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   Chapter 79 No.79

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Ena travelled her own way, her long pale green hair whipping in the air behind her, and above, the angels flew back and forth overhead, always sticking close to her, always in sight.

She rode for some time, the angels never landed as she sent her horse into a canter, slowing down when the animal grew tired, before urging it onwards again at high speed.

They came at last to a place far away, a secluded place, where no one would ever go.

Ena guided her horse up the rocky slope of the hill, the angels circling like crows overhead as they watched over her. She soon became lost beneath the blanket of trees, but the angels were not worried. They could still sense her.

She became visible again seconds later, stepping out in a clearing where the grass was healthy and tall, and a waterfall constantly spewed water of the cliff nearby, the sound of falling water never-ending.

Ena dismounted Vanity, and the angels descended, one by one landing around her, as the horse bowed its head to eat the grass and drink from the river.

'What have we come here for?' Reuben asked her, as his gold wings receded into his back. 'Is this place familiar to you?'

'I come here sometimes' Ena spoke in a distant voice as she reached up to touch some of the low hanging flowers in the trees, 'when things get difficult for me. It's not been easy. But here is my solace.'

'Why don't you heal yourself?' Lilith spoke up, moving forwards slowly. 'Like you did me?'

Ena lowered her hand from the tree, weaving her fingers together and holding them over her heart as she bowed her head.

'I…' she began. 'I…' she giggled then, turning to face them and raising her head. 'It's going to be my birthday soon' she told them eagerly, casting her arms out. 'I'm going to be fifteen in a few days. I want to reach my family before then.'

'Fifteen?' Lilith mumbled, taking in her height. She opened her mouth to speak, but decided against it. Something inside her told her that she should not ask, and so she didn't.

Ena was only fifteen years old, and yet she was considerably taller than all of them.

Perhaps she has some condition Lilith thought. She does look sick…I wonder…

'Why aren't you with your family?' Gael asked her.

There was a silence. As Lilith watched Ena closely, she had noticed the earth maiden stiffen slightly. It was ever so slight, she only just caught onto it, but it was there.

Ena turned her eyes slowly onto Gael, her face void of expression.

And then Gael suddenly hunched over, crying out in pain and clutching his chest.

The other a

ngels stared wide eyed at him as he descended to his knee, bowing his head and groaning.

Lilith's attention whipped back to Ena, and she realised wit shock.

She's doing this!

Gael heaved then, throwing up blood.

'You will not mention my family again' Ena spoke to him evenly. There was no anger in her voice. There was no emotion of any kind. She was distant.

Gael raised his head up at her, still clutching his chest with both hands now, as his body began to tremble.

His eyes were pleading, begging for it to stop.

Lilith glanced fearfully from Gael to Ena, heart pounding in her chest. Around her the other angels looked tense, but they did not speak or intervene.

Lilith was about to speak up, to try to make her stop, when Gael suddenly slumped forward, body relaxed.

It was over.

A moment of hesitation passed. Reuben rushed up to him, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him to his feet. He checked over Gael quickly. He appeared to be ok.

Lilith giggled suddenly, hunching her shoulders with hands over her mouth, eyes shining playfully.

She pulled a little knife from her person, a thing she carried for practical purposes, and strode up to Jaspin.

She stabbed him hard in the shoulder, reaching his skin up to the hilt, before jerking the knife back.

Jaspin did not react, he did not feel the pain at all, and the other angels simply looked on.

Lilith shrieked then, stepping back, hand going to the wound she had given to Jaspin, that had appeared on her own shoulder.

She had come back to herself then, staring down at the seeping blood in horror, before turning wide eyed to look at Ena.

'I think we should rest here together' Ena said to all of them, as Gael gingerly wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. 'Tomorrow we will travel further. I want to see my family.' She tilted her head to the sky with a smile. 'It's going to be a warm night together.'

As the sun began to dip, Lilith ventured off alone.

She sat on a rock crying silently now, hidden deep in the foliage some distance away, where she thought no one would find her.

She didn't know what had shaken her up so much about what had happened, but she was a mess inside.

Stop it she thought angrily to herself, glaring at her own shaking hands through teary eyes. You're stronger than this…

She heard a rustle in the bushes behind her and whipped around, sighing in relief at the sight of the figure.

'Jaspin' she breathed. 'It's you.'

'Why are you crying?' he asked her sombrely.

She turned away from him, mumbling. 'I'm fine.'

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