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   Chapter 81 No.81

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Lilith touched the skin on her cheek then. The scars had become so 'normal' to her, had over the last few years felt like such a part of her, that she had completely forgotten they were there.

'I was attacked' Lilith spoke quietly. 'There was once a time I lived on the streets.'

'How old are you by the way?' Ena suddenly asked Lilith out of the blue.

'My age?' Lilith furrowed her brow then. 'Gods…I honestly don't even remember. I think I must be over thirty five now…' she went quiet then. 'I suddenly feel so old' she spoke forlorn. 'What have I done with my life?' she spoke to herself.

Ena watched her in silence for a few moments, before flopping to the side, landing with her head in Lilith's lap. Ena turned her head to the side, gazing up at Lilith with a smile upon her face.

Lilith felt a strong surge of love towards Ena then, an emotion that felt unnatural, almost as if she was made to feel this way because of her, was forced to.

Lilith held Ena's head tenderly, moving her hands slowly as she cupped her face. Ena lifted her chin, before relaxing again. Lilith bowed her head, her pure white hair falling about her face. She no longer tied her hair up like she did in the days when she worked in the pleasure house. She now always let her hair fall free, and it hung now.

Lilith closed her eyes, and Ena did the same. They rested there beside one another for some time, until the others returned.

Lilith opened her eyes, stiffening slightly as Reuben landed in the clearing, his beautiful golden wings glistening in the evening light, as they receded into his back. He turned towards Lilith and the earth maiden, grinning widely. In his hand he held a sack, striding towards them and placing it on the ground, he opened it, revealing inside there was food.

The three of them ate in silence. Ena was very meticulous, choosing to eat the fruit first before anything else. She ate very slowly, and only a small amount, before turning away from the others and going to sleep.

'Are you alright?' Reuben asked Lilith as Ena slept deeply beside them.

'I am well' Lilith replied evenly. 'Where are the others?'

'They should be back soon.'

Aski and Gael returned together shortly after, carrying blankets and more food.

Aski stood over Ena, placing the simple blanket over her as she slept, Ena didn't move, as Aski laid the thin blanket over her.

Ena sighed deeply, a slow smile spread across her face.

The other angels went to sleep, but Lilith stayed awake, gazing up at the sky now twinkling with stars. She waited for Jaspin, who took longer to re


With his he carried oats for the horse, and simple boots and a cloak for Ena. But also he came bearing news.

'There are men swarming in the place we found the earth maiden' he told the others seriously. 'They are armed……holy men. The false one is with them. They are heading this way.'

'We should go' Lilith urged. 'We should get away as fast as possible.' she became suddenly very aware of the wound in her shoulder, the wound she had inflicted upon herself when under control of the earth maiden, she wound she had inherited when she had stabbed Jaspin. Ena had refused to heal her, even though she had healed her once before from her other injuries.

Ena did not understand the earth maiden.

'We cannot leave' Reuben said, glancing towards the earth maiden who still rested. 'We should wait until morning at least.'

'They are heading this way' Jaspin repeated.

'They won't find us' Aski spoke with confidence. 'Not here. Not in the dark.'

Gael glanced from one to the other, listening to them speak and remaining silent.

'We'll go' Reuben said, 'at first light, but Ena' he said glancing toward her, '…she needs to rest.'

Shortly after, Lilith and Jaspin went away together. Gael stayed beside Ena as she slept, and Reuben and Aski flew overhead, sitting in the treetops and keeping a look out.

On more than one occasion, they dropped to the ground, cutting down more than one stray holy man, a scout it seemed, who drew dangerously close to their location.

When morning came, Jaspin fed Vanity the oats, giving the boots and cloak to Ena to wear.

'I don't want to leave' Ena told them when she was told of the situation. 'I'm not ready.'

'But…' Gael began uncertainly, 'they are coming this way.'

Ena turned her head towards him very slowly, speaking dangerously. 'Don't make me repeat myself' she said to him. 'We will go when I am ready.'

Gael blanched then, stepping back and bowing his head. 'I'm sorry' he whispered. '…Sorry…'

'Why doesn't she want to leave?' Lilith asked Jaspin when they sat alone together in the woods, separated from the others.

'I don't know' Jaspin mumbled back. 'I don't pretend to understand her.'

Lilith hugged her knees, staring at the ground miserably.

'You're upset' Jaspin said.

'I don't know' Lilith replied. 'My mind is so jumbled. I feel like my emotions are being warped, and I feel so scared.'

'You're scared to stay here?'

'Scared to stay, scared to go……scared to follow the earth maiden.' She pulled the grass at her feet. 'Despite anything else, I'm just glad to have you by my side.'

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