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'We are both needed for the spell' Ena said back to Gael as he held her on the horse, walking forwards as a gentle pace. 'For the spell that will save us from the sickness. Freya and I.'

'If she is needed' Gael asked her, 'then why are you trying to kill her?'

Ena faltered. She giggled then, looking down at herself. 'I like this body' she said. 'It doesn't hurt.'

Ena looked up then across the open plains they traversed. 'The journey will be long.' She fell silent for a moment, before speaking again. 'Freya and I, are two pieces of a whole, we are both needed… Freya will help me…even if she does not know it.'

'I'm sorry Lilith' Jaspin said to her. 'I really am. But if I find her, I will kill her….if I can.'

'I understand' Lilith nodded.

'Now we cannot waste any more time' Jaspin hastened as he walked away. 'We have to leave quickly.'

They hurried back into the temple, stepping over the bodies of the holy men which to them were nothing but part of the scenery.

They returned to the hall where they had encountered Freya, the hall in which Reuben and Aski still lay.

Lilith meandered around the bodies as they headed towards Aski.

'Is he alright?' Lilith asked as Jaspin knelt before him.

'He is alive and breathing' Jaspin answered shortly. 'Other than that I don't know. But Ena said she had saved him, she said he would be alright.'

Jaspin grabbed Aski by the arm, pulling him up and lifting him over his shoulder, rising and carrying him. As he did this Lilith went over to Reuben, standing over him.

'Leave him' Jaspin ordered. 'We cannot bring him.'

'He may die' Lilith mumbled.

'Yes' Jaspin mumbled. 'He may die. His life is up to chance now. He may survive. But if we try to move him, it would only worsen his injuries.'

'I wish he would wake' Lilith mourned, gazing down at him. 'I wish we could say goodbye. This may be the last time we see him.'

Jaspin glanced over to her, holding Aski over his shoulder.

'Come on' he told her. 'We have to go.'

Lilith cast one last look back at Reuben, before turning her back on him and walking away, following Jaspin out of the hall.

They left the temple, heading around the back and to the small stables that were there.

Jaspin lifted Aski onto the horse, and Lilith mounted the saddle behind him, holding his unconscious body with one arm around his waist, holding the reins with one hand.

'You're not coming with me?' Lilith asked Jaspin as

he moved away, towards the centre of the courtyard they were in.

'No' Jaspin replied, not looking at her.

The sky was growing brighter. The bronze had bled out, leaving only the typical blue of a fine summer's day. It we going to be warm, the nights chill was already long gone.

'I am going on ahead' Jaspin smiled at Lilith. 'I can feel her trail' Jaspin tilted his head back to the clouds. 'But its fading fast. I must be quick' he said, unfurling his wings. 'I will return to you' Jaspin said, beginning to beat his wings black and white wings.

'How will you find me?' Lilith raised her voice to him.

'We are bound together' Jaspin smiled. 'I will find you.'

He leapt into the air, ascending quickly and flying away.

Lilith watched him go, feeling strangely alone. Ena had left her, and now Jaspin too. The angels were gone. All she had now as Aski, who still had not come around yet.

'Aski' she whispered into his ear, holding him close. 'Please be ok.'

She turned the horse around, kicking her heels and riding away.

She left the courtyard, riding swiftly away, heading back to the mountains, where there was another temple. The temple in which she and the other angels had met Freya for the first time.

It was Freya's home. That is where she would be heading. And so, Lilith travelled this way.

Freya stumbled, holding onto a nearby tree for support, bend doubled over and gasping for breath.

She sighed heavily one last time, before straightening again. She was angry, but the more she thought, the more she realised.

'Things are not so bad' she spoke to herself. She smiled then. 'Ena has spent near enough all of her powers; it will be years before she can manifest such magic again.' Her smile turned into a sneer. 'Ena…you've made yourself weak.'

Her mood changed then, as she remembered the others that had accompanied her to the temple to hunt the angels and earth maiden.

Freya knelt, bowing her head and placing her hands together.

'I'm sorry…' she sobbed, mourning for all the souls that had been lost, the holy figures that had followed her. 'I've led you all to your deaths.'

Her lip quivered, and tears ran down her cheeks.

'I'm sorry…to all of you. You put your faith in me…and I've killed all of you.'

Freya fell into a trance then, as she sent her prayers to those that had been lost. She had known each and every one of them. They had loved her, and she in turn had loved them too.

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