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And then she left without another word.

Lilith watched her go, and then the strangest thought suddenly occurred to her.

I wonder what my own parents are doing now…

Chapter Twenty Seven

Through all the Pain

Lilith stayed in the pool for a while after that, resting back with her eyes closed.

It felt so good.

She stayed here for some time, until another figure stepped out from the foliage, one that should not have been there.

'You!' Lilith gasped, recognising the figure. She drew a slow breath of shock at the sight of the figure.

There were gashes all over her body, bruising and swelling and burns. One of her eyes was swollen shut, and as she smiled feebly, Lilith saw bloodied teeth behind her split lips.

'Hello' Freya, the false one said. 'I've found you…I'm so glad.'

Lilith was so shocked at the sight of her, she was unable to speak for the longest time.

'What…' she began finding her voice, 'what happened to you?'

'The angels' Freya said. 'They did this. The ones you call Jaspin, Reuben and Aski. They are here now.'

'They've returned?'

Lilith rose from the pool fast, climbing out and running to get the towel to head back.

But Freya stopped her as she made to pass her, hand shooting out to grab Lilith's arm.

Lilith whipped around, staring wide eyed at Freya.

Freya turned to face her.

'I am not the enemy you think I am' she told her. 'And the others are not the friends you think them to be. Look at what they did to me.'

Lilith stared back at her.

'You are the false one they say' she uttered.

'Let me ask you something' Freya said to her, still grasping Lilith's arm, who stood there completely naked. 'How do you know Ena is the good one and I am the bad one?'

Lilith didn't answer.

'Is it because she has more power?' Freya asked.

Lilith grabbed Freya's hand that held her, trying to prize herself free. But Freya only held her harder, pulling her closer.

'Maybe you are as bad as they are' Freya persisted. 'I do not know. But look at what they did to me. To an innocent girl. One who was only trying to help!'

Lilith stopped struggling, gazing back at Freya in horror.

'But Freya' one of the holy men spoke behind her. 'We cannot let them go.'

'I'm not' Freya answered simply. 'I will not.' She watched the three angels fly away from her, soaring through the open sky. 'But this is not the way.' She turned behind her to the holy man that had spoke

n. 'We will achieve nothing by force. We must be kind in our ways, gentle…' she trailed off. 'I have to be alone.'

'You're too important to be left unguarded' one of the holy men instantly told her.

'I feel safe' Freya told them. 'The angels will not kill me.'

'How do you know?'

'Because…' Freya said. 'I have faith.'

She lifted the reins in her hands.

'I have to reach the angels somehow' she said. 'I must. This is the most important thing of all. The angels are in danger…as are the rest of us.'

She tapped her heels into the horse, sending the mare forwards into a trot with a flick of the tail. The holy men hung back, watching as Freya left them, moving away to be alone. They cast their eyes down then upon the fallen men.

Freya urged her horse onwards, kicking her heels harder and riding it faster.

The wind whipped her short hair back, the chains that ran from the metal around her neck to the binds around her wrists jangled as she went, and she blinked back the tears from her stinging eyes.

'I have to find the angels' she mumbled to herself in worry. 'They are in danger.'

She rode for several minutes across the open plains, before heading in another direction, and towards a collection of trees. A place that would be more secluded, hidden. Secret.

The horse beneath her began to tire, its body sweating and mouth foaming, but still she would not allow it to rest.

'You cannot stop yet you beast' she said to it. 'I have to call them back before they return to her.'

She had nearly reached the trees now, and the horse still ran, though its pace had slowed now.

Freya touched her hand to her heart, closing her eyes as she called out to the angels, lighting her presence like a beacon.

They will come now. I know they will…

She entered the shelter of the trees in the forest before her, riding a short distance so that the open plains could not be seen, before dismounting.

Freya left the poor exhausted animal to wander free as she stepped forward, into an open space where the ground was relatively flat and the grass grew at her feet.

She swallowed the lump in her throat, hunching her shoulders and hugging herself, counting in her head every passing minute.

It seemed like no time at all, when she heard a noise, a disturbance in the trees in the branches above her.

Freya tensed, straightening and casting her head back as branches snapped and leaves tore in the canopy.

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