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   Chapter 93 No.93

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Aski slid off the lap of the statue, standing tall as Jaspin and Lilith stopped beside him. Reuben came to join them, slowing to a stop. Lilith glanced from each of the three men; they all wore the same clothes now, clothes they had been given by the holy figures. White shirts with bare backs, to allow their wings to come forth without tearing their clothes.

'Where is Gael?' Lilith asked the others.

'He's this way' Aski told her, moving away down the corridor. 'Follow me.'

Jaspin, Lilith and Reuben trailed after Aski, coming to a round window that looked out onto a garden.

The four angels stood at the window, gazing out at the small garden which basked in the moonlight.

Here they saw Gael with the earth maiden. Ena was holding both his hands in hers, laughing and smiling at him and the two spun and danced together, Ena's long pale green hair swirling around them. Ena let go of Gael then, kissing him on the cheek before turning and skipping away. Gael made to go after her.

'She has grown very fond of Gael most of all' Aski spoke in a murmur. 'They've hardly left one another's side.'

'Where are the other holy figures?' Lilith asked suddenly.

'Ena sent them away' Jaspin replied solemnly. 'We are the only ones here.'

'So what happens now?' Lilith asked. 'What are we doing here?'

'Ena will decide.'

'We are waiting.'

'Waiting?' Lilith echoed.

'Yes' Ena replied.

The angels were all gathered now, sitting facing inwards. Ena sat close to Gael, still holding one of his hands in hers.

'What are we waiting for?' Lilith asked her.

'You will know' Ena answered. 'When the time is right.'

The angels split off shortly after that, each going their own separate ways, except for Gael, who remained by Ena's side.

Lilith wandered alone, Jaspin who had stayed with her for most of the time they had been here, had gone away. So now, Lilith was in her own company.

She wandered out of the temple, out of the large and echoing rooms and colossal halls and into one of the many small gardens that were scattered within the place, surrounded by the tall buildings all around.

Lilith stepped down to the grasses. The garden here was built in many layers. The flowerbeds overflowing with splashes of colour, though they could not been seen clearly in the moonlight. The only thing that could be seen, where hints and impressions of the colours that they truly were.

Lilith moved down the path, the steps shallow and wide.

Her feet touched the grass, and she moved forward, reaching out

to touch the petals beside her as she went, stroking them, caressing them.

She came to stop before a statue of a woman. The woman of stone wore a veil over her hair, head bowed to the bowl she held in her arms, which was overflowing with ivy that grew up, snaking its way around her arms and the rest of her body. Stuck in the soil in the bowl was a small gardening fork. As Lilith glanced around her, she saw other tools laying about also.

This was a place of love and peace. This garden was well cared for.

'I thought I would find you alone.'

Lilith turned to the voice, heart constricting in her chest as she gazed upon the profile of Freya.

'Hello Lilith.'

Ena gasped suddenly, becoming tense.

'It's here' she breathed.

Gael who sat beside turned to her.

'What's here?' he asked.

'The thing we all came here for. The thing I've been waiting for….I sense the presence.'

She rose to her feet suddenly, arms out either side of her, feeling the air and glancing feverishly back and forth.

'I can feel its existence…' she whispered. And then she turned and stared in one direction. 'This way' she uttered, before moving off.

Gael stood and followed her, walking in her footsteps as she padded slowly forwards.

They came to the end of the corridor which opened up into a larger room.

Ena stopped and turned to the side, staring fixated at a statue of a woman, wearing a veil, head bowed and hands together.

Ena did not move.

Gael approached and stood by her side, staring at the statue also, though he felt nothing. No presence, no pull as he did with the earth maiden.

He was just about to speak, to ask her something, when he suddenly saw what had captured her attention.

A figure moved out from behind the statue, gliding like a ghostly apparition.

It could not be seen whether the figure was a man or a woman, as the profile was all covered, wearing a hooded black robe, and black gloves to cover the hands. The face was covered also, the figure wearing the most unusual mask. A crow's mask, black, with a long beak and large glass eyes like windows, behind which was nothing but shadow.

'You've come to me at last' Ena spoke.

The figure moved closer. Gael became tense, moving between the approaching figure and Ena to protect her.

'It's ok' Ena said to him, placing a hand upon his arm. 'He's a friend.'

Gael glanced to her briefly, before returning his attention to the figure.

He stepped back.

'I believe you have something to tell me' Ena prompted. 'The spell…'

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