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   Chapter 98 No.98

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Lilith stood, drawing back as she saw Ena approach. Her movement was unsteady. Lilith fearing that she might fall again moved closer to her, ready to catch her if needed.

But Ena needed no help; she held her hand up to Lilith to push her back.

'I need no assistance' Ena smiled. 'I can manage.'

Lilith drew away again.

Ena stood over Aski's body, gazing at him intently with a hardened expression, before turning away.

'Where is the other one?' Ena spoke aloud, addressing no one in particular. Though Lilith was the only one who could answer.

'She is gone' Lilith replied, in a distant voice.

Ena's attention then fell on Reuben, whose breath was shallow, and skin paling.

'I've not much magic left' Ena breathed. She addressed Reuben now. 'I could save you. But I have not the magic for both of you.' She looked over Aski again. 'Do you want me to save him? I cannot if too much time has passed…but Aski has only just left this life. If I am quick…'

'Save him' Reuben whispered; his voice barely audible now. 'Please……save him.'

'I can save only one of you' Ena told him calmly. 'Your injuries are severe. You may survive…if you are lucky.'

'Save him' Reuben whispered. 'Save him…'

Ena smiled, giggling as she knelt beside Aski's dead body.

'In that case' she said reaching for him, 'I will obey your wish.' Her smile grew wider as she bared her teeth. 'I give life' she said, 'and I take life away.'

Jaspin and Gael returned a short time later. Ena was waiting for them, with Lilith standing silently by her side.

Aski still lay where he was, having not woken yet, and Reuben lay a short distance away.

For the moment, he was still alive. Ena had put him into a sleep to ease his pain, and help him heal naturally, though she did not know if it would be enough to save him.

'We have to leave this place soon' Ena told, Jaspin, Gael and Lilith. 'There is nothing for us here now.'

'Did you find what you were looking for?' Jaspin asked her. 'The thing you were waiting for? The person?'

'Yes' Ena replied sombrely, 'and it is as I thought before. I know how to cure the sickness, but it is not going to be easy, and great sacrifices must be made.' She regarded each of the three angles before her. 'Are you willing to make these sacrifices?'

'Yes' Jaspin replied, without question. 'Whatever the sacrifices are.'

'Yes' Gael added. 'I will follow you no matter what.'

Ena turned to Lilith, waiting for her answer.

'I will follow you' Lilith finished. 'You are all I have left now.'

Ena nodded her head

to Lilith slowly, holding her hands folded together before her.

'Your co-operation is greatly appreciated' she said to Lilith. 'I knew for a moment that you doubted, but now…I hope you understand.'

'I have never seen such magic before' Lilith mumbled.

Ena turned away, gazing about at the dead holy men around them.

'For the longest time' Lilith continued, 'I did not even believe in magic.'

Ena turned back to her. 'You yourself are a magical creature' Ena said. 'How could you ever have thought such a thing?'

'I was a different person back then' Lilith replied meekly, 'living in a different time.'

Ena reached for her then, stroking her face.

'I know' Ena whispered, running her fingers over Lilith's scars. 'I see it written on you.'

She drew back from her, speaking in a harsher tone now.

'I know how to cure the sickness' she told them again. 'But first, we need to get as many people to join us as we can, before anything else…you' she said addressing Jaspin, who raised his head. 'You will find the false one. Find her, and kill her. Gael' she spoke to him. 'You will stay with me.' Ena smiled then, touching her own body that was bruised. 'I am strong' Ena whispered, speaking almost as if to herself. 'I am strong, but at the same time…I am frail…….Lilith' Ena said straightening. 'I need a favour of you.'

'Anything' Lilith replied swiftly.

'I need to borrow your body.'

Lilith tensed slightly. '….what?'

'It's just a temporary arrangement' Ena spoke casually. 'I am weak now. I've spent too much of my powers……it would take years for me to be able to use this much magic again. My powers…manifest, but I have my limit.' She bowed her head. 'I'm nearly spent, but I have a little left, just a little…left for this.'

Ena giggled.

'You would be posing as me. You would be in danger. I would be unable to protect myself in my current state; it would take very little to kill me now. I will hide and recover with Gael, while you and Jaspin hunt the false one, Aski will go with you, and help you when he recovers, and Reuben…' she trailed off as her eyes lingered on him. 'He will find us later if he survives his injures.' She returned her sights back to the angels before her. 'You must stop Freya, before she gains too much support. And while I recover, I will try to gain support for our cause. The more who follow us, the more we can save when the time comes.' She tilted her head at Lilith. 'I need your protection. I need your body, and I can do this easily' Ena said to her. 'All I need is your permission.'

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