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   Chapter 104 No.104

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Her mind was far away.

As they walked, Lilith's hair which Aski had gathered together, had unravelled. It had fallen now, hanging to one side of the horse as they trudged onwards. The long pale strands of green lifting in the light breeze as the three journeyed onwards, nearly touching the ground.

'We'll be there soon' Aski repeated. 'Just stay with me. Alright?'

Lilith didn't answer.

She let out a sigh, and closed her eyes.

The next she opened her eyes; she was in another place, with Aski by her side.

Lilith sat up, pushing herself off the bed.

Aski who had been sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to her turned, hearing her movement.

'How do you feel?' he asked her tentatively.

Lilith stared at him blankly. Her attention drifted past him, and to the room around.

They were in a small room, both resting on a double bed. The walls were wooden panelled, and the window was large, set out of the room and overlooking the street below, with a little wooden bench below the sill and cushions to sit on.

It was a simple room, with very little décor. The dark room was lit by only two burning lamps attached to the wall either side of the bed. And outside, the dark town was lit by the street lamps, lined along every path.

'It's late' Aski spoke to her in a quiet voice. 'You've been out cold for a while. I…tried to speak to you…but you wouldn't wake.'

'You carried me all this way?'

'Yes' Aski bowed his head.

'Where's the horse?'


Lilith hugged herself. 'Thank you.' Lilith tensed suddenly as s thought struck her. 'Where is Jaspin?' she asked. 'Has he come back yet?'

Aski stared at her. 'No' he answered at last. 'I…haven't seen him.'

He must still be fighting the false earth maiden Lilith thought. Oh god…….I hope he's alright.

Jaspin groaned, grabbing the thick root that had wound its way around his neck and held him there. His hands shook as he tried to free himself, growling through bloodied teeth.

'I knew you would underestimate me' Freya spoke calmly, standing before him with arms crossed.

He sneered at her then, contorting his body. But more roots had tightened themselves around his limbs and torso, all at her command. Despite being a shadow of the true thing, she false one still had considerable powers of her own.

'We've been fighting for far too long' Freya mumbled turning away, speaking now as if to herself. 'You are strong, but not as strong as me.' Freya looked back at him. 'I know what your plan is. You cannot kill me alone, so y

our plan is to tire me out.'

'It's working' Jaspin moaned, closing an eye as he fought against his binds still. 'You're right. I cannot kill you on my own; I've not the power…but together…my brethren…the other angels….'

Freya tilted her head at him then, conveying the same curiosity towards him as a feline would to a poor soul it was just about to kill.

'Think about how much pain you must have caused dear Lilith. I know the two of you are bound together.'

Jaspin started then, unable to keep the look of shock from his expression. It had not left his mind, but the fact spoken clearly…and the fact that Freya knew…

'Anyway…' Freya continued, moving towards him and reaching for a shaft of wood as she did, a thin and straight tree branch sticking from the ground. 'I've had enough of this. You won't bother me anymore.'

She stopped before him, lifting the branch before her and moving the flat of her hand across the end. Part of the branch broke away, leaving a sharp point.

Jaspin was unable to protect himself, leaning back against the base of the tree, held to the ground by the trunks and exposed.

'Downwards through the shoulder' Freya mumbled, lifting the spear with the point facing downwards towards his flesh, 'through the shoulder, through the heart.'

She drew a sharp intake of breath, drawing the spear back sharply and plunging it downwards.

Jaspin's eyes widened and he gasped, fearing not his own death, but what might happen to Lilith, for even he didn't know.

Freya thrust the spear downwards, but without warning it shattered in her hands.

Freya and Jaspin both stared in confusion, and then Freya leapt back, as a figure appeared between them.

'What's this?' Freya hissed, raising an arm to shield herself. 'Who are you?'

The new figure who stood facing Freya, peered around then to see Jaspin, before looking forwards again.

The entire profile was black, and at the face there rested a plague mask, with round eyes like windows behind which was only blackness.

'You must not kill this one' spoke a voice from behind the mask, a female voice. 'He is needed most of all.'

'It's you….' Jaspin groaned, clawing at the bark that held him, '….why?'

The masked figure turned to face him now.

'We believe in your cause' the strange woman spoke. 'You must not be allowed to die at this time.'

The masked woman reached for him, touching her gloved fingertips to the roots that constricted around him.

The material of the wood crumbled and fell away, becoming only dust.

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