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   Chapter 82 No.82

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They heard a rustle in the leaves then, tensing as they saw a holy scout step out into the open.

Without hesitation, Jaspin rose, cutting the man down and killing him in one swipe.

Lilith watched without reaction at this. They left the place shortly after, returning to the place where the earth maiden was.

A short time later, another figure stepped forwards, into the place where the scout had been killed. The figure the angels referred to as the false one, stood over the dead man.

'They are close' she said. 'We have to find them. We have to get them away from her.'

She was surrounded by other holy figures that stood to protect her.

'We have to protect the angels'

Ena mounted Vanity then, who was laden now with the supplies the angels had brought.

'We have to travel swiftly' Jaspin said to her. 'They are close. Too close now.'

'It's that way' Ena pointed, with no urgency in her whatsoever. 'My family is that way.'

'What do they want?' Reuben asked, the question directed at no one in particular. 'Why are they here?'

But no one knew the answer.

They left the clearing, walking alongside Ena away from the hill and out of the cover of the trees that sheltered them.

The angels that trailed after Vanity, glanced about them constantly as they went. After a time, Ena began to play.

The angels stopped to watch her as she began to play with her horse, Vanity beginning to prance around, paw the ground and trot in circles.

'Ena' Gael spoke tentatively, voice shaking as he looked behind them. 'They're coming. We cannot waste time.'

Lilith's eyes grew wide as she watched a small group of figures in the distance, standing just beyond the line of the trees they had emerged from. She couldn't see them clearly, and wasn't sure if they were heading their way. But there was no doubt these figures could see the angels and Ena, out in the open as they were.

Lilith's heart skipped a beat.

'We have to get rid of them' Jaspin growled watching them. The angels stood in a row, all facing these figures, as behind them, Ena played with Vanity.

'Ena?' Reuben voiced, asking for conformation. But Ena wasn't listening. Reuben turned away.

'Do you think they wish to harm us?' Aski wondered aloud.

'I don't know' Jaspin shook his head. 'It is likely; we have already killed some of their men.' He glanced behind him towards Ena as she continued to trot in circles on her horse. 'We must protect her' he said. 'Let us meet this foe.'

'Stop!' Ena barked suddenly as the angels released their wings. 'I

want Gael to stay here.'

Gael hesitated at her words, his wings receding into his back moments later, obeying her wish.

'You should probably stay here too' Jaspin said quietly to Lilith. 'You cannot fight.'

'Alright' Lilith sighed unhappily. 'I see your point.'

Jaspin nodded shortly to her, before turning away again, beating his wings. 'I will try not to get injured, for your sake.'

He took off, followed seconds later by Reuben and Aski, as they called forth their gold and silver wings, led by the black and white angel, they soared through the air. Ena dismounted her horse.

'They are beautiful' Ena spoke distantly as she gazed towards them. 'Are they not?'

She stood behind Lilith and Gael, holding the reins and watching the three angels fly away to meet the holy figures that pursed them.

'Will they kill them?' Lilith asked.

'Most likely' Gael mumbled.

'But what if they mean us no harm?' Lilith wondered.

'Then they will not be chasing us' Gael finished.

Chapter Twenty Six

Path of Flowers

They entered the woodland a short time later, and Lilith glanced above her towards the sky, wondering if the others would be able to find them, and worrying if they couldn't.

It had only been a short time, but already she missed then, Jaspin in particular.

Please she thought miserably. Don't lose us.

Ena walked beside Vanity now, leading the other angels onwards.

'Shouldn't we wait' Gael suggested. 'Shouldn't we stop here? The others might not be able to find us.'

'They will find me' Ena answered simply. 'And where I am, you will be.'

They walked in silence for several hours after that without rest. In this time, Lilith felt pains all over her body, experiencing it from time to time.

It's been hours Lilith worried. And still they fight?

She shivered then, groaning as she held her side. Blood began to slowly seem from a wound that ran across her ribs.

She felt a hand on her shoulder then, and turned to face Gael who watched her, an expression of concern worn on his face.

'Are you alright?'

'I'll be fine' she smiled weakly. 'Don't worry about me.'

'We should get you a new dress' Gael told her offhandedly, looking over her body at the tears and the blood soaked into the fabric. 'This one is damaged.'

'My mother makes the most fabulous dresses' Ena spoke back to Lilith. 'You will see her very soon. She will measure you, and make something specifically, just for you.' Ena's eyes glinted then, and she let out a small giggle. 'You're going to look beautiful again.'

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