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   Chapter 77 No.77

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He did not spare any of them a second glance, as he escaped into the free sky above, following after the other angels, away, and safe.

The five of them flew over the world for hours without rest, coming to land at last at an unremarkable location. Somewhere far away from any town, city or village, somewhere deep within the wilderness. Somewhere where no one would find them.

Jaspin was the last to land. By the time he touched the ground, the other angels, Reuben, Gael and Aski, were surrounding Lilith who knelt between them, body hunched over.

Jaspin himself was completely unharmed, and bore no injury at all. The ones he had received, he had given all to Lilith.

'Are you alright?' he asked Lilith tentatively.

She raised her head up at him, smiling.

She bled from the shoulder where the crossbow bolt had hit, there were deep gashed across her arms and shoulders, smothered by blood which had since dried and crusted. The reason some of her wounds still bled however, was because the beat of her wings kept the wounds open as she flew. There was also an injury to her thigh, and there were burns on her arms where the magic had torn at her flesh as she fought against the stone.

'I'm sorry this has to happen to you' Jaspin told her, sounding genuinely distressed by this. 'I wish there was another way.'

He sat with her a short time later, having sent the other angels away. It was just himself and Lilith.

'I wish this had not happened' he spoke softly to her, holding her hands in his and running his fingertips along hers, seeing her broken and bloody nails. 'I never wanted to be bound to you…I knew it would only cause you pain.'

'It doesn't matter' Lilith replied carelessly. 'What's done is done.'

Jaspin raised his head to hers.

'At least now' Lilith told him, 'I am not alone.'

The five of them travelled on foot from there, heading in no particular direction. They were safe now, the people that wished to cause them harm had no chance of finding them here, and so they walked at a leisurely pace.

Moving in a small band, each thinking about how tired and hungry they were, they soldiered on in silence, travelling for several hours without rest, until something happened.

All at once, the five angels whipped around, all staring in the same direction, off to the west.

They stared this way for several seconds, sensing a presence, feeling a being call out to them.

Lilith was the only one to talk.

'Is it her?'

One after the other, and without further explanation, the five angels summoned their wings, climbing higher into the air with every beat; they flew in a straight line towards this 'bea

con', this thing that called out to all of them.

She wanted to be found.

Chapter Twenty Five


The angels flew towards the signal, answering the call.

They came to land at last, in a strange place. It was a single establishment, made of several different buildings; it was like a small town in itself.

The night was wearing on, and as the five of them drew closer to the dark buildings built outwards instead of upwards, they saw the place before them. It was lit by many lamps hanging from chains and hooks all around the place, between the buildings, the open corridors, lighting the top of stairs that descended into the earth.

The five of them landed in a small courtyard, and without pause, headed forwards.

There were people about them as they made their, but each of the five angels ignored all other people, their attention given only to this signal, burning brightly in their conscious.

None of the five saw much of the building around, and only barely registered the people. They came to the spot that called them, coming to a large empty room, the walls the same dark shade as the rest of the buildings around them.

The five angels stood in a circle facing inwards and staring at the ground at their feet.

'Down' Reuben spoke aloud. 'She's below us.'

They split up, searching for a way to reach her, all of them completely silent. Two of them found the top of the stairs, retreating to find the others; they descended into the lower ground. Lilith glanced above her nervously as they went below ground, remembering what had happened last time. But she couldn't deny that it felt different this time. Whatever she was feeling, it was the same as what the others felt.

She followed after them.

Reuben led the way, guiding them into what looked at first glance to be a dining hall. Lilith observed the surroundings briefly and the people within, she saw that this place they had come to was a place of healing of some sorts. Many here were dressed in the same simple white, others showed visible injury.

Lilith's attention snapped forwards again, ignoring the silent hush that swept through the hall that was once noisy and bustling, she stared towards the front of the hall, where Reuben was leading them.

They slowed to a stop as they reached one of the figures, the one that had been giving off the signal; the beacon that had led them here.

She sat on one of the benches facing them; sitting with her head bowed and hands in her lap.

The five angels, their wings receded now, stood in a half-circle around her, attention fixed all on her, as a result, everyone else in the hall stared at her too now.

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