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   Chapter 106 No.106

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The man smirked at her as if this amused him.

'Could you tell me more about this place?' Lilith asked tentatively.

'We're in Tredwhit. It's a town.'

For the briefest of moments, Lilith thought the man was going to elaborate. He didn't.

'Why do you have green hair?' the man asked her, reaching forwards and touching.

Lilith averted her eyes as the man ran a section of her long hair through his fingers.

'So strange.' The man narrowed his eyes. 'You look like…..'

Lilith's eyes flashed then. I cannot be recognised like this. She swooped up to the man, taking him in her arms and kissing him.

The man was so shocked, he did not resist. But after a few seconds, he began to kiss her back.

I'm sorry Ena Lilith thought as she felt his tongue inside her. I'm sorry…

Her hand slipped around his body, snaking into his pocket as she did.

Another hand grabbed her by the arm then, jerking her sharply back and causing her to stumble.

It took Lilith several seconds to register what had just happened, but by that time, Aski had already pulled Lilith back and punched the man, attacking him in the hallway. He was aggressive, grabbing the bemused looking man by the shirt and shoving him against the wall snarling, his face inches away from the man's.

'You touch her again and I'll fucking kill you. You hear me?'

The man didn't answer, only stared back in shock.

Aski pulled the man towards him, shoving him away down the corridor.

'Get out of here' Aski ordered the man, turning before he saw whether or not the man would comply, he grabbed Lilith firmly by the wrist, dragging her back to their room and slamming the door after them.

He rounded on her.

'What the hell are you doing?' he hissed to her, baring his teeth in pure rage. 'How could you violate Ena's body like that?'

Tears prickled in Lilith's eyes as she saw Aski tremble with fury, and for a moment she was overcome with sadness.

'He recognised me…' she sobbed, 'He…he recognised me…'

Aski grabbed her by the face then with one hand, forcing her head towards his.

'If you ever…' Aski spoke dangerously quietly, '…ever…do anything like that again….' he went quiet then, eyes beginning to twitch. 'I swear to god I will kill you myself.'

'I'm sorry…' Lilith whispered, tears spilling down her cheeks. 'I'm…I'm sorry…'

Aski let go of her, drawing his hand back slowly.

He gasped, looking shocked.


started, confused at his reaction.

Aski grimaced, turning sharply away from her and stomping over to the window, sitting on the bench below the glass and staring out at the street beyond.

Lilith turned slowly towards the wall, gazing at her own reflection.

Aski had only touched her for a moment, but already there was a bruise on her face where he had grasped her. She saw this in the mirror, and as she looked down at her wrist, she saw a bruise there where he had grasped her too.

Lilith's face contorted with grief, but she was determined to keep back these new tears.

This body… she thought, is too fragile. Will I survive this?

She went over to the bed where she had spent hours lying on, descending onto the sheets and closing her eyes.

Aski by the window, cast a glance over to her, before turning away again, looking back outside.

It was several hours later, that Lilith cried out in agony.

Aski who had not moved from the window tensed suddenly, shocked at the hours of silence being so suddenly and sharply broken.

He rushed up to her, leaning over her on the bed.

'Lilith! What's wrong?'

'My wings' Lilith sobbed, writhing in agony on the bed. 'They hurt!'

'You don't have-'

His sentence was cut off when she screamed again. Automatically he clapped his hands over her mouth.

'Lilith please!' he begged.

But she barely seemed to notice him, he screams muffled now as he held her tightly.


She fought to get away from him.

He moved his leg over her, sitting on her stomach now as she fought to keep her silent, beginning to cry himself as panic consumed him.

'Lilith please….please be quiet. They will find us!'

He held her for nearly an hour before she fell silent again, removing his hand tentatively, and leaving behind a bruise that covered her entire jaw.

He left the room quickly after that, leaving Lilith alone to rest and locking the door after him. He returned shortly after, waking Lilith by shaking her gently.

'Hey' he whispered. 'Wake up.'

Lilith sat up.

'I've got something for you.' Aski produced a small bottle from his pocket. The bottle was black and the label small. Lilith couldn't see it properly, her sight was failing her. 'It will help with the pain' Aski said. 'Please take it.'

'How did you pay for this?' Lilith mumbled staring at it.

'You had a small pouch of money on you' Aski explained. 'I used that.'

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