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   Chapter 87 No.87

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Lilith glanced nervously up at it one last time before it vanished, thinking briefly of Jaspin, before facing ahead again.

Where are you?

Ena had not spoken a word of them, not at all, except for the time she had been prompted by Lilith when she asked if she were allowed to look for them.

'The spring is this way' Ena giggled to her, casting her a sideways glance. She still had not let go of her hand. 'This is my spring' Ena went on. 'No one ever comes here.'

They wandered down this lonely road, which became ever wilder the further they went.

At last, the path faded away until only grass met their feet.

'Take off your shoes' Ena told Lilith, and she obeyed without question. Lilith did the same.

They came to the spring, a tranquil little pool surrounded by thickly growing trees and bushes.

They came to the edge of the spring, and Ena turned to her.

'Take off your clothes.'

Lilith flinched at that.

'It's alright' Ena soothed gently, reaching forwards and slipping Lilith's dress down her shoulders.

Lilith allowed Ena to undress her, stepping into the pool on her command and lowering herself into the water. Lilith stared into the clear water, hearing clothes shuffling behind her as Ena herself undressed too.

She followed Lilith into the water seconds later, naked as she was.

Ena raised her head to Lilith's, eyes sparkling. She giggled; moving closer and resting an arm across Lilith's chest as she held her by the shoulder, resting her head on her other shoulder.

'This is nice' Ena said, as he body became limp. 'Don't you think? Just the two of us…'

Lilith stared down at the earth maiden silently, holding her body to support her as Ena became limp. She bowed her head to Ena, touching her lips to her hair and breathing in her scent, feeling a surge of love towards this strange creature, like she had so many times before.

She pushed Ena gently back, Ena, who appeared to be in some sort of slumber now; she leant back against the edge of the pool, as Lilith began to wash herself.

It was sometime later, just when Lilith herself was beginning to doze, that he heard movement in the woods around her.

She whipped her head around, heart jolting in her chest as she heard a twig snap. She cast a nervous glance towards Ena, who remained motionless in the pool. Lilith watched closely for her breathing, and saw that it was shallow.

Lilith turned away again, towards the source the sound had come from. Her stomach began to tighten as she saw a figure approaching.


She relaxed visibly then as Gael stepped forwards.

'Think again' Gael replied, stepping into the clearing and moving closer to the pool.

'You shouldn't be here' Lilith snapped harshly at him, moving her arm to cover herself.

'There's no need for that' Gael gleamed at her, kneeling beside the pool and reaching for her, grabbing her by the wrist and lifting her arm into the air. He giggled then.

Lilith blinked, frowning.


Gael's eyes lit up then, and he drew a slow intake of breath. 'Yes' he said, before letting go of her wrist and rising to his feet, moving away.

Lilith glanced towards Ena who remained motionless in the pool, before returning her attention back to Gael.

'So you can possess all of us I assume' Lilith mumbled unhappily.

'Don't be sad' Gael sang turning back to her. 'Gael is perfectly fine.'

'Then where is he now?'


Lilith hesitated. 'Can you even posses Jaspin, the black and white angel, the strongest of all of us?'

'My dear Lilith' Gael moved closer to her. 'He is as much my puppet as you and Gael.'

Gael moved back suddenly, twirling on the spot with his arms out and eyes closed in content as he danced.

'Your own body is vulnerable when you do this' Lilith spoke out of the blue, hugging her knees to her as she sat in the water.

Gael stopped twirling suddenly, arms still extended. He lowered them, turning slowly to her.

'Some could hurt you when you do this' Lilith went on meekly.

'Not when I have the angels to protect me' Gael uttered.

'Are you going to hurt me?' Lilith asked. 'Did I speak out of turn?'

'There are towels by that post' Gael told her, and Lilith glanced around, seeing a stack of towels in a neat pile. 'Leave your filthy dress here, my mother will give you your new dress.'

'She's finished it already?' Lilith asked raising her head.

'Oh yes.' Lilith expected Gael to say more, but he didn't. He simply walked away.

Poor Gael Lilith thought as she watched him go. How much of this will he remember? Will he even know what just happened to him?

Minutes later, and Ena's body in the pool began to move. She furrowed her brow, raising her head and staring mutely at Lilith. For the longest time she didn't say anything.

'I must leave' she spoke at last. 'Mother is waiting for me.'

Ena rose from the pool, heading over to the post and picking up one of the towels to cover her body.

'I'll see you at home' Ena spoke back to Lilith without looking at her. 'Take your time.'

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