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Some of the men that had been lost, she had known since she was a child. Freya had not been raised by her parents, but by the holy figures. She had spent her entire life in the temple the angels had found her in, and had come to know so much about so many of the holy figures that prayed in the temple.

'I promise your sacrifices will not be in vain. Your deaths have drained this beast of her magic…I will take advantage of this moment when she is weakest. I will find her, and I will kill her. This I promise to all of you.'

She tilted her head back to the bright sky.

'Thank you' she uttered, before rising to her feet and letting her arms fall to her sides. The chained she carried jangled, running from her wrists, to her neck and back.

Freya gazed at the world about her. This beautiful world.

The morning sunlight shone on the little yellow petals of the flowers that shook in the breeze, growing in the tall grass at her feet. Thick and fluffy clouds, bled of all colour from the early morning glow, slid across the sky as white as freshly fallen snow.

The plains around her were relatively flat, and she could see far ahead of her. Just on the other side of the mountains that sat upon the horizon, was her temple home. The one place in the world she felt the safest.

Freya smiled then; a single tear ran down her cheek.

'I pray to god' she sighed, 'that all that I see before me is not lost. I pray to god…that this world exists…for generations to come.'

She wheeled around suddenly, hearing the downwards draft of air as great wings beat close to her. She gritted her teeth, glaring as Jaspin descended, landing lightly.

He straightened, glaring back at her with pure hatred unmasked, and death in his eyes.

Aski began to stir.

He raised his head, blinking wearily. It took his mind several long seconds to make sense of the situation and his surroundings.

He was sitting in a saddle upon a horse, walking at a lazy pace and being held by a figure sitting behind him.

Aski glanced around, recognising the figure or Ena, slumped in the saddle behind him with head hung and eyes closed.


The figure opened her eyes, raising her head. She had only been resting.

'Aski?' she sounded just as surprised as he did. 'You're alright.'

Aski stared at her hard for several seconds, before lifting his leg over the horse's neck and sliding from the saddle. His feet hit the ground and he whipped around to face her, backing away an

grily from her.

'You're not the earth maiden' he spoke harshly, his voice filled with accusation. 'You're not her. You feel wrong. Who are you and why do you have her face?'

'Aski' Lilith spoke to him calmly, turning the horse towards him and leaning forwards in the saddle. 'It's me.'

Aski stared at her hard, body still rigid and muscles tense.

'Lilith?' he relaxed then, straightening. 'Is it really you?'

Lilith smiled then, tilting her head. 'You can feel my being' she sighed. 'So it's not just the earth maiden we angels can feel, but each other too…'

'What happened?' Aski asked her, stepping closer to her as Lilith dismounted the horse.

'I…' Lilith bowed her head. 'You died Aski. You were dead. I touched you….you were cold.'

Lilith glanced at Aski then, seeing his eyes wide and glazed over, mouth half open and expression a frown.

'I died' Aski whispered, speaking in a distant voice. 'I remember…I remember being in a place…….' He furrowed his brow, '…it was bliss…'

Lilith moved closer to him, placing a gentle hand upon his arm.

'What was it like?' she asked him gently. 'What did you see?'

'That place' Aski spoke, turning his head away from her. 'It was like a place in my dreams. There was no wind, and yet the tall grass at my feet danced back and forth. The little blue flowers shone like jewels and stretched for as far as my eyes could see. It was sunny, yet there was no warmth, and the water in the lake I had found, was as still as glass, mirroring the sky above…but when I touched it…the water rippled, before falling still again.'

'Perhaps it was only in your mind' Lilith suggested, drawing her hand back.

'Yes' Aski mumbled. 'Yes…perhaps you're right.' He looked at her now. 'What happened?' he asked. 'I remember fighting with the holy men, and then….my memory fails me. I remember the violence…then I remember nothing….save for the dream of that strange place.'

'The earth maiden used her magic to kill the holy men' Lilith explained meekly. 'She killed them all.'

Aski glanced back at her, becoming suddenly tense again. 'She used that much magic…? That is dangerous for her.'

'There was no other way I am sure' Lilith said. 'They would have killed all of us…would have killed her.' Lilith trailed off then. 'It was her choice.'

'Tch.' Aski ground his teeth glaring. 'Curse this. We were foolish and lazy to allow them to trap us so. But it will not happen again. We let our guard down…but once only.'

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