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   Chapter 94 No.94

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5196

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'Yes' the masked figure replied sombrely, speaking in a mature male voice. 'You want to cure the sickness that is ravaging this world. It's not so bad now…but it will get much worse……'

She stood there on the other side of the small garden at the top of the steps leading out.

With short blonde hair, she wore a gold bar around her neck like a collar, and around each of her wrists were the similar gold bars. From each wrist and going to her collar, were three thin chains. From her neck and attached to the gold collar, was a necklace, of two snakes intertwined, their tails formed a downwards point like that of a spear.

'What are you doing here?' Lilith asked the false maiden.

'I came to look for you' Freya replied.

'You want to use me' Lilith spoke firmly. 'You want to turn me against the others.'

'No' Freya shook her head. 'I only ask for your help. You saw what the other one did to that village, to her own family. You must know now that she is evil.'

Lilith took a step away, leaning back against the bowl the statues behind her held, gripping the edge with both hands.

'The angels are my brethren. They are my brothers…my family…'

'They are just as evil as the earth maiden…' Lilith narrowed her eyes at this. 'But you're different' Freya continued. 'You are different from the others. I know. I know you've doubted her. I can see it in your heart.'

'I did' Lilith admitted. 'It's true. I have doubted the earth maiden in the past. But Jaspin has assured me she is to be trusted. I trust him. And if he tells me Ena it to be trusted and obeyed, then I believe him, and I will follow him.'

'This Jaspin means a lot to you?' Freya questioned.

Lilith gritted her teeth, keeping her lips tight shut.

'I see' Freya said, turning her head away. 'I had hoped…'

'You cannot control me' Lilith spoke harshly to her. 'You cannot sway me, nor can you trick me and turn me against the others. I am loyal to all of them. The earth maiden most of all.'

'She is evil' Freya spoke firmly turning her head back to her. 'If you had any idea what she plans…'

Lilith did not allow her to finish, she whipped around, grabbing the small fork that stuck out of the soil in the bowl behind her and hurling it as fast as she could at Freya.

Freya gasped, unable to get out of the way in time. The thing struck her, the sharp forks cutting her face.

Freya stumbled back, hand going to her cheek as she stared at Lilith in shock.

'I will follow the angels and the earth maiden' Lilith gasped, body trembling with fury and shoulders hunched as she glared.

'I will follow them….to whatever end…'

'I had hope to sway you against the others' Freya spoke firmly, recovering from the shock, lowering her hand and straightening up. 'But you are just as bad as the rest of them.'

Lilith held her breath then, eyes wide as she saw several figures step from the dark, flanking the false maiden.

Her body guards Lilith realised as she froze. So she didn't come alone.

'You have no idea what you're doing' Freya snarled viciously, baring her teeth. 'I wish as least you live to see the damage you will cause…'

Lilith turn tailed and ran, back into the temple. The holy figures that protected Freya making after her, slipping knives they carried from their sleeves and into their hands. They pursued her.

'Kill them!' Freya ordered the men as they went. 'Kill them all!'

They all set of, leaving Freya alone in the garden.

Freya let out a sigh, bowing her head and hugging herself.

'….I wish this were not the only way…'

Lilith was grabbed from behind by one of the holy figures that gave chase. Her first instinct was to throw her head back and crack him on the nose. A move very unlady-like, and very unexpected. The man stumbled back, cursing and spewing words that were very unholy, grabbing his face as blood seeped between his fingers.

But Lilith did not pause to look back; she kept running, darting away from him at the moment he let her go.

She tripped then, whipping her head back, hands working feverishly at the thing that had tripped her, trying desperately to free her legs. One of the holy men had thrown something at her, a curious thing and a thing she had not seen in a long time. Two items tied together by a section of thin rope, and designed for such a purpose.

She was able to rise, just in time as one of the robed figures lunged at her with a knife.

She dodged his swipe, again and again, always stepping back away from him, reaching forward at the right moment with lightning speed and disarming him before he knew what had happened.

The holy man stared in shock and surprise at his empty hand, as he saw then his weapon in Lilith's.

She stepped back cautiously, arms raised before her ready to attack or defend when necessary.

'I am not the typical woman you think I am' she spoke coldly to the stranger. 'I've lived on the streets.'

The holy man straightened before her, hands relaxing and falling limp to his side.

Behind him, more holy figures approached slowly. Lilith's eyes darted to each of their faces, then about the hall around her, as she searched for an escape route.

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