seat to face him.

'Thank you. It feels fine.'

'I…I've brought us some food' Aski spoke to the wall. 'It's cold. Its only basic but…you must be hungry.'

'I'm starving.'

They ate quietly on the bed, bread and cheese and dried fruit.

As they ate, Lilith stared down at her wrists.

Aski glanced up at her, noticing this. 'What's wrong?'

'I feel like I'm in chained' she uttered. 'There is a pressure around my wrists.'

Aski took a swig of wine from the skein, before rising from the bed.

'We should get some rest.' He began to clear away the remaining food from the bed, putting it neatly away back in the draw. 'We'll leave tonight, when darkness falls.'

Hours passed, and the sun had just dipped below the horizon.

Aski and Lilith lay side by side on the bed, both fast asleep, both utterly still. Until there came a series of sharp bangs on the door. Lilith and Aski both woke with a start, both sitting suddenly bolt upright and staring wide eyed at the door.


We know who you are!' called to them a muffled voice from the other side. 'We know you're in there!'

'Shit' Aski instantly rose to his feet, standing on the bed. 'Lili-'

But before he could even finish, and door was broken open, banging back on the wall behind.

The men who stood there barely had time to register the occupants within the room, before Aski threw out his hand, casting out his magic.

The men at the door were stunned and blinded. It was a spell that would only work once, and for only a short time. Aski and Lilith had seconds. He grabbed Lilith roughly, pulling her to her feet and dragging her to the window. The glass shattered before he even reached it, and Aski instantly climbed onto the sill, leaning out into the cold evening, still holding Lilith close to him by the wrist.

'Aski what are you doing?'

He turned to her and picked her up in his arms, his beautiful wings, silver like the moon's light suddenly erupted from his back, becoming trapped in the small space they stood in, filling up the room behind.


'Now or never' he snapped harshly, hugging her to him, baring his teeth in determination. 'We have to get out of here, or we die!'

Lilith gasped in shock as he leapt from the window, feeling so unsteady in his arms, so dependant, so vulnerable.

Aski cast his wings out wide, beating them hard and fast and gaining ground, soaring over rooftops below.

Something whipped past them then, something fast, cutting Aski's cheek as it went, and then another. As Lilith saw the second one shoot past, she recognised it as a bolt from a crossbow.

Aski instantly retracted his wings, landing harder and faster than he intended on the rooftop beneath him.

'Aski what are you doing we have to get away!'

'There's too many of them!' Aski shouted back to her, clutching her thin frame to his chest.

And as Lilith gazed wide-eyed around them, she saw that they were surrounded.

'Do you know' Aski began tentatively, 'about the vein in our wings? If we release our wings, we become more powerful…but…'

'If that vein is cut' Lilith is finished. 'We die.'

Aski glared at her, gritting his teeth in frustration and desperation.

'I'm sorry…I don't know what to do. I thought I could have done it…I thought we could have escaped.'

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