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   Chapter 75 No.75

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'That's the woman with the sick child' Jaspin murmured back to Lilith. 'Isn't it.'

'Yes' Lilith replied. 'It is.'

The small group of angels slowed to a stop. Lilith still did not take her eyes away from the mother and child.

'Perhaps…' Lilith mumbled almost to herself, 'we are blessed after all.'

She beat her wings, crouching and leaping into the sky. She followed the other angels across the sky, leaving on the ground the crowd of holy figures that watched them growing smaller, as they soared between the clouds.

The holy figures had told the angels where the earth maiden was likely to be, and now they flew to their new destination.

In a few short hours, they had reached the new temple, many miles across the map. The angels had soared over lakes and mountains and rolling plains. Now they descended, touching their feet to the ground once more.

'You're growing stronger' Jaspin noted as Lilith straightened. 'You don't seem to be tired.'

Lilith turned to him, smiling silently.

She faced ahead again, as they were approached by holy figures from the temple.

'I see you've arrived' the first holy man said. 'We thought you might be here soon.'

'Why' Jaspin asked the man. 'How did you know we were arriving?'

'The earth maiden told us' the man replied simply.

'The earth maiden?' Jaspin's eye lit up at that. 'She's here?'

The other angels behind him became excited, all save for Lilith. She appeared only to be curious.

'Yes' the holy figure that had spoken bowed. 'Indeed she is. She is here and she is waiting for you.'

'We have to see here' Jaspin pressed. 'Where is she?'

'If you would like to follow us' the holy figure bowed to Jaspin again, 'it's right this way.'

The small group of holy figures, five in number, led the way through the temple. This temple was built against the rocky mountains on a relatively flat piece of earth. On one side was a great wall of grey rock, on the other, the vast world that stretched far beneath them.

The angels walked in a line behind the small group of holy figures that led them. Lilith, who walked at the back of the line, noticed several more holy figures join them as they went, walking after her.

She glanced forward again as they went, seeing a great archway before them, beyond which was a stairs that led downwards. Above the archway, was stained glass with the depiction of a pale blue sky and clouds.

The five angels, led and followed by the holy figures descended the stairs, moving further down and into the mountain itself.

It soon becam

e dark around them as the natural light from the day became lost to them. The stairs were now lit by burning torches fixed to the walls.

'How deep are we heading?' Jaspin asked the others in a low voice.

'It's not far now' the holy man replied. 'Just a moment…'

They finally reached the bottom of the stairs, where there were a set of tall double doors, made of dark and heavy wood, held together by thick studs running over the doors.

The holy figures opened the doors. It took four men to do so. And the angels stepped in.

Inside was an empty hall, circular, with tiny windows above them to let in a little natural light. The windows ran all around them in a circle, lighting up the plain floor at their feet in little patches of white.

'Wait here' one of the holy men said to Jaspin, who glanced behind him as the thick doors were shut after them. 'We will get the earth maiden. She would be sleeping now.'

Jaspin gave a single nod, and the figure moved off.

The five angels waited now in the centre of the hall, as the other holy figures that had come waited in the edges in shadow.

Behind Jaspin, Lilith shifted, scratching at her arm and gazing about her at the tiny windows of light above them.

It was a nice day outside, the wind had been still, even this high up in the mountains.

Lilith longed to feel the warm sun again.

She looked back down, waiting patiently with the other angels as the silence dragged on. Reuben and Aski and Gael beside her stood still, never moving, only staring at the door through which the holy man had gone.

He returned, walking after him, was a woman.

She approached the five angels, slowing to a stop before them.

The five angels watched her closely.

She looked to be about twenty three in age, with short blonde hair. She wore a gold bar around her neck like a collar, and around each of her wrists were the similar gold bars. From each wrist and going to her collar, were three thin chains. From her neck and attached to the gold collar, was a necklace, of two snakes intertwined, their tails formed a downwards point like that of a spear.

She wore a green top, a long purple skirt, and a black shawl around her waist.

Jaspin considered her.

'I am who you seek' the woman said.

'You are not her' Jaspin instantly replied.

'Excuse me?'

Jaspin glanced behind him, noticing suddenly that the holy figures stood before the closed door.

He glanced back at the woman.

'I said you are not her' Jaspin replied.

'Why would you say that?' the woman asked him.

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