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   Chapter 91 No.91

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She barely heard him.

Lilith tensed then, turning her head sharply towards a small figure that moved towards her, a young boy.

'Where's mama' the boy pleaded, shuffling closer to Lilith, eyes teary and body trembling. 'Why is everyone sleeping?'

'Oh you poor boy.' Ena suddenly appeared at Lilith's side, sailing past her and towards the boy, kneeling before him and placing long fingers around his arms. 'Everything is alright' she spoke softly. 'Everything is as it should be.' She smiled then. 'Your mother is sleeping' Ena whispered to the boy. 'She is in a happy place, a place far from here. Would you like to go there too?'

'I want to be with mama' the boy sobbed.

'You will' Ena whispered, running her hand over his head. 'Now…'

The boy's body suddenly went limp, and she held him firmly, lowering him to the ground gently to lay there, and as Lilith gazed down at him, she knew that he was dead.

Jaspin, Reuben and Aski appeared then, having finished burying Ena's family.

'This isn't the end for him' Ena spoke to the boy, but addressing Lilith. 'He will live on. He will be born again.'

She rose to her feet, straightening up. Her long pale green hair touched the earth, and as she stood, she stood taller than the rest, despite her young age.

'Come!' she barked to the other angels. 'Follow me.'

The five angels trailed after her to a wheat field near the village, where several people worked.

'Ena' spoke an old man, dabbing at his brow with a handkerchief as she approached. 'What a surprise to see you here.'

She approached him silently, stopping before him. Without a word, she raised her hand to him, running her fingers over his head.

The man died before he hit the ground. The others who worked in the field saw this too, but were too confused to understand what they had seen, and knew not to be afraid.

And so, one by one, Ena approached them, and killed them all.

The sun was setting now, and the six figures that remained alive stood in the wheat field as the red from the setting sun bled across the sky. The yellow of the wheat field basked in an orange glow, and Ena's pale green hair looked strange in this light.

'Do you know' Ena began, gazing up at the cosmos, 'why the sun sets red? It's because…light is made up of many different colours, and out of all of them…red is the one that travels the farthest.'

She turned to the five angels that stood in a semi-circle behind her, all silent, all

facing her.

'We must not be sad' Ena said to them. 'Nothing lives forever, and in the end…everything will die…and return to the earth…I too will be dead one day…as will all of you……' She cast her gaze down at the nearest man dead at her feet. 'The crows will feast on him. The animals will scatter his bones. His body will rot, and its nutrients will return to the earth, as nature intended.' She looked back at the angels. 'Bring my horse. We must leave this village. There is nothing left for us here…and we must cure the sickness.'

Jaspin went to fetch Vanity, returning to Ena with the mare.

'This is the first place to be cleansed' Ena said, taking the reins of her horse. 'Next…is the rest of the world…'

Back in the village, a lone figure stood.

Freya hugged herself as she gazed about at the dead around her, some of which had been buried in shallow graves, others left where they had fallen.

Still wracked with pain, though not all physical, she bowed her head, her short hair falling over her face.

Here is where she stayed, until the holy figures found her. She fell into their arms crying. They cared for her, fed her, tended to her wounds; then allowed her to rest.

As she slept upon the earth on a warm bed, the holy figures, her protectors, burned fires in the village, praying over the bodies of the deceased, before moving on.

In the morning, there would be nothing left of the village, save for ash, and charcoal and smoke.

Chapter Twenty Eight

The Next Stage

Lilith knelt before the alter, head bowed and hands together, praying.

It had been several days since they left the village, and now she found herself in a large temple. A tall building made of grey stone and built in an angular fashion, with many sharp spires pointing to the sky. Within many of the large rooms, the ceiling was so high, that nothing could be seen.

Who knew what lurked in the dark world above them?

Lilith prayed now for the souls that had been lost in the village they had left behind. She was afraid now. Afraid for all of them, for herself, but mostly, she was afraid for Jaspin, whom she had come to care for deeply.

He joined her now. Hearing movement by her side, Lilith glanced up to see Jaspin kneeling beside her. He was praying as she had been.

For several minutes, neither spoke, trapped within their own minds with whatever thoughts they had.

Jaspin eventually faced her.

'Something troubles you' he spoke.

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