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   Chapter 85 No.85

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They came to the bottom of a hill, following the path that now became steep, zigzagging backwards and forwards as it grew ever higher. The path here was lined with wood, and as they went, they passed wooden posts every so often that were erected either side of the path. These posts where all covered in ivy, within which bright flowers grew amongst the green, of the most beautiful Lilith had ever seen in her life.

'Lilac sweet' Ena said, pausing at one of these posts and caressing one of the flowers as she went by. 'Violet eyes…raven locks…the flowers that grow here are the most beautiful on this earth.' She cast a glance back at the others. 'Vanity's kiss' she added, before moving on again.

They came to the top of the hill, and were quickly met with a small collection of cottages built before them. Some were clustered together; others built with more space around them. As they reached the last post at the end of the path, Ena paused, gazing about her, before setting off again at a run.

'Mother! Father!'

She was lost from sight for a moment as she dashed ahead of Lilith and Gael, seeking out her family. The angels picked up their pace to keep up with her, taking in the new place around them.

The cottages were built modestly, but were very cosy, with thatched roves and small windows with little wooden shutters. The wooden shutters were carved and painted with depictions of flowers, much like the ones they had seen along the path that approached this place.

People were dotted here and there, but the place seemed very quiet. They watched Lilith and Gael pass silently, their eyes lingering on them with curiosity.

Lilith and Gael who still led Vanity, rounded the corner Ena had disappeared behind, a small group of sheep parted to allow them by, and they saw Ena before them.

She was in the arms of a couple who held her tightly. Her mother and father had tears in their eyes as they embraced her, caressing her tenderly and holding her face in their hands.

Ena looked around; eyes wide and shining, her mother and father glanced up, looking over Ena's head and towards Lilith and Gael. Both were wearing an expression of shock and disbelief.

'This is the most astonishing thing I've ever seen' the mother said, stroking Lilith's wing with a gentle touch. 'I never thought I'd see the day…I thought the angels were just a myth.'

'I told you' Ena said to her mother from behind her, sitting at the kitchen table. 'Do you remember? It was many years ago, I was very young. But I told you with absolute surety that the angels would find me.'

'Yes' the mother said, withdra

wing her hand and stepping back from Lilith who stood silently before her, her large snow-white wings almost taking up the entire room.

Beside Lilith, Gael had his wings open too; he and Lilith had revealed their wings on Ena's command. With Lilith's wings, and Gael's light blue ones too, there was very little room in the kitchen now.

The mother turned to Ena. 'You were right all along.' She smiled kindly. 'Kyrah. It's good to have you home at last.'

Nearby, the baby cried. Ena looked around towards her father, who held her little brother in his arms, rocking him gently.

'Sweet boy' Ena cooed, rising and sailing over to her father, taking the child from him in her arms. 'What a fragile thing.'

Nearby, Lilith turned away, wings still protruding from her back. She gazed longingly out of the tiny window, wondering where Jaspin, Reuben and Aski were. She began to grow worried.

They should have been back by now she thought unhappily. What if something's happened to them? I wish I could go out to try to look for them. She had asked Ena shortly before if she were allowed to leave to search, but Ena had forbade either her or Gael to leave her side, and so she was to suffer here in worry and turmoil. She had spoken of her concerns with Ena, but Ena hardly listened to her. She seemed not to be worried for the other angels in the slightest. It was almost as if she didn't even notice they were gone, didn't notice, and didn't care.

Ena giggled, caressing her baby brother in her arms, stroking the baby's cheek with her slender fingers.

'It's so good to be home' Ena grinned.

Several hours passed, and Ena and the angels rested. The three of them began to make themselves at home, eat, and recover their strength.

The next day, Ena set the angels to work.

Lilith and Gael worked side by side, digging holes in the earth that were oval in shape and deep.

Lilith sweated in the sun, wiping her forehead with her wrist. Why are we doing this? Lilith thought to herself, not for the first time. What is the purpose of this? She stabbed the dirt with the spade, shovelling the dirt to the side. She wondered, burning with curiosity, but kept her thoughts to herself.

'Are you alright?' Gael asked beside her.

'Yes' Lilith answered shortly, glancing down at herself. Her dress was filthy. She hadn't changed for several days now, and longed to be clean. Her skin felt sticky, her white hair was greasy, and she burned now under the sun. 'We mustn't complain' Lilith told Gael. 'Ena wants us to do this. I don't know why, but we must obey her. She is the earth maiden after all.'

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