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   Chapter 76 No.76

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'You don't feel right' Jaspin replied simply. Around him the other angels were silent, but it was clear from their expressions that they agreed, even Lilith somehow felt what he spoke was true.

The woman stepped back.

'Do you not accept me?' she asked.

'I do not accept you' Jaspin told her.

'Do you reject me?'

'I do reject you.'

The woman narrowed her eyes. She was angry.

'You want nothing to do with me?' she asked them one last time.

'Correct' Jaspin replied. 'I want nothing to do with you. You are not who we seek. You are false. You are an imposter.'

The woman watched him closely, as if waiting for something else. When nothing came, she spoke again.

'Very well' she said. 'Then here is where you will stay.'

She stepped back sharply as the holy figures all around them drew forth weapons that were hidden beneath their cloaks. Lilith gasped, the others tensed. Only Jaspin did not seem surprised.

'Stay behind us' Gael told Lilith.

'It's no use' Jaspin snapped back. 'She is already bound to me.'

'Do you plan to kill us?' Aski snarled to the false maiden, stepping forward.

'You will not leave this place' the woman told them, lifting her chin and gazing down at them. 'Here is where you will stay. Today, tomorrow, now, and forever.'

Jaspin glanced up to the ceiling above them, the room that was below the rock.

'You plan to keep us here?' Jaspin whispered dangerously. 'You plan to imprison angels beneath the earth? I would rather die than be trapped like this.'

He cast his hand out in an instant. The false maiden shrieked as a bolt of what looked like blue lightning shot her way. She fell back, landing on her side she whipped her head back towards the angels, as the holy figures that surrounded them, raised their weapons.

One of them fired, as Jaspin cast out his wings, the bolt from the crossbow struck him on the shoulder, but it was Lilith who screamed as she felt the pain from the injury tearing through her.

She fell forwards onto a knee, looking up fearfully at Reuben who stood beside her. His expression was that of fear, but there was defiance there also.

'You will not keep us here!' Reuben barked, addressing the entire room around them. 'We won't let you!'

As he spoke, his golden wings erupted from his back, Aski's silver ones came forth also, and Gael's silver ones.

On the ground Lilith forced herself to rise, standing tall now, as she called to her, her pure white wings.

Jaspin was the first to charge forwards as he made a break for the door, casting his magic out as he did. But his spell had little effect on the thick wood. If he had more time, perhaps he cou

ld have broken through. But the holy figures either side of him attacked, each slashing at him, and cutting at his arms and shoulders.

Behind him, Lilith moaned, as blood blossomed on her own shoulders.

Reuben, Aski and Gael shot in three different directions, flying outwards and attacking the holy men that surrounded them. The holy figures fought back.

Lilith remained in the centre of the room, trying to ignore the pain from the injuries she had inherited from Jaspin. She winced again, as she felt a cut on her thigh, recognising the warm trickle down her leg as blood beginning to flow.

I have to do something she thought. This is getting out of hand.

It was then that she noticed the false maiden was gone.

She felt a twinge in her heart.

She looked up at the ceiling, eyes wide. She ground her teeth, flinching as she felt a punch to her gut. Lilith beat her wings, rising up in the air. She did not have the power to fight, not since she had been bound to Jaspin. She had lost that ability. Now she was only his shield, destined to suffer all his wounds. But she still had some power left in her, some abilities.

She could not fight, but could still protect.

She grabbed one of the little windows that circled around them in the ceiling above, gripping the edges hard, until her hands shook, and her fingers bled.

She gritted her teeth, pulling hard at the rock until her nails began to break. She grimaced, ignoring the pain as she suffered another one of Jaspin's injuries.

She screamed in defiance as she pulled the rock from its place, tearing a hole in the stone large enough to crawl through, groaning in agony as pain shot through her arms, the magic tearing at her flesh. Her magic. A part of her she did not know existed until now.

She pulled the rock from its place, holding onto the edge with one hand, she turned back to the other angels fighting below her, calling out to them.

They all looked up from the ground, Jaspin whipped around.

Lilith crawled through the hole, and out into the open world. Behind her, Reuben, Gael and Aski leapt into the air, the beat of their wings caused a strong wind left behind them. They flew up into the air, chasing after Lilith as she fled into the open world.

Jaspin left behind wheeled around, taking in the faces of the holy men that surrounded them, then looking at last to the false maiden, who stood at the far end of the room, hidden in the shadows.

Her expression conveyed nothing of her emotions as she looked back at him. He beat his wings, again and again until he began to rise; reaching for the gap in the ceiling above them, the hole Lilith had created.

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