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   Chapter 89 No.89

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 4977

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She stepped back as three figures fell to the ground before her, landing on their feet.

The figures of the three angels, Jaspin, Reuben and Aski stood before her. Menacing figures they loomed like tall columns in the failing light, each wearing an expression of anger and disgust.

'Why would you summon us?' Jaspin growled. 'The spell you cast to bring us here? You made us believe the true earth maiden was in danger.'

'I had to' Freya spoke defiantly, standing tall and facing them head on. 'I have to tell you, you are all in danger!'

Jaspin narrowed his eyes. Either side of him, Reuben and Aski glared at her silently, each as mistrustful as Jaspin.

'I am alone' Freya spoke quieter now, bowing her head. 'There are no holy figures to protect me.'

'Then it will make this easier' Jaspin grumbled.

Freya raised her head just as Jaspin raised his arm. The spell he summoned lifted her off her feet, throwing her back against a tree behind her.

Freya fell forwards with a moan, landing on her front.

She was given little reprieve however, as she was lifted off her feet again and thrown by magic across the forest, landing some distance away.

She pushed herself up, whipping around with wide eyes, gazing back at the angels in fear.

She screamed, as Reuben and Aski tore forwards, lunging for her. Jaspin remained where he was, watching passively as the angels ripped into her, attacking her mercilessly.

Hours passed.

'Enough of your lies!' Jaspin howled, bearing over her with a foot on her chest.

Freya moaned, coughing up blood, whole body wracked with agony.

'No…' she whispered, 'it is true what I have said to you…all of it is as true as we are here now…all of it…all of it….!'

She was lifted up again, and thrown on her front.

Freya began to cry.

'Stop…' she whispered, begging him. 'Please stop…I can't take it…'

'Give me one reason why we should not kill you' Jaspin spoke cruelly down to her. There was no pity in his eyes, no sympathy, nothing now that was human in any way.

He clearly felt nothing, not even anger.

'I will…' Freya spoke, she shuddered, her whole body trembling and eyes tight shut, before opening them again and continuing. 'I will do everything in my power to stop you, even if it means killing you…even you' she said to Jaspin. 'The black and white angel, the rarest of your kind…the most powerful.' She paused again, lying on the floor broken and bloodied. 'I cannot stop you from killing m

e now…but if I have to….when the time comes…I will kill you…if I can…if it means…saving the rest of us…I will…if I can.' She tensed, before her body relaxed again, speaking. 'I cannot stop you from killing me, I am not strong enough to protect myself from you…not yet…but………have you ever killed an innocent girl?'

Freya waited for the hammer to fall, waiting for the final blow.

But it never came.

So consumed with pain and fear, she did not even notice the angels leave. But when she looked up next, she saw that she was alone.

Freya sat up, using the last of her magic, to heal her broken arm, before forcing herself to stand, ignoring the rest of the pains in her body.

'I have to reach the angels' she moaned to herself. 'Perhaps the others will listen.'

She found her horse that had wandered away, and set off again without pause. Hungry, tired, and still in pain.

'I know where they are' she whispered to herself as she set off into the night, heading in the same direction as the two remaining angels were. The same direction as the angels that had nearly killed her.

'No' Lilith shook her head violently. 'No you're wrong! They would never do that, especially Jaspin……he is good…'

'Go to them then' Freya whispered dangerously. 'But know this…I will try to stop you. No matter what it takes. You and the others will cause unspeakable harm…on a scale that yet you cannot comprehend.'

Freya's grip loosened, and Lilith managed to pull herself free.

'I will do everything in my power to try to stop you' Freya was saying, glancing back at Lilith as she walked away. 'I do not want to harm you. But I will if I must.'

Freya disappeared in the shadow of the trees, quickly being swallowing by the foliage, the hedges that grew thickly around the pool.

Lilith stood rooted to the spot for a moment, before snapping back to herself.

She turned on her heel and stormed away, grabbing the towel on the floor by the post as she went, using it to cover herself, before marching back up the path and back towards the small village.

She traversed the path, picking up her pace to a jog as she made her way onwards.

She skidded to a stop at the end of the path, gazing in awe at the sight of three figures that stood in a row with their backs to her.

Jaspin, Reuben and Aski, back at last.

'You've finally returned' Lilith sighed, a smile breaking across her face. 'I'm so glad, I….'

She faltered suddenly, seeing how tense they were.

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