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   Chapter 95 No.95

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I have to get out of here… she thought desperately, growing fearful now though refusing to show it. They mean to kill me…they mean to kill the others… she gritted her teeth.


'It is as I first thought' Ena spoke, turning from the masked figure towards Gael. 'This is not going to be easy. Will you follow me to the end?'

'Without hesitation' Gael spoke sincerely, leaning forward and taking her hand in his and squeezing it.

'Even to your own death?' she questioned.

'Yes' Gael replied without pause.

'The other will have to be told' Ena mumbled, eyes dropping. She spoke to the masked figure now. 'Will you be watching over us?'

'We are always watching over everything' the figure replied.

A scream rang through the halls and rooms around them. Gael tensed, the masked figure looked up, and Ena tilted her head, listening.

'That voice…' she spoke in a distant tone, '…it's Lilith.'

'I have to go to her' Gael said firmly, his voice trembling. 'I have to.'

'Do what you must' Ena said to him lazily, becoming quickly distracted.

Gael marched away swiftly. He paused only a few steps away and turned back to Ena, who stared at him with no emotion.

'No' Gael whispered, moving back to Ena's side. 'That is what our enemy would want…I cannot leave your side. I must protect you.'

Ena smiled widely now, cupping his face in her hands. 'You passed my test. I'm glad you made this decision. And so are you.'

The two of them looked around then, suddenly noticing the masked figure was gone.

Lilith was thrown on her front, screaming in pain as the knife ripped into her shoulder.

'Just kill her!' she heard one of the men shout from above her.

On hearing this and without a second pause, Lilith summoned her wings. Her beautiful white wings shot out from her back, pushing the holy figures away and giving her time to crawl forwards, rising to her feet.

Lilith stumbled as she went, sobbing in fear. The area around her eye where she had been hit was tender and already beginning to bruise. She had several other injuries over her body, small cuts and grazes. But if she managed to survive from this, she would be grateful that these injuries were all she suffered.

She heard suddenly one of the men drop behind her, and dared to turn to back to see.

One of the holy men had fallen to the floor dead, a shaft of blue light protruding from his body. Magic. A thing that had been summoned to kill.

Lilith glanced up to the balcony above, staring wide eyed and tre

mbling as she saw Reuben standing there. A step behind him was Aski. They both loomed over the edge with looks of disgust on their faces, Reuben's lip curled back in a sneer.

And then they stepped forward, off the edge they fell through the air, wings stretched out as they descended, landing between Lilith and the holy men that attacked her.

They were vastly outnumbered, but they didn't care.

They fought, while Lilith hobbled away.

'Curse this' she whined desperately to herself glaring. 'Why must I be this way? Why can I not fight?' since she had been bound to Jaspin, she had only become a shield, and had lost any abilities she might have had to summon magic to attack and fight back.

She hugged herself, tears in her eyes as she stopped suddenly, ignoring the fighting that was just behind her, and not turning to look.

I wish things could change…I wonder if the process can be undone…

It was then as she glanced up, that she saw Jaspin standing before her, wearing an expression of shock and disbelief.

She stumbled towards him, falling into his arms.

'Jaspin…' she breathed, '…I'm sorry.'

He pushed her back gently, gazing into her face as he gripped her shoulders firmly.

His attention then drifted past her, and towards the figures of Reuben and Aski, fighting with the holy men.

They were outnumbered, and beginning to struggle. It was clear, they would not last long.

Lilith saw Aski stumble, falling to a knee and grasping the gash in his shoulder.

'What are we going to do?' Lilith uttered, still holding onto Jaspin. 'They'll kill us…'

'We cannot escape' Jaspin replied sombrely. 'Not now we have the earth maiden……we could fly away……but we cannot leave her behind…they would catch her.'

'I know' Lilith breathed.

Her face screwed up then as she saw Reuben being thrown to the floor, he roared in pain and in fury as the attacking figures descended on him, swords to this throat.

'We're going to die here…' Lilith sobbed. She turned then, heart stopping in her chest as she saw Ena standing there, at the top of the steps leading into the next room, with Gael by her side.

She was smiling.

One by one, the holy figures began to notice her, pausing and turning to her, directing their attention away from the angels.

One of the holy men released Aski, whom he had been holding up against the wall.

Aski fell to his knees with a moan, clutching at a wound at his side.

'There she is!' one of the holy men cried. 'The evil one! The demon!'

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