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   Chapter 96 No.96

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'Now that's not very nice' Ena replied quietly. She giggled then, lifting a foot and stepping slowly down the steps and into the hall.

'Ena…' Jaspin breathed, staring at her wide-eyed as she passed him. 'What are you doing here? You should get away…they'll hurt you.'

'No' Ena said, pausing by his side and facing him as she spoke. 'I am able to protect myself…at least to a certain extent.'

Ena giggled again, smiling to Jaspin as she reached for him, caressing his cheek, before moving off again, towards the holy figures, with Gael following closely in her footsteps.

The holy figures parted as she walked forward, fearlessly into the group that would kill her, and as Ena went, she saw hate in their eyes.

'There you are' came another voice, and the others looked up to see Freya on the other end of the hall, facing them, facing Ena.

'I knew you would come to me' Ena breathed.

Freya walked forward. The holy figures parted for her too.

Freya tilted her head. The cut on her cheek clearly visible.

'So' Freya said, standing feet away from Ena. 'Here we are. We meet at last.'

'Here we are' Ena echoed. 'My other half.'

'You cannot escape this place' Freya told her confidently. 'There are hundreds of holy soldiers surrounding this temple.'

'It's true' Jaspin called out from behind Ena. 'We would be lucky not to be shot down if we try to escape.'

'Are they all of your people?' Ena asked Freya casually, her tone a little playful. She giggled. 'So nice of you to bring them all to me.'

Freya took a step away, tilting her head back; a sneer upon her lips as she regarded Ena, who stood a head taller than everyone in the room. Ena stood out most in the room, was the most distinguished, even more so than the angels, their wings now showing, with her unusual height and unnaturally skinny body, and her long pale green hair that reached her angles.

She looked so frail.

'I could break you if I wanted' Ena whispered. 'You are no companion to me. I would feel no remorse if I killed you.'

'You would feel no remorse for anyone' Freya counted. 'You have no soul, nothing inside that makes you human. You are hollow.'

Behind Ena, Gael snarled. Balling his fists, muscles like rock. As Lilith watched him, she thought that he might be ready to pounce. She did not put it past him to attempt ripping Freya to shreds with his bare hands.

She felt Jaspin's grip tighten on her then, glancing towards him, she saw he had become tense also, but unlike Gael, he looked suddenly afraid now, the flesh

below his eyes twitching.

He pulled Lilith back sharply, hugging her to him.

'Jaspin…' Lilith gasped alarmed, '…what?'

'Ena don't!' Jaspin cried.

Ena giggled then, casting her arms out as Freya before her jumped back.

Lilith felt a sudden and sharp pain wrack her body. Her arms fell to the side, and she collapsed. Jaspin too teetered on the edge of consciousness, having let go of her. He tilted his head to the side, shoulders slumped, then he too fell. Gael was already on the floor, as were Reuben and Aski.

And as Lilith lay there, eyes fluttering, she saw with blurred vision Freya collapse also, along with every single one of the holy figures that sought to kill them.

That was the last she knew, before she knew nothing.

Chapter Twenty Nine


Jaspin was the first to wake.

He moaned in pain, hand going to his head where it had cracked against the stone floor.

He lowered his hand, remaining where he was for a few moments, staring up at the ceiling above, at the intricate diamond tiles, deep blue and glittering like the sea.

He rolled over, picking himself gingerly up from the floor, agony splitting through his head. Though he did his best to ignore it, did his best to stand.

Jaspin looked to the ground beside him, seeing Lilith lying there.

He knelt beside her, touching her neck, and watching her breathing.

When he was reassured, he rose to his feet again, wobbling slightly, and turning towards the ones.

Freya had fallen, as Ena had too. Jaspin was the only one standing now.

He approached Ena, looking over her to see that she was alright, and once he saw her breathing, saw the pulse beating in her long neck, he turned his attention onto Freya.

His footsteps were heavy as he trudged closer to her, pausing to pick up a sword one of the holy figures had dropped.

He stood over her, lifting the blade high.

Freya's eyes snapped open, just as Jaspin plunged the sword downwards.

Her body flashed, and in the blink of an eye, she was gone.

Jaspin stared hard, glaring at the spot she had been not a moment before.

He heard a noise, then looked around, seeing Freya kneeling a short distance away, breathing heavily, a look of hate and fury in her eyes. There was frustration there also in her body language, Jaspin could see.

Her body flashed again, and she was gone, then a third time, and Jaspin saw her standing above him, looming over the balcony watching. She stepped back, then turned and ran away out of sight, swiftly making her escape.

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