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'I regret the way things turned out also' Lilith confessed, hugging herself.

'So why do you look like Ena?' Aski asked her.

'Ena asked this of me. For her own safety, I agreed to let her have my body while she goes into hiding, while she gathers support for our cause.'

'So she found the figure she was looking for?'


'I see. So…where are the others?'

'Gael went away with Ena alone. Reuben…chose to save you at risk of his own life. I don't know if he is alive. I don't know if he has made it. Ena said she could save only one of you. Reuben insisted that it be you.'

'I see' Gael mumbled.

'It was too risky to move him. We had to leave quickly to hunt for Freya.'

'Ena…must have used a lot of magic…she is weak now, even more so for saving Reuben…but Freya is still strong.' He straightened then. 'Is that what we're doing now? Seeking out the false one?'

'Yes. Jaspin has gone ahead to find her. He said he will kill her.'

'I thought as much.' Aski went silent for a moment. 'I've just realised something' he said, staring at Lilith. 'In that body…you won't be able to fly.'

Lilith's heart tightened in her chest.

'Oh gods…' she mumbled. 'I hadn't thought of that…'

A while later, and the two came to rest.

'Are you feeling alright?' Lilith questioned.

'Why do you ask?'

'You died' Lilith told Aski meekly. 'Why wouldn't I ask?'

Aski touched his own chest. 'I feel fine' he said. 'Though I know it's strange…'

They rested on the grass out in the open plains. There was nothing around them, nothing, save for rolling hills, and in the greater distance, the town they were heading for, the town they would rest, before journeying onwards towards Freya's temple home.

'I hate being so exposed' Aski grumbled. 'It feels so unsafe. People may see us from miles away.'

'It's alright' Lilith comforted, sitting on the grass and hugging her knees. 'If they can see us, then we can see them.'

'We've nowhere to tie the horse' Aski noted.

'If it wanders, we will find it and bring it back.'

Aski turned to her. He looked as if he were about to say something, then decided against it.

Several seconds passed, and he decided to speak.

'Doesn't it feel strange?' Aski said. 'Being the way you are now.'

Lilith didn't answer him at first; instead she bowed her head, eyes becoming distant.

'I never realised how much pain Ena was in all the time.'


'When she performed the spell that killed

the holy men, she used too much magic…too much energy, and the strength was drained out of her. She collapsed, and when she fell, the entire half of her body was badly damaged.' Lilith pulled back the skirt of her dress to reveal her skin. Her entire left leg where she had fallen was badly bruised, and the other leg was bruised also, but not so bad. One side of her face was still bruised; her body and chest were damaged also. 'Ena is powerful, and yet so frail.' Lilith lowered the skirt of her dress. 'But is not just that.' she hugged herself. 'I feel…a great pain within this body. But I don't think it's a pain caused by the fall, it's…this body.' She grimaced then. 'My heart hurts with every beat. It's hard to breath. I feel fatigue…and short of breath easily, even though I've done very little, even though I've been in this body for only a short time.' Lilith held her hands together, clutching her long fingers over her heart. 'My back and shoulders hurt. My arms, hands and feet feel so cold…always….and my eyes…' her hands came to her face then. 'This vision is blurred, and I can only see things are close to me.' She went quiet then. 'I never knew how much pain Ena was in, and she never once complained.'

Aski gave her a strange expression, listening silently. He approached Lilith when she had finished speaking, sitting close beside her.

Lilith turned to him, observing, seeing his long black hair swept back, his light blue eyes and pale skin. Her attention drifted down then to his slender body, seeing a thing around his neck.

'What is that?'

'Oh this?' Aski said, picking up the necklace and looking closely at this. The shining red stone glistened in the setting sun. 'This is a thing that is very dear to me.'

He brought it to his lips, closing his eyes. For a moment he seemed to be far away, but then he opened his eyes again.

Aski tucked the jewel beneath his shirt and spoke.

'I was married once' Aski told her. 'I had a family…but the woman I loved…my life…the only reason I saw to keep on living…was taken away from me.'

'How?' Lilith asked tentatively.

'The sickness' Aski breathed. He patted his chest where the necklace was. 'The jewel' he began slowly. 'It's…the infected blood from her body.' He hesitated. 'I've been told that…there are people…incredible people somewhere in this world…that could bring her back to life…back to the way she was….that' he said turning away, 'is the only reason I….' he trailed off.

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