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   Chapter 84 No.84

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'You're too important to be left unguarded' one of the holy men instantly told her.

'I feel safe' Freya told them. 'The angels will not kill me.'

'How do you know?'

'Because…' Freya said. 'I have faith.'

She lifted the reins in her hands.

'I have to reach the angels somehow' she said. 'I must. This is the most important thing of all. The angels are in danger…as are the rest of us.'

She tapped her heels into the horse, sending the mare forwards into a trot with a flick of the tail. The holy men hung back, watching as Freya left them, moving away to be alone. They cast their eyes down then upon the fallen men.

'We should bury them' one of them mumbled, as the others around him began to say their prayers, helping the spirits of the deceased to reach the afterlife in peace.

The men were buried, the fires burned in their place, lighting up the darkening sky, as the three angels flew over the land, searching for Ena who had travelled onwards.

Following after them, was Freya.

'I have to find the angels' she mumbled to herself in worry. 'They are in danger.'

Ena giggled to herself, skipping forward and spinning as she moved. In her hand she held a vine, when they had rested earlier, she had pulled this vine from one of the trees that grew nearby, and to the vine; she had tied many flowers she had found that grew around them. And now, she danced with it, waving it in the air like a ribbon, twirling it and twisting it around her body. At last, she threw it up into the air, watching it being blown away by the wind, over the tops of the trees and out of sight.

She giggled again, hands going to her mouth and hunching her shoulder. She turned, facing the two angels that followed her now, Lilith walking one step behind, and Gael trailing after her, holding the reins of the horse Vanity.

'It's so wonderful to be found by all of you' Ena said to them. 'I know you five are the only ones left.' She stopped then, bowing her head and holding her hands behind her back, appearing suddenly sad. 'The others are dead' she said. 'I know this. It was the sickness that killed them…I know this.'

She raised her head then.

'You want me to cure the sickness' she spoke to Lilith and Gael who watched her silently. 'I do not know for sure, but I believe I am capable of such a thing, but it would not be easy.' She smiled then, giggling. She skipped up to Lilith, taking her by the hands and kissing her on the lips, before stepping back and gazing

into her face with an expression of love. 'I do not have a sister' Ena said to Lilith. 'You are like a sister to me, and I love you already. And you' she spoke to Gael, standing beside her horse, 'I feel a closer connection to you than the others.' She moved away from Lilith, stepping closer to Gael.

She reached for him; Gael flinched, as her fingers hovered near his face, but she did not touch him, only smiled, and withdrew her hand.

'We are nearly to my home now' Ena said to him in a quiet voice. Her body tensed suddenly, growing excited now. 'My family would be very excited to meet all of you' she said. 'The others too' she said, 'when they return.'

Lilith glanced to the sky again; something of a habit she had adopted in the time Jaspin had been absent. She worried now the others would struggle to find them. They had entered the forest, and had been travelling beneath the canopy of the leaves for several hours now, and the sky was only visible from time to time.

It had been a long while they had been separated.

'I know you worry for them' Ena said to Lilith, turning to her, 'Jaspin especially. I know you love him. But do not worry.' She giggled then. 'They will be able to find me; I am like a beacon to them.' She smiled widely. 'You will both stay with me. The others will come back to me, and so Jaspin will be with you again. Both of you.'

She moved away, skipping as she went; her long pale green hair lifting as she bounded along.

'It's not far now' she said, glancing either side of her as if trying to remember. 'My home is a beautiful place. You will love it; I know you will love it.' She looked back at them, grinning. 'It's this way.'

Lilith and Gael followed her for some time, several more hours passed, before they left the forest, and came out into the open once again.

'We are nearly there' Ena spoke eagerly. 'So close now…'

She left her horse to be led by Gael as they journeyed onwards, following the main road before branching off and walking along smaller a dirt road.

'In the winter' Ena spoke, the boots she had been given by Jaspin crunching on the dry dirt, as she walked the path, the cloak he had given her trailing after her, 'this road is difficult to travel. It rains heavily here; you cannot even leave this way sometimes. My family's home is isolated somewhat, and that is how I like it.' She turned back to the others, before picking up her pace. 'Hurry' she told them, 'hurry along. We are almost there!'

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