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   Chapter 83 No.83

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5119

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'I do need to get out of the wilds' Lilith mumbled, feeling her greasy hair, feeling unclean and wishing to wash and wear a new change of clothes. 'I look forward to meeting your family.'

'They are wonderful people' Ena smiled kindly.

Jaspin cast his hand out, a sheet of light appeared in a point before him, shooting forwards and straight through the body of the holy man.

The holy figure, a man no older than nineteen, clutched at the hole in his chest, eyes wide with shock as he realised his life was over. Jaspin saw that same look in the man's eyes as he had seen in the eyes of the men he had killed before him. A look of despair and grief and fear.

The man was not ready to die. None of the men he had killed were ready to face whatever came after death.

'Rest in peace' Jaspin mumbled over the body as it fell, sweeping his hand through the air and drawing a holy symbol as he whispered a prayer.

The man fell onto his back, gazing up at the sky with dead eyes, hands still over his chest, but with fingers now relaxed.

Beside Jaspin one of the other holy men leapt at Reuben who fought nearby, Jaspin was only vaguely aware of him, barely hearing Reuben's cry of pain as the holy man cut the flesh at his back, trying to cut at his wings.

Aski leapt forwards, killing the man that attacked Reuben in one strike.

Jaspin brought his hands closer to his body, wings rising high in the air, one jet black and shrouded in black smoke, the other pure white and shining in a blinding light.

Men fell around him, all of them that stood closest to him, save for Reuben and Aski.

'Enough!' came an order.

The angels looked around, seeing seated upon a tall black mare, the one they had come to know as the false one.

'I want no more bloodshed here' the 'other' one ordered the holy men, who seemed to be under her control.

They backed away, leaving behind the men that had fallen, scattered around Jaspin now in a broken circle. Reuben and Aski straightened, glaring at the figure on the horse. Mounted on stallions and positioned a few steps behind the false one, were other holy men. These were body guards that would follow her wherever she went, for as long as she would want them.

'Why?' the young woman spoke, sounding genuinely hurt, 'why do you reject me so?'

'You are not the one' Jaspin glowered at her. 'You are not the one.'

She let out a sigh then, sitting back and slumping in her saddle, head bowed.

'My name is Freya' she spoke to them quietly. 'I just thought you should know.'


turned to her mutely, wiping a speck of blood from his cheek.

'I wish you no harm' Freya said to them. 'I know that may be hard to believe. I acted poorly before, but I was desperate, desperate to keep you from finding her.'

'Why?' Jaspin breathed.

'She is evil' Freya said, narrowing her eyes. 'She would cause unspeakable harm.'

'I will follow her' Jaspin spoke, 'wherever she goes. She will help us cure the world. This world is sick' he paused. 'You must know this.'

Freya clenched her jaw. She pulled her skirt back, showing the flesh on her knee, where the others saw a black mark, bold and large on her skin.

'I am dying' Freya whispered to them. 'I have only months to live. I want to cure the sickness in this world more than anyone. I don't want to die…..I am afraid.'

'What does that have to do with us?' Jaspin asked her coldly. 'If anything, you should be supporting us, especially since you are dying.'

'No' Freya shook her head. 'Because I have seen what she will do.'

'And what is that?' Reuben asked, unable to keep hold of his curiosity.

Freya stared down at him from where she sat upon her horse. But she said nothing. Perhaps she had decided she had said too much.

'You wouldn't believe me' she spoke, 'even if I were to tell you.'

'We are done here' Jaspin said backing away, but never taking his eyes from her. 'Stay away from us. Stay away from the earth maiden. We will protect her with our lives…with everything we have.'

Reuben and Aski stood beside him, silent as the grave. But as Freya looked into their eyes, she saw the truth of Jaspin's words. Reuben and Aski were willing to die for the earth maiden if need be, as would Jaspin himself.

'Go' Freya spoke quietly to the angels. 'I will pursue you no longer, I will not harm you. It was never my wish to in the first place.'

'Then what did you want?'

'Only to protect you' Freya replied to Jaspin.

Jaspin narrowed his eyes.

Freya watched him expectantly, but said no more

Jaspin turned his back to her, taking off and flying quickly away, returning to the earth maiden. He was followed immediately by Reuben and Aski.

'But Freya' one of the holy men spoke behind her. 'We cannot let them go.'

'I'm not' Freya answered simply. 'I will not.' She watched the three angels fly away from her, soaring through the open sky. 'But this is not the way.' She turned behind her to the holy man that had spoken. 'We will achieve nothing by force. We must be kind in our ways, gentle…' she trailed off. 'I have to be alone.'

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