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   Chapter 80 No.80

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'That's not what I asked.'

He came to sit beside her on the rock, glancing her way.

'Are you afraid?' he asked her.

'Would it matter if I was?'

He reached his arm up, placing it around her shoulders and pulling her to him. She blinked in surprise at the act.

'Don't be afraid' Jaspin told her calmly.

'How could I not?' Lilith asked him pleading. She hugged herself then, feeling violated. 'I cannot believe this has happened to me' she whispered. 'How is it possible to control another being?'

'Ena is a good person' Jaspin said firmly to her.

'But look at what she did to Gael…' she whispered. 'Look at what he did to me…'

Jaspin bowed his head, holding her to him.

'You trust me don't you?' he said.

'Yes' she breathed.

'And you wouldn't doubt me would you?'


Jaspin looked deeply into her eyes as she turned to face him. 'I trust Ena with all my being' he told her firmly. 'I love her. You feel the same way about her I know.'

'Yes' Lilith whispered. 'I sensed her, like the others did. I sensed her presence, and I feel the same love for her as I feel for you…but its ten times stronger.' She turned away from him then. 'But I feel fearful of her also' she added quietly, 'ten times stronger than I thought possible. She would hurt me' Lilith said, eyes twitching, 'she would kill me, and not bat an eyelid.'

'We need her' Jaspin simply said. 'We need her…'

Lilith sat alone with Ena shortly after. The earth maiden had sent all the others away to bring food and other supplies. She lay now against her dappled mare that rested upon the grass. Ena leant against the body, arm slung over the neck of the mare, as she rested contentedly.

Lilith shot a nervous glance her way. Ena lay there completely still, her modest white dress had a few grass stains at the knees, and her long pale green hair pooled on the floor beside her.

Lilith glanced up at the sky, wishing the others would come back soon. She let out a breath, leaning to the side and resting on the thick and tall grass. The earth was soft and warm beneath the sun.

She closed her eyes, and her mind slowly began to wander.

Lilith woke sometime later, opening her eyes with a gasp as she saw Ena leaning over her.

'Hello' Ena said. 'You look so peaceful when you sleep.'

Lilith lay where she was on her back, staring up at the earth maiden with the sky above.

Ena steppe

d back, allowing Lilith to sit up and turn to her.

'I can't wait for you to see my family' Ena said. 'They would be very excited to meet all of you.' She sat on the ground beside Lilith, leaning closer to her. 'You have pretty hair' she said to her. 'I've never seen a white so pure; and your wings too.' She grinned slyly then. 'The hybrid is impressive, but I like your wings the best.' She leant closer to Lilith, as she stared back in silence. 'I want us to be friends' Ena whispered to her. 'I truly do.' She reached for her then, wrapping her arms around her body and hugging her firmly, like a long lost sister. Her actions seemed genuine. 'Tell me about yourself' Ena began as she let go of her. 'I have a family. You must have one too.'

'Well' Lilith spoke quietly, feeling a little lost and uncomfortable but forcing herself to speak. 'I don't really know where to begin.'

'Let's begin with your mother and father. How did they meet?'

'I don't know.'

Ena faltered then, staring at Lilith hard. 'You don't get on with them do you.'

It was not phrased as a question, but a statement.

Lilith looked up at her, eyes wide.

Am I that easy to read?

'They hate me' Lilith breathed.

A short while later, Ena sat with her back to Lilith, picking the petals off a flower one by one.

'That is a beautiful horse' Lilith spoke up.

Ena glanced around towards her, giggling then.

'Vanity is my pride and joy.'

'How did you get her?'

'One day' Ena began dramatically, dropping the flower which was now only a stem and turning her body around to face Lilith, 'I saw a great flash of light in the distance. I was sleeping at the time, in my tower at the place where you found me. There was a comet, with a long straight white tail trailing through the sky. It hit the ground and there was a great explosion, but I was the only one to notice it. I climbed out of my bed and went down the tower, and out into the open night. I ran across the grasses and into the forest where I saw the comet hit. And there' she said, showing her palms dramatically, 'I saw it.'

'What did you see?'

'A holy white light' Ena breathed, 'and at its centre….was Vanity.' She cast a tender expression towards the sleeping mare.

'That is quite a tale.'

'Maybe you want to repay the favour' Ena instantly countered, pointing at Lilith's head. 'How did you get those scars on your face?'

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