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   Chapter 92 No.92

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Lilith looked at him with fear in her eyes.

'I'm afraid' she whispered.

Jaspin turned, leaning back against the alter with his arm resting upon a knee as he considered her.

'Share your worries with me.'

'It's just…' Lilith began in a whisper, 'back at the village…'

'You're upset about the people who have died?'

'I feel they might have died needlessly.'

'Ena assures us that they will be born again, reincarnated in another body, in another time.'

'But…' Lilith mumbled, voice barely audible. 'How could one do that to their own family?'

'If you care for your family, wouldn't you see to their needs first before others?'

Lilith raised her eyes to Jaspin.

'Ena tells us' Jaspin went on, 'that the sickness is going to spread, and soon……that is why she had to make sure her family was taken care of. And the rest of the village also, the people she grew up around and knew; the ones that cared for her…'

'How do you know' Lilith breathed, 'that what she says is true?'

'I love Ena' Jaspin said, his expression a frown now. 'I feel the same bond with her as you do. You cannot deny it, nor pretend that it isn't there. We all feel it. It's the ancient tie that keeps up all together, just like angels feel a connection to each other, we all feel a stronger connection to the earth maiden. She is our mother.'

'Then who is the false one?'

Jaspin's expression darkened at that.

'The false one' she spoke with a sneer on his lips. 'She is the shadow of the true maiden. Everything that was incorrect about the earth maiden, was put into her, and she became known as the false one.' Jaspin looked around to the alter behind him. 'The religion in these lands tells of a god who created everything. One of the things he created was an angel who turned against him. God cast this angel from heaven, and he became known as the first fallen angel, a being who was evil.'

'I know those stories' Lilith whispered. 'When I was young I was read those tales from the holy books, and everyone blames this fallen angels for his sins in turning against god, and they say that everything bad that happens is his fault. But isn't god the one who wiped out whole races of people throughout history, time and again? Through flood…through fire….'

'The people deserved to be punished' Jaspin replied.

'For building a tower that was too high?' Lilith asked.

Jaspin watched her silently.

'I know what you're saying' Lilith spoke to her knees, leaning to the side and resting on

the hard floor. 'There is a parallel between this god and the earth maiden.'

'Yes' Jaspin mumbled. 'Ena is a god to our angels. Freya is the fallen one.'

'But how do you know god is the good one and the fallen one is the bad one?'

Jaspin turned to her.

'God has caused more suffering and pain and death than the fallen one ever could' she uttered, head bowed with a hand upon her heart.

'Because' Jaspin replied, 'god is the one who created all life, and Ena…she gives life and takes life at will.'

'But doesn't that make her the evil one?'


'So is Ena more powerful that Freya?'


'Then why doesn't Ena get rid of her?' Lilith raised her head. 'If Freya is truly the bad one, wouldn't that make it right?'

'There is a balance that must be maintained in this world' Jaspin answered simply. 'It's all part of a greater plan.'

'What plan?' Lilith cried. 'And at what cost? Is it worth it for all this suffering?'

'I don't pretend to understand Ena' Jaspin answered. 'I simply obey.'

Lilith bowed her head, balling her fists as her sides.

'Do you truly trust the earth maiden' she asked. 'Do you really think she means to good for us in the end?'

'Yes' Jaspin answered quietly. 'I know this in my heart to be true, because I have faith.' He stared at Lilith intently. 'Very soon' he said, 'you will have to decide your loyalty.'

A short while later, Lilith and Jaspin walked side by side.

The long corridors were empty, silent from all but their footsteps as the pair made their way forwards. They came to end of the corridor, passing through an archway and coming out into a larger room. As they passed below the archway, they saw the tips of gold wings hanging above them. Jaspin and Lilith turned, seeing in the window above the balcony on the next level up, Reuben resting on his front with his eyes closed. His head was resting on the crook of his folded arm, the other arm hanging over the edge of the window, and wings hanging also.

Reuben began to stir, as Jaspin and Lilith continued their way forwards, entering the corridor on the other side of the room. They heard the sound of wings beating the air, and boots landing lightly on the stone ground, and footsteps as Reuben began to follow them.

They passed now a large statue of a woman, sitting with her arms open and head tilted. Upon her lap, Aski lay here, resting back with his eyes closed. He stirred as Jaspin and Lilith came closer, sitting up straight and opening his eyes.

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