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   Chapter 107 No.107

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'It's the money you stole from that man' Lilith whispered.

'Here' Aski spoke quietly to her. 'Drink this. It will put you to sleep.'

Lilith reached for the small bottle, but it slipped from her hands as she tried to unscrew it. Aski caught it before it fell.

'It's alright' he spoke soothingly, undoing the cap for her.

He held the back of her head with one hand as he helped her drink, bringing the bottle to her lips.

'Drink all of it' he said, and Lilith did so, covering her mouth and coughing as the thick and sticky liquid ran down her throat, burning her.

Aski poured her a class of water from the just beside the bed, handing it do her.

Lilith didn't even remember drinking it, but she supposed that she must have done. The drugs she had been given was strong, and she slept deeply for a long time after that.

The next she woke, it was morning, earlier than it had been the last she knew.

She didn't know how long she had been asleep, but she knew it must have been for a long while.

She pushed herself up, sitting up in bed and looking around.

Aski, perhaps hearing her movement, stepped into the room from the next.

'I've run a bath for you' he told her. 'There's a new dress for you hanging on the back of the door' he indicated. 'There's soap and towels and everything you need.' He paused to regard her. 'When was the last time you washed?'

'It's been far too long' Lilith answered meekly back, still wearing Ena's white dress from days ago. 'I would very much appreciate a bath…thank you.'

Aski nodded silently to her.

Lilith swung her legs over the edge of the bed, gingerly rising to stand.

Aski stepped back as she hobbled forwards towards the washroom.

He turned to watch her as she closed the door behind her. This room was small, with only a wooden bath in the centre and a few cupboards in the corners.

There was a slender black dress hanging on a hook on the back of the door, with a long skirt, the shoulders covered and of a basic design, with a slit at the front of the skirt to make riding easier.

Lilith looked over it only briefly, before sailing away, drifting across the room and towards the wooden bath.

She slipped the filthy white dress off her shoulders, lowering herself tentatively into the bath.

It was warm, not too hot for her, it was perfect.

Lilith leant back against it, allowing her body to relax.

She sighed, tilting her head to the side and resting her cheek against the wood. She was so exhausted, that she didn't even notice the tears running down her cheeks as she

slipped into a gentle sleep.

She was woken sometime later by a heavy knock at the door.

'Lilith!' It was Aski's voice. 'Are you alright in there?'

She had woken with a start, and mentally gathered herself before answering.

'Y-yes' she called back. 'I'm alright. I'll be out in a minute.'

The water was cold now. She washed her long hair and her body quickly before getting out and draining the water away. She left the white dress on the floor where it was, putting on the black one.

It felt good to be clean again, and her mood picked up a little.

Aski lifted his head when she opened the door, watching as she stepped back into the bedroom.

'How do you feel?'

'Well enough I suppose.' Lilith patted her skirt flat. 'Thank you for the dress' she said meekly.

'Thank yourself' Aski replied. 'I used the money you stole.'

He rose from the bed, pulling back the chair by the wall and indicating for her to sit. Lilith did so without protest or question.

Aski walked around her, taking her long hair and pulling it behind her. He brought out a soft brush and began to brush her hair gently.

'Aski?' Lilith spoke quietly.


'I'm…I'm sorry about what I did the other day…or whenever it was. I swear I didn't mean…'

'It's ok' Aski sighed, continuing to brush. 'Just forget about it.'

'Where is Jaspin?'

Aski hesitated then. Lilith turned around to face him.

'You mean he hasn't come yet?'


'But…' Lilith lowered her eyes, lip trembling. She wiped the tears before they could fall. 'He said he would come.'

'I'm sorry.'

'What if he's in danger' Lilith worried aloud. 'What if he needs help? We should try to find him.'

'We can't leave.'

'Why not.'

Aski gritted his teeth, drawing back the hand he had been using to brush her hair.

Lilith looked around to him again.

'Aski? Why can't we leave?'

'This…' Aski began reluctantly. He sight, before averting his gaze. 'This is Freya's territory. They…know we're here. I'm….afraid.'

Lilith blinked slowly as she listened to him speak. As he did, Lilith saw the fear in his eyes. Her stomach twinged then, and her heart tightened in her chest.

'I don't know what to do' Aski admitted. 'I don't know if it's safe for me to leave this room anymore and…they would surely recognise you…' His shoulders slumped, and his head hung. 'I…' he began. He gritted his teeth, balling his fists in frustration. 'I don't want to die.' His voice broke as he said this, though he couldn't help himself. 'If I die again…then…there is no second chance for me.'

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