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   Chapter 97 No.97

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Jaspin let out a breath, straightening up and lowering his arms. Body relaxed now, he allowed the sword to slip from his grip and clatter to the floor.

Beside him, a figure groaned.

Jaspin turned his head towards the figure.

Reuben pushed himself off the ground, lying on his front. He wretched, throwing up blood, he brought a shaking hand to wipe his mouth.

Jaspin glanced behind him then as Lilith began to rise, Gael did also, but Aski did not.

Jaspin went over to him as Gael rushed up to Ena, falling to his knees by her side, hands shaking as they hovered over her body, his breath caught in his throat.

'She's fine' Jaspin grumbled at him. His attention returned to Aski, who remained still. 'Aski is alive…….he should have woken by now.'

Lilith straightened, hugging herself, she remained where she was.

'She's injured' Gael whispered, brushing Ena's hair back tenderly, like a mother would to a child. 'Oh' he sighed miserably, 'poor creature.'

'Leave her' Jaspin spoke harshly to him. 'She is fine.' He cast his eyes out to the bodies of the holy figures that littered the wide corridor. 'Some of them are alive' he breathed, rising to his feet and reaching for the sword again. 'We must finish them.'

The man nearest him let out a cry as he plunged the sword through his chest, jerking the blade back sharply and moving away, searching the bodies for those that were still living.

Gael took up a sword, and began to do the same. Jaspin and Gael left the area, travelling out of the corridor and to the other rooms within the temple, then outside the temple itself, killing all they found still alive.

Back in the corridor, Lilith remained, alone now with Reuben, the only other being in the room that was conscious. Reuben sat up, leaning back and clutching at his chest, moaning in pain, tears running down his cheeks.

Lilith walked forwards, stepping carefully around the bodies around her and towards Ena.

She knelt beside the earth maiden, reaching out to touch her shoulder and turning her over gently.

She saw that where Ena had fallen, the entire half of her body was terribly bruised.

'A delicate flower' Lilith uttered, '…you poor thing…'

Jaspin plunged the sword into the man's throat as he knelt before him, begging for his life.

But Jaspin had no heart for him, nor time to hear his pleading. He killed without thought or hesitation. A man of his age had seen much death in his life. He had seen those he loved being taken away from him, and had taken loved ones from others in turn

. It was nothing but a process to him, a cycle.

Jaspin stepped back, his breath slow and deep. He turned to Gael who was nearby, cleaning the blade of the sword he carried, before remembering that it wasn't his and tossing it.

'That's the last of them' Gael said to Jaspin.

Jaspin then looked to the sky, his jaw clenched and eyes wide.

'An omen' he breathed, seeing the bronze clouds. 'It's a sign…of the bad that is to come.'

Gael approached him, turning and standing shoulder to shoulder.

The two angels watched the unnatural pictures around them, basking in the strange dimmed light of the clouds.

'It will go soon' Gael uttered.

Jaspin bowed his head.

'I wonder what will happen now.'

Reuben let out a feeble moan, curled up and hugging his body. He had tried to stand, using the wall for support. But there was something wrong with him. Something inside.

'Reuben' Lilith spoke to him, trying as her best not to let her voice waver as she knelt over him. 'Try not to move.'

Reuben's body suddenly wracked as he coughed violently, causing him more pain. He tried to wipe his mouth. Lilith saw blood on the back of his hand as he did so.

'I…' he mumbled, glancing up at Lilith. 'I don't know…if I'm going to survive…I'm…' he shuddered then before continuing. 'I'm….broken inside….'

'Don't say that' Lilith sobbed, voice breaking. 'I've only just found you……please don't go…'

Reuben grimaced. Lilith saw then his eyes were slowly turning bloodshot red, and blood was beginning to seep from his ears and nose.

'Go to Aski' Reuben ground his teeth. He tilted his head back to look towards him.

Unlike the others, Aski had not moved yet, and Lilith for that instant feared the worst.

'Go' Reuben sobbed, becoming desperate. 'See him' he whispered, '…please…'

Lilith rose slowly, stepping reluctantly over to him. She knelt, but before she touched him, she knew the worse was true.

'He's dead' she whispered, withdrawing her hand from his cold touch.

Reuben rolled onto his back, crying openly now, his tears mixed with blood as he cried.

'Reuben' Lilith urged him. 'Try not to move, you'll injure yourself further.'

Reuben turned his head towards her. He did not look at her, but past her. As he did this, Lilith heard the sound of movement behind.

Lilith glanced around.

Ena was moving.

Lilith watched as the earth maiden rose gingerly to her feet. She straightened up, wobbling on the spot as she teetered on her heels, threatening to topple over again, before righting herself.

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