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The figure was a girl.

She raised her head, looking at each of them with a blank expression. And then she smiled.

'You found me.'

She rose to stand, reveal the fact that she was abnormally tall and skinny. She was taller than all the angels, taller than everyone else in the room. She wore a simple dress, white and modest. Her straight hair grew long, reaching her ankles and was coloured pale green, left to hang as it did, not tied or held by anything but let to fall free. Her skin was pale, and her eyes sunken.

She looked sick.

'I knew you'd find me' she spoke quietly.

Gael let out a sob, overcome with emotions; he clapped his hand over his mouth to control himself. Around him, all the other angels were grinning widely, all except for Lilith.

She glanced at them, almost hearing their thoughts.

We've found her!

They were overcome with joy. That much was obvious.

The tall figure looked over the heads of the other angels, and to Lilith, who stood a step back from the others.

'Approach me' the tall figure commanded her.

Lilith stepped forward, instantly obeying her, though she wasn't sure why.

She stood before the figure, looking up to her.

The earth maiden raised her hand, running her slender fingers softly over Lilith's hair, then down her shoulder and body.

'You've been injured' is all she said, and nothing more.

Lilith blinked several times, experiencing a strange sensation coursing through her, a physical sensation, a comforting one. Her body felt hot, and then cold, and then she felt nothing.

She looked down at herself, gasping slowly in shock and awe as she saw her own body.

The wounds that she had suffered, were all gone.

The tall figure smiled kindly down at her.

'You can call me Ena' the figure said. 'I am the earth maiden.'

She slept in her own bed that night, the angels stayed awake, sitting on the rooftop and watching the moon.

The next morning, when the sun was up, Ena left her room, dancing through the garden of the place, with the angels trailing after her. She turned once as she went, swinging her arms out and skipping along, her long pale green hair being caught and tangled in the bushes that she passed.

'Ena?' Jaspin spoke up.

She paused then, turning to him. 'I have many names' she told all of them. 'Ena is one of them. Only you five angels can call me Ena. I know there are only you who are left.' She smiled then, giggling behind her hand. My family call me Ky

rah, the holy figures call me Lotus, and everyone else calls me Zen.' She straightened, holding her hands behind her back. 'You can call me Ena.'

'Ena' Jaspin said, stepping forward. 'What happened to your face?'

Ena raised her hand to her cheek, where there was a bruise.

'Some of the other girls don't like that I am different.'

A flicker of anger crossed Jaspin's face then. He cracked his knuckles.

'Do you want me to deal with them?' he asked.

'No' Ena shook her head. 'I can look after myself. I don't need other people to speak up for me. I have a voice of my own.'

She stepped back, tilting her head to the sky.

'I like this garden' she said. 'It's tranquil.' She gazed about, taking in every detail of the place around her, its trees with their lush green leaves swaying in the wind, its flower beds overflowing with colour. 'I want to travel' she said out of the blue. 'I want to see the world, and I want to return to my family. It's been far too long since I last saw them.'

Lilith, who stood in the small group amongst the other angels, smiled to herself, crossing her arms. She wants to travel she thought to herself with amusement. Just like the others when I first met them……she wants to see the world.

A short while later, once Ena had soaked up the sun, they left the gardens and went to the stables.

'This is my horse' Ena said to them, stroking the neck of a modest-sized dappled mare with a white mane and tail. The horse was a very beautiful one, looking like it belonged to a princess, with its white saddle and gold-laced white bridle and reins. 'Her name is Vanity. She is my pride and joy.'

'Where are we going?' Aski spoke to her eagerly.

'I will decide' Ena said to her, turning to the saddle.

She put her foot in the stirrup and mounted, sweeping her long hair back and out of the way.

She looked very natural and comfortable seated in the saddle.

'Aren't you going to say goodbye?' Jaspin asked her. 'Aren't you going to tell anymore you're leaving?'

'There is nothing here I care about' Ena answered shortly, before tapping her heels lightly in the horse's flank and trotting off.

'Where does she think she's going?' Lilith mumbled to Jaspin.

'I've no idea' he spoke in a distant voice. 'But we have to go with her.'

The little horse was faster than it first looked to be, racing across the landscape and away from the place they had found her, the small city, the temple; the houses of healing.

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