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   Chapter 90 No.90

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5196

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'What's wrong?' she mumbled, coming around to stand beside the others.

'Look' Aski whispered.

Lilith glanced around, not at first sure what they were looking at. And then she noticed something.

'Where is everyone?' she wondered aloud. 'Where's Gael?'

She looked back to the three angels, seeing that they were all watching her now.

'Where is Ena?'

'There' Reuben answered, looking towards the home in which Ena lived.

Lilith hesitated, glancing back at the angels. They said no more, and Jaspin remained utterly silent.

Lilith turned away from them, still holding the towel around her body with one hand.

She treaded carefully as she approached the house, walking slowly.

Everything around her felt still, almost like she were living a dream and not treading in reality.

She padded up to the house, feeling the dry dirt beneath her feet. Lilith stopped before the door, reaching out to touch the wood, she pushed the door open.

It swung inwards gently. Lilith saw no one within the house, and so she stepped in.

The first thing she found herself realising, was how quiet it was. This was a small house, that held a small family. It was usually quiet, but even so, there had always been a sound of some sort. The mother bustling around, keeping the home she was so proud of tidy, the father cooking, or playing with the baby that often cried for attention, as demanding as he was.

Lilith came to the master bedroom, where the parents slept. Here, she saw Ena, standing with her back to her and facing the bed.

Lilith stood in the doorway for several seconds, before speaking.


Ena turned, facing Lilith head on now.

Lilith's eyes travelled down, to the baby Ena held in her arms, her little brother.

Lilith was horrified, to see the child's skin was utterly pale.

He was dead.

Lilith's eyes flickered back up then, back to Ena's face. Ena stared back at Lilith with a level expression.

'I am not the monster you think I am' Ena said in a level tone, before falling silent then.

Lilith tilted her head, trying to see behind her. Ena, seeing what she was doing, stepped to the side to allow Lilith to seen.

Lilith's eyes grew wide with horror, as she saw Ena's parents lying on the bed side by side with eyes closed.

Lilith looked back to Ena as she approached her, still holding the baby.

'You've been talking to my imposter' Ena said to Lilith. 'I know you have. I can smell her scent on you.'

She walked past Lilith, and out into the corridor, pausing then.

'I want you to bury them' Ena said back to Lilit

h. She looked up then, to the corridor around them, the ceiling above; the outside world through the window beside. 'This world….' Ena spoke in a distant mumble, as if in a trance, '….is sick….'

She turned back to Lilith, one arm holding the child, the other limp by her side.

'I want you to bury them' Ena said again. 'And…' she added with a smile, 'your dress is ready.

She lifted the finished dress that hung from a hook beside her. Lilith had not noticed it.

'Dress' Ena said, holding the dress in one hand and offering it to Lilith. 'Then do as I say.'

Lilith gazed down at the dress. It was simple, modest, and pretty. Coloured pale green and white, with a very low back.

'For your wings' Ena smiled, seeing Lilith stare. 'Come' Ena said kindly, placing one arm around Lilith's shoulders and walking with her away so that she could change. 'You're going to look beautiful in that dress' she said to her. 'Like a doll.'

Lilith walked with Ena, who still held the child. Lilith held the dress in one hand, with the other; she still held the towel to her.

Lilith dressed quickly; her new clothes fit her well, but felt strange.

'Follow me' Ena said, moving away, and Lilith did so.

They left the cottage, and Lilith stopped, standing in the open doorway, as Ena walked forwards. She knelt by one of the oval holes that Lilith and Gael had dug, and placed her brother gently into it. The other angels, Jaspin, Reuben and Aski hovered near the grave, looming over her as Ena leant back again.

'Burry him' she commanded, and the angels like puppets obeyed.

When this was done, Ena sent the angels into the house to fetch her parents. Jaspin carried her mother, and Aski, her father.

They were buried alongside their child.

Lilith stayed by the cottage, clinging to the wall behind her, watching in silence as this was carried out.

She slipped away, walking around to the back of the cottage.

She had become so numb, that the sight of the others bodies scattered around the village did not shock her.

Lilith walked forwards; her path meandered around many of the fallen. And here is where she found Gael.

He turned to her. Dirt was smeared across his face, over his clothes, his knees and arms. The body he carried now was that of a young woman, barely seventeen years old.

He turned away again, lowering her body into one of the shallow graves, and piling dirt over his silently.

'She wanted me to do this' he voiced at last, as Lilith continued to watch him. 'She wanted me. I cannot disobey her…' he spoke quietly, only in a mumble.

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