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   Chapter 103 No.103

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'I'm sorry' Lilith whispered, hugging her knees to her chest. 'I shouldn't pry.'

'It's alright' Aski smiled, turning back to her. 'I don't mind.'

A silence passed between them. The horse had wandered a short distance from them, head lowered to the grass and eating.

'Aski' Lilith began. 'What's it like to have a family that loves you? What's it like…to have a partner that loves you for who you are?'

Aski lifted his head, looking around to her.

When Lilith met his gaze, Aski saw there were tears in her eyes.


She lurched forwards suddenly, grasping her body tightly and groaning.

'Lilith!' Aski cried, panic in his voice now. 'What…?'

Lilith threw her head back and screamed.

Jaspin fell to his knees, pulling the sharpened branch from his body, though it had caused him no pain, he knew, as he thought with regret, that Lilith would be feeling all of this.

They were bound together.

'You are persistent' Freya said curtly, standing before him a short distance away.

Jaspin grimaced, rising to his feet and standing tall again. 'I'm going to rip you limb from limb.'

'Just you try it.'

The skin around Jaspin's eye twitched as he felt a sliver of anger coursing through him.

'I'm going to kill you' Jaspin told her calmly.

'You can try' Freya said to him. 'Last time I would not defend myself because I believed foolishly that one of you might change. But I know now that you are all as bad as each other, you are all evil. All of you must go.' She took a step away, standing with her side to him and sweeping back her short blonde hair. 'I am stronger than you take me for. I do not believe you can defeat me.'

Jaspin balled his fists, summoning his magic to him.

'I won't let you escape' Freya raised a hand to her. 'You are all going to die.'

Jaspin lunged for her, cutting the air as he tore forwards, wings spread out wide.

Freya ducked and rolled to the side in perfect time, missing his stroke.

Jaspin wheeled around to face her, throwing his wings back as Freya leapt out of reach, before attacking him in turn.

Lilith screamed again, curled up and holding herself.

Aski watched her helplessly in her agony, trying his best to comfort her, though she barely seemed to hear him.

After a time, she seemed to calm.

Aski stared, kneeling beside her as she lay on her side on the ground, gasping heavily; body trembling.

And then she began to cry.

'It's too much' she whispered through her tears. 'I…I can't take it…'

Aski clenched his teeth, grasping the dirt beside him.

'What can I do?' he asked her. 'Oh Lilith…' he reached for her, pushing her pale green hair back from her body. 'I'm sorry……I wish things were different for us. I wish we didn't have to suffer like this……I wish the other angels were alive…I wish we hadn't been forced into this….but most of all….' he smiled sadly then, tears running down his own cheeks. 'I wish there was no sickness…'

He bent forwards then, gathering up Lilith's long hair as tidily as he could, before lifting her in his arms and walking.

Lilith, overcome with exhaustion was limp in his arms, but aware of everything still happening around her.

'Aski…' she uttered, her voice breaking as she spoke. 'I don't…I don't think I can live like this….if I have to stay in this body for long….' The muscles in her face twitched. 'I'm going to die…'

'No' Aski said to her. 'Don't think things like that.'

Lilith whimpered, closing her eyes.

'It's going to be alright' Aski told her. 'There is a town just before us' he said. 'It's large; there must be an inn there somewhere.'

Lilith didn't speak.

Aski looked to her as he carried her.


'You…' she mumbled. 'You should be resting yourself. You...…you…….' she began to tremble.

'I know what happened to me' he said. 'I know. But I feel myself again. I feel strong.'

'At least, let the horse carry me.'

Aski paused then, glancing back to the horse that had followed them.

He returned to the beast, lifting Lilith into the saddle. She groaned as she straightened, slumping forwards again and resting on the creature's neck.

'It's not far' Aski told her, taking the reins and leading the animal. 'Just try to relax. Please.'

Lilith supported herself in the saddle, one hand resting on the horse's mane, the other limp and hanging.

'We'll be there soon enough' Aski reassured her. 'You're going to be alright. I promise.'

Lilith didn't answer. Her eyes were only half open, and distant.

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