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'You must be more careful' the masked female said to Jaspin as he rose unsteadily to his feet. 'You've caused Lilith much pain.'

'What are you doing here?' Freya called out to the women. 'Are you here to hurt me too?!'

'I care not for you' the stranger replied curtly. 'Do what you will, run if you like, but I will not let you hurt this one.'

Freya lingered for a moment longer in uncertainty, before her profile flickered. She used her magic and fled.

Freya was gone.

'You've been careless' the masked figure noted, standing before Jaspin with her arms hanging by her sides.

Jaspin leant against the tree behind him, clawing at the wood behind as he fixated on this strange being.

'What will do now?' the woman asked him.

'I will hunt the false one and kill her.'

'Even now?' the masked female asked him, sounding amused now. 'She would have killed you if I had not stopped it.'

'I…' Jaspin began.

'If you pursue her, then the next time you might now be so lucky.'

'Sacrifices must be made.'

'That indeed is true' the woman said folding her arms and cocking her head playfully at him. 'I will not try to stop you or influence your decision. So?' she smiled behind her mask. 'What will you do?'

'I have her' Jaspin breathed. 'She is close. I cannot lose her now.'

'Determination' the woman said. 'Willingness not to give up.' She nodded. 'It is a good trait. However it might not always work in your advantage.'

She glided away from him, heading into the trees, pausing for a moment to regard him, before moving on without a word.

Chapter Thirty One

The Pyre

Aski had gone away now, saying he would be back soon.

Lilith remained lying on the bed, feeling utterly exhausted despite her long sleep.

She thanked the gods the pains had ceased, the ones she had been receiving from Jaspin anyway. The old pains she suffered within this body still remained, but at least she could rest.

She stayed here for some time, before deciding the rise.

Lilith pushed herself off the bed, sitting up.

It was daylight outside. The lamps on the wall either side of her no longer burned, and in the street outside she could hear the familiar murmur and rolling of carriage wheels on cobbled streets that signalled normal life. Once upon a time, she lived in a town, and before that she lived in a city, in the capital. With her father.

'How much things have changed since then' Lilith mumbled.

For a time she had forgotten what had happened, but as she gazed down at herself, she remembered that she belonged in this new and strange body now.

A wave of

sadness washed over her, and she buried her face in her hands, crying silently, before straightening then, lifting her head as another thought dawned on her.


Lilith crawled off the bed, rising to her feet and standing. It still felt peculiar. She was not used to being this tall; she was in a young body, younger by far than her own. But she was easily a head taller than the average person, and so skinny.

Lilith hugged herself then, bowing her head as her lip trembled, fighting back tears.

How long must I endure this? She thought. Where are the others?

She lowered her arms, padding quietly around the bed and towards the door.

She reached out and grasped the handle, opening it slowly and seeing what was outside.

Beyond the door was a wooden hallway. A balustrade was before her overlooking the level below, and as she stepped out further, she saw doors lined up either side of the one she had come from. Other rooms no doubt. The inn she had found herself in seemed largish in size, and warm. Lilith knew instantly that many people were staying here. There were people strolling down the hallway either side of her, and she could hear the quiet murmur of guests on the level below as they ate and drank, circled around the tables of sitting at the bar.

The two people that had been walking the corridor either side of her, both gave her strange looks as they passed. One of them stopped, giving her an unfriendly look, a look Lilith recognised as predatory.

'I've not see you around here before' the stranger said to her, as the other man walked past her.

Lilith felt a twinge of nervousness then, realising she was alone and in a body that was fragile, feeling suddenly self-conscious, with her height, skinny body and long pale green hair that reached her ankles. She didn't know this town, or the people who lived here. But she knew that no matter where you went, the strong would try to take advantage of the weak. As was the way of the world.

'I'm just a guest here' Lilith replied to the man, speaking quietly.

'You came here alone?'

Lilith swallowed the lump in her throat.

The man stared at her, as if waiting for an answer.

He stepped toward her. Lilith suddenly frightened took a sharp step back; then she remembered herself.

'I'm sorry sir' Lilith sighed. 'It's so hard for a girl like me to be alone in the world. I came here with a companion. But I don't know when he will be back. I fear that he might have left me.' she fixed him with pleading eyes. 'I am so frightened here. I've never been in this place before…I feel so lost.'

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