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   Chapter 86 No.86

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'Yes' Gael said, turning away again and returning his attention back to the task. 'I love her very much, I feel such a strong connection with her' he said as he continued to dig. 'I don't know why, I don't know where this stems from…but I feel like I've known her all my life.' He fell silent for a few moments. 'I would give my life for her if she asked me to; I would give my life…even if she simply asked for it.'

'Yes' Lilith mumbled, digging beside him. 'I would too…though I don't know why…I cannot explain it either.' I've never felt this way before. Perhaps I am under a spell. 'Do you think the others are ok?'

'Ena isn't worried' Gael replied, 'so neither am I. The others can look after themselves I am sure.'

'Do you truly think that way?'


Lilith let out a sigh. 'That makes me feel a bit better. I am so very worried. I do care about the others.'

'Do you really?' Gael glanced sideways at her, pausing for a moment with a glint in his eyes, grinning at her slyly.

'Of course I do.'

'Even me?'

'Of course.'

Gael looked away again; Lilith saw his cheeks burn slightly, his jaw clench.

'That means a lot to me' he mumbled to her. 'It truly does.'

'Lilith!' came Ena's voice, sailing through the air.

Lilith glanced around, seeing the earth maiden leaning through the window of her home, waving at her.

'I have to go' Lilith mumbled to Gael, dropping the spade and jogging over to the window to speak to Ena.

'Come inside' Ena told her eagerly as she approached, her pale green hair lifting in the breeze as she lent forwards. 'Hurry.'

Lilith entered the home through the small door at the back, stepping into the tiny kitchen. Compared to the bright day outside where the sun burned in the sky, the inside of the house looked dark, and it took Lilith several seconds for her sight to adjust.

'I told you my mother makes dresses didn't I?' Ena said to Lilith, bounding up to her.

'Yes' Lilith answered levelly, blinking several times as her vision became accustomed to the gloom.

'It's time' Ena breathed excitedly, turning back to her mother who stood behind her. 'Mother's going to measure you' Ena said facing Lilith again. 'It's time you were given some new clothes.'

'Come here' Ena's mother spoke softly to Lilith. In her hand she held a measuring tape, and nothing more.

Lilith stepped forward.

'Kyrah tells me that you're here to protect us' the mother said as she brushed Lilith's hair behind her shoulder.

Lilith remembered vaguely

what Ena had said to them previously. Kyrah is what her family called her, Lotus is what the holy figures call her, and Zen is the name she was given by everyone else.

'I don't know' Lilith answered meekly as the mother began to measure. 'I think it's more the other way around. The earth maiden is supposed to protect all of us.'

The mother paused momentarily, stepping back. 'Yes' she said quietly. 'They told me before she was born that she would be different. I didn't realise how until she grew up.' The mother cast a glance over towards Ena, who waited silently nearby, perched on the edge of the kitchen table. Her long legs reaching the floor, her long arms folded before her, and her long hair pooled on the table behind. 'My daughter' the mother breathed. 'She always was different.' She continued to measure Lilith. 'A mother is supposed to protect her child' she went on, 'but…I think Kyrah will protect me instead.'

She stepped back from Lilith then.

'There' she said. 'Now what colour would you like your new dress to be?'

Lilith hesitated, suddenly unsure; she cast a glance over to Ena, before looking back to her mother.

'Green' Lilith answered.

The mother smiled widely.

'Come with me' Ena spoke up suddenly, rising from the table, sailing over to Lilith and taking her by the hand. 'We'll wash together. There are the most wonderful springs near here, naturally warm and sheltered.' She giggled. 'I like you. I'm going to make you look very pretty, like a doll.' Ena sniggered behind her hand. 'You're going to look beautiful in your new dress, even with those scars on your face.'

Ena left her family's home, walking along with Lilith's hand in her own, leading her.

Lilith's eyes met with Gael as they went, lingering her attention on him for a moment as he continued to dig the pits. He looked up, as if sensing her; time seemed to slow as their eyes locked, before Lilith bowed her head, facing ahead again.

She followed Ena, coming to a path, much like the one they had traversed to get here.

One lined with posts, enveloped by vines and the most beautiful flowers that grew in the land.

'Harp's chorus, Lily white' Ena listed them off, pausing to touch them, fingerers stroking the delicate petals as they went, but she still did not let go of Lilith's hand. 'Haunting dream…'

The path twisted and wound, very soon being enveloped by the foliage, the undergrowth which grew thickly, and the trees which grew tall, their canopy shielding them from the sky.

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