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   Chapter 99 No.99

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Lilith swallowed the lump in her throat, feeling suddenly nervous as she realised she was the centre of everyone's attention. Either side of her, Jaspin and Gael waited, waiting with silent expectation, all waiting on her word.

'I could not refuse' Lilith found herself saying. 'Do what you want with me.'

Ena grinned widely. 'Close your eyes.'

Lilith did so. The next time she opened them, she giggled.

Lilith looked down at herself, feeling suddenly disoriented.

Standing opposite, facing her, was Ena, in her own body now.

Ena twirled, flicking back her hair.

'Your beautiful white hair is now mine' Ena teased, winking at her and giggling.

Lilith looked at her hands, seeing her long and slender fingers, before straightening again.

'This is going to take a while to get used to' Jaspin mumbled into his hand, glancing at the both of them.

'It's just a temporary measure' Ena assured Lilith. 'I promise.'

'Of course' Lilith nodded, tucking a strand of her long pale hair behind her ear.

This is so strange the thought casually to herself, still feeling unsettled. She still had not adjusted to the change, having not fully registered it yet, she acted as if nothing much had happened.

'What do we do now?' Lilith asked Ena.

Ena who had been twirling on the spot, admiring her new body, Lilith's body, stopped suddenly. She stood tall, folding her hands neatly before her and holding them there.

'Now' Ena spoke sincerely, 'we part ways.'

A short while later, Jaspin and Lilith stood side by side outside the temple. The dead bodies of the holy men Ena had killed with her spell were scattered all around them, but to the angels, were as much a concern as the ivy that grew on the walls. Even Lilith barely noticed them now.

'When will we see each other again?' Jaspin asked, as Gael climbed into the saddle behind Ena, holding her from behind as she gripped the reins of her beloved horse Vanity.

'I don't know' Ena admitted, as Gael watched them in silence. 'I need my people, I need my supporters.'

'I don't want you do go' Jaspin breathed.

Lilith glanced to him. Normally Jaspin had control of himself, but his voice wavered slightly as he spoke, and Lilith saw the crack in his mask. She felt a pang in her heart too, turning back to Ena.

'Will you be safe?' Jaspin asked.

'My people will

protect me' Ena spoke confidently. 'And besides…' she glanced back to Gael sitting behind, 'I have my own guardian.'

Jaspin bowed his head, stepping back.

'We will not see each other' Ena said to them, tapping her heels into Vanity and moving onwards, 'not for a long while.'

'Goodbye friends' were Gael's parting words. 'I hope we meet again.' He looked back at them one last time. 'Please stay alive.'

Chapter Thirty


Jaspin and Lilith walked away, returning to the temple.

Ena and Gael were gone now, riding beneath the rising sun, and the bronze sky.

'I feel so alone' Lilith spoke up, hugging herself mournfully. 'I never realised how much of an attachment I had to Ena.'

'I know' Jaspin glanced to her as they treaded the stone paths within the gardens. 'I feel the same.'

Lilith stopped then, Jaspin who had continued to walk, paused, turning back to her.

'Why do I feel this way?' Lilith asked Jaspin. 'I know I've made my choice. And I will stick by it and be loyal to Ena. But I don't understand this attachment I feel for her. I feel such a strong pull towards her, love even…though I barely know her….' she broke off then. 'It's stronger than the attachment I feel for you.'

Jaspin walked back to her, taking her chin and lifting her head gently up.

'The attachment we feel for her, is a natural bond angels have to their mother, their goddess….the earth maiden. Angels experience a natural bond and attachment to others of their own kind, more so if the two are bound together, as we are.' He brushed Lilith's long green hair back as he said this. 'But the earth maiden is everything we are and more. We would be nothing without her.'

He drew his hand back briefly, before stepping forward, and embracing Lilith firmly.

'I love you' he said to her. 'Never forget that.'

Lilith stared up at the sky as he held her. She raised her long arms, holding him back. It felt strange to do so. Before she had been a little shorter than him, now in Ena's body, she towered over him.

'Come on' Jaspin said stepping back. 'We cannot waste time. Each minute we stay, the false one moves further away.'

'We are really to kill her?' Lilith asked sadly.

'Yes' Jaspin replied without hesitation. 'It must be this way.'

'It's just so sad though' Lilith mumbled to the ground. 'She's just a girl.'

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